How To Build A MAGNETIC Personal Brand On Social Media In 2021

Morning guys okay so in this video we are going to talk all things personal branding i have been able to build a really powerful personal brand on instagram and in this video i'm going to show you exactly how to do the same especially in 2021 so listen .

2020 has been a crazy year for all of us and i don't know about you but i am very very motivated to continue creating my own security and my own stability no matter what's going on in the world and so in this video i really want to show you why it could be powerful for you to build your own personal brand so let's .

Talk about the difference between a personal brand and a normal brand so in my case i have you know my personal brand which is me natalie ellis and then we have boss babe and boss babe is a brand it's not a personal brand it's not necessarily got any faces behind it yes there's me and danielle and a team .

But it's really the brand it's about the community and it's the same you know with a coffee company with a laptop company these are brands versus the actual person behind the brand now the reason that i want to do this video on personal branding is people buy from people and so if you're .

Just getting started it's actually a really really good idea to build a personal brand because you're way more likely to get clients and then beyond that you know if you build a personal brand the world's your oyster right like you can go from one business to the next .

You don't necessarily you know it have to stick with the one brand that you've built let's say you build a coffee company right and you decide one year down the line that's not for you if you have a personal brand you just pivot and your audience is gonna follow whereas if you've just built the coffee .

Brand maybe you'll sell it like there's so many benefits to a brand and i'm not saying that's not by the way they're just different whereas if you've got a personal brand you can pivot onto something else so again it's really powerful for someone that is just getting started out especially .

And then beyond that um it's actually really powerful to have a personal brand generally because there's so many ways you can monetize a personal brand from ads speaking um content there's so many different ways you can monetize and in this video i'm going to show you how to build a personal brand .

So the first thing and you've heard me talk about this so many times is what niche are you fitting into what's your reason for having a personal brand what's your transformation statement how do you want to show up in the world so you might decide that you're going to create a personal .

Brand that is very niche and has a very niche transformational statement i was just chatting to a client this morning and the transformational client we came up with for her was i help women who aren't lit up by their jobs to create a career that really fulfills them and that's the exact um personal brand .

She wants to build for herself so it's very very defined whereas i would say my personal brand isn't so defined i love to talk about so many different things from the things that i eat and drink to my lifestyle productivity organization instagram and business as a whole so firstly get really clear on do you want .

To have a niche if so what is that and how do you really want to position yourself how do you want to show up in the world now whether you decide to really niche down or you don't it is going to be really important to think about why should someone follow you versus that other person that other .

Personal brand because let's say you want to jump into blogging right you don't necessarily need the most defined niche or um transformational statement in blogging but there's a reason that you might follow one blogger over another it might be the aesthetic it might be .

The kind of thing she shares about herself there's so many different reasons and so i want you to really get clear on okay if i'm not having a niche who do i want to show up as and what makes me unique because if you just try and be like everybody else that is not going to be .

The way to build a magnetic personal brand especially in 2021 i wouldn't say the market's getting crowded but of course there are more personal brands popping up every single day and so the important thing is that you really learn how to stand out as your full self because .

We're all so unique and i think in the beginning on social it can be and to be honest maybe not even just the beginning it can be a little bit scary to just put your whole self out there all the weird things included because it's it's scary so that's the first thing and then this .

Leads me onto the next thing you've got to get comfortable looking silly or perceiving yourself as looking silly so what i mean by that is especially if you're in the beginning stages of building a personal brand and maybe your instagram account really is just your family and friends .

And you're ready to start showing up as a personal brand and your friends and family are like what is she doing is she trying to be an influencer what's going on here or at least you're you're you might perceive them saying that or feeling that kind of way you need to get comfortable .

Just showing up regardless and showing up the way that you want to with your content pillars and all the things we're gonna get into you need to get comfortable with that and honestly it might be a little bit uncomfortable in the beginning certainly was for me i'm like hey guys today i want to share my coffee recipe .

And my friends are probably like what where did this come from but you'll soon grow an audience that way outgrows the friends and family that are following you and you'll feel a lot more comfortable interacting with those people so moving on from that i want you to get your research hats on i talk about this .

In so many different videos but it's really important to research the kind of space that you're going into whether you have a broad or defined niche so what i want you to do you know i love a spreadsheet by now is go and create a spreadsheet and do some primary research so go and take a look at other influences .

Or personal brands in a similar space to you what do they do well what are they doing that really gets engagement what has helped them grow do they have blogs if so how does it how do they structure those get really really dialed in on what else or who else exists out there in the .

Market and when you've put that uh list together i want you just you know what grab a pen and paper just put some lines down and start to analyze all the different people in the space and how you're going to really differentiate from those people .

Because that's going to be how you find your place in the market so if it was me i'd you know probably put four plus um squares on a page and i'd start to be like okay well this this group is for bloggers this group is for business uh influencers this group is for um health influences whatever it is .

