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Hello again we came, and do you know today we'll tell good girl and princess story And fastly SUBSCRIBE to our channel so hit so much LIKES Apply broom nicely, ok sir I wish it were mine, oh get out What do you think that you are princess?you work here have your money and don't come for work going forward, go from here Oh anu you came home so early!!! i left the job Anu from where this money came,where i work their money falls on the ground so pick it quickly Anu why you did this? it is wrong, mam i won't become princess from this money This princess all are in stories, so stories are not real it is but in rare cases, now wash you hand & legs i'll give you food .

Anu give remote to me, now turn it on as you took the remote Wow sister that princess dress is so beautiful !!! i wish i could have it, sister how long we will be like this? what to do as we are poor? What we can do? just like stories even we don't have magician, save me save me Save, what happened? save grandfather what happened to you?my throat is dry, i'm feeling thirsty Just wait now i'll bring water for you Oh god !! this grandfather turns into magician, you got it right i'm a magician and kids i came to take your exam I heard that in this society two sweet girls are living so as you helped me now i'll give gift to you both You both will become princess, princess !! magician uncle rotate the stick quickly Nothing happened he is doing waste magic, now see this .

Anu he is a real magician, sister our life is truly waste Sister your clothes have been changed, anu your also changed, you are looking just like princess, you're looking princess This castle is so big, i got crown of princess Sister do you know what i saw? what anu hatchimal wait i'll bring it Let's go and see what things are there in this castle!!! Let's play sister, i have so much expensive doll, sister i think that magician was saying right, wow a big teddy bear Anu from where you know this english songs? that owner's daughter sings so i learn it Sister we didn't care about castle, look there's the castle Wow here is a treasure of sandals, look at there gold's sandal, look at there sister my diamond pink's sandal .

Yes i'll wear this diamond one sandal, wow it is a flashing fan oh dumb anu it is known as chandelier not a fan Wow princess's big table !!! sister it's not table it is dining table, sister drink this Let's do one thing let's eat chips, sister i'll eat this french fries i heard that these are so healthy Sister this castle has so good pastries but i'll take vanilla pastry My tummy is full let's throw it no anu wasting food is a bad habit, sister you eat this i'll eat lollipop The way you are eating it seems like you got it first time, anu w become princess first time, sister look out of window There are so many horses, let's do horse riding yes i'll see first time donkey sitting on horse let's go my horse Anu anu what happened? wake up no sister nothing, anu and geetanjali come and play with me if we play with you then our beautiful clothes will get dirty, look at your clothes .

Somebody is there help me ? come brother, anu see someone is fallen, sister let him fall where is my crown? Didi please help me i'm feeling so much pain, didi we are princess why we help this poor ?no anu when were poor we used to do it Now we have money don't need to do help, you are so good princess please help me Oh baba this is my unicorn horse if you will sit on it then it will get dirty Didi what is this happened? we become like earlier this is all happen because you were boasting on yourself Neither you helped that old man nor you played with your friends, magician please forgive us now e will never do boasting So for this reason i'm taking my magic back anu we don't to do boasting, no issue didi we will become princess by our hard work
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