Whatever the four pillars that i maybe want to sit in between i'll analyze them and i'll really start to find where i sit in the market and what unique value i can bring and offer then after you've thought about your positioning and by the way i just want to mention if you already have a business or an offer in .

Mind then that's really important to bring into this research understand what kind of offers that other people are having in the market and where yours fits in i know some of you will have one some of you won't so make sure you're doing research on that but moving through this you're .

Going to want to think about what your content pillars are if you are going to build a really magnetic brand on social and so content pillars might be thing i can share some of mine one of mine is organization i love organizing things whether that's spreadsheets or my kitchen cupboards or my wardrobe i just love to organize i'm .

An apples i'm a freak right and so that's one of my pillars i love to just put my phone up time lapse and just organize things and the audience that i've been able to build on social feel the exact same way they get so much pleasure of sitting watching me organize things just like i do watching them i just .

There's something about it if anyone's watching the home edit you'll you'll feel what i'm talking about so that's one of my pillars another one is entrepreneurial advice i love entrepreneurship it runs in my blood and so one of my pillars is giving entrepreneurship advice so i really recommend that you put together .

Five pillars and at the end i'll let you know i've actually got a like a mini course which is going to show you how to do that but i'll talk about that at the end but really think about the five pillars that you're going to show up as you know time and time again so that when it comes to planning your feed .

Planning your grid you can look at it and be like okay that's an entrepreneurial piece of advice that's an organizational post that's x and that's how you'll be able to plan your feed so you're no longer just showing up and hoping something works it's very much about wait am i really hitting all the bars .

Here am i you know hitting the content pillars that i decided i wanted to be known for and i wanted to show up as next the one thing that people find the hardest it's consistency this is gonna be so incredibly important for you .

Especially in 2021 like i said there are going to be personal brands popping up that doesn't mean that there isn't space for you but if you're not going to choose to be committed you are probably going to struggle so i want you to choose to show up and be really really consistent in everything in .

The the cadence that you post so how often are you showing up on feed and stories in the kind of pillars that we've talked about are you really cycling through them routinely in your aesthetic so is everything looking consistent or are you posting you know a blue and .

Orange picture one day in a brown and green picture the other day like oh is it looking really consistent is it something that people are gonna look at me like yeah i really feel like i want to follow this person because we're all visual we're very visual people and we're not necessarily going to .

Follow someone on instagram that has an ugly feed or it's so inconsistent that we don't really know if it's them one thing that i really credit to boss babe's success and you can go on the boston page is our images are so consistent that you generally don't even need to see it was posted by .

Us to know that it's one of our quotes and i think that's really powerful in a personal brand too so you know when someone's scrolling and they're seeing an image if your face isn't in it how do they know that it's your image right so which leads me to .

Um another point about creating presets or using the same presets over and over right if you can find a preset that you can edit your pictures with over and over and over again it's going to mean that whether you take a picture at your kitchen counter like this .

Or outside or in your car if you filter it with the same kind of filter over and over again it's going to have a really cohesive look and it's going to look a lot more consistent on your feed so that piece is really really powerful and then to round this all up this is the biggest thing that i want .

You to take away you know how i love spreadsheets well i also love slide decks i want you to create a slide deck which is essentially like a brand guide or a playbook to your personal brand now inside this slide deck i want you to list your colors .

I want you to put a mood board together i love to use pinterest for my mood boards i want you to put a mood board how you want your aesthetic to look i want you to put the different pillars that you want to be hitting i wanted you to put in there your color palette who your ideal client is .

What niche you show up it as what's your vision what's your goal for having a personal brand what kind of filters do you use really mapping this all out even if it is just you and you only working on your instagram account i want you to create this playbook as if you could give it to anyone .

And they can go away and replicate it for you and the reason i want you to do that is this exercise is going to help you get so incredibly clear on what your personal brand is how you want to show up in the world and then what that actually looks like in practice .

Then you can decide what's your posting cadence you know do you have a content calendar touch that slide deck really diving into the details that's how i manage my personal brand it's how i help my clients do the exact same thing and if you want to take this a step further i've actually created .

The most epic content master class for you if you want to take the next step and i've put all of the details below what you can do is click the link and head to that page and i'll have all the instructions to sign up and get notified when we go live so let me know in the comments below if you've signed up for that as well .

Okay so i hope this video was helpful for you 2021 is the time for you to step up and create a personal brand like i said now more than ever we get to create our own security we get to create our own stability and it's going to be really powerful if you have an audience if you have a .

Community that you can monetize there are so many different ways to monetize an audience and if you get started right now think about where you could be at the end of 2021 it is mind-blowing how much you could do in a year so i really want you to think about that and dive in don't wait there's no reason .

To wait until january to get started get started now stop by the end of the year by this time in 12 months you've made a massive change and have built an amazing personal brand i hope this was helpful make sure you subscribe to my channel if you haven't already i've got new videos coming out every single week .

And like i said the info is below for the content masterclass so sign up if it sounds like you're ready to take the next step you
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