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Hi there my name is sam from and welcome to a new comparison video between the oneplus 8 pro and the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra we are comparing both phones in terms of display performance camera design and battery stay tuned and find out which phone is in our opinion .

The better phone if you'd like to see more videos like this feel free to subscribe and hit the notification bell let's start straight away with our review at the factspeak display the 8 pro has a 6.78 inch display with a 1440p resolution it uses a very bright olive screen which creates very accurate .

Colors the 6.78 inch display therefore measures 17.2 centimeter diagonally with a pixel density of 513 ppi where the picture looks fluid or not depends on the refresh rate and a feature that every flagship got to have in 2020 is a high refresh rate the oneplus 8 pro .

Has a high 120 hertz the galaxy note 20 ultra has a 6.9 inch display with a 1440p resolution it is fitted with an old screen which does a fantastic job the 6.9 inch display therefore measures 17.5 centimeter diagonally with a pixel density of 496 ppi the note 20 has the 2020 master feature .

Of an impressive 120hz refresh rate but this is not possible with the highest resolution first it seems that both phones have great big screens which at first sight are not much different but looking closer the difference get clearer the 6.9 inch display from the galaxy note 20 ultra is slightly bigger than that of .

The oneplus 8 pro but the 8 pro screen is brighter and has with 513 ppi a higher pixel density than that of a survival both phones have 120hz refresh rate but like the s20 ultra the note20 ultra is not able to have the refresh rate at 120hz combined with the highest resolution the 8 pro on the other hand is able to do so .

Therefore the winner of this category is the oneplus 8 pro performance the galaxy note 20 ultra model that we use in this comparison has the samsung exynos 990 ship with two times 2.7 gigahertz and four times 2.4 gigahertz and two times 1.95 gigahertz for solid performance keep in mind that this is a european .

Version the note 20 ultra version which is sold in the usa china and south korea has also the snapdragon 865 built-in this phone has 12 gigabyte ram with 256gb internal storage capacity there's also a version with 500 gigabyte internal storage capacity on the market the storage capacity can be expanded by .

Up to one terabyte this version of the oneplus 8 pro has 256 gigabyte internal storage capacity it is equipped with a super fast qualcomm snapdragon 800 65 chip with one time 2.84 gigahertz and three times 2.42 gigahertz and four times 1.8 gigahertz and has 12 gigabyte ram there's also an 8 gigabyte ram model with an internal .

Storage capacity of 128 gigabyte available this storage capacity unfortunately cannot be expanded both phones have similar specs when it comes to performance but the note 20 ultra version that we use in this comparison has the exynos 990 processor built in .

As we know this is a weaker option in the galaxy phones let's take them into the antutu benchmark test and find out which phone performs better the tests are divided into three phases a performance test of the ram a test of how the device is handling two-dimensional graphics and an endurance test of how the device .

Is handling 3d graphics the oneplus 8 pro is in terms of performance the strongest phone that we compared so far no wonder that in this comparison the apro dominates again therefore the oneplus 8 pro is a clear winner in this category and takes on this point if you want to see the full performance comparison click here .

Camera the 8 pro has 4 main cameras the primary and ultra right camera with 48 megapixel a telephoto camera with 8 megapixel and a color filter lens camera with 5 megapixels you can find the front camera in the upper left corner of the screen in the so called hole punch notch its resolution is 16 megapixel the oneplus 8 .

Pro records 4k videos at a maximum of 60 frames per second it also has image stabilization for video the note 20 ultra has three main cameras an ultra right a wide angle and a telephoto camera the cameras have a resolution of 108 megapixel .

12 megapixel and another 12 megapixel the front camera's resolution is 10 megapixel and it is built into the whole punch nudge in the upper center of the screen the galaxy note 20 ultra records 8k videos at a maximum of 24 frames per second and of course it has image stabilization for video both phones have good camera .

Systems but which one is actually the better system let's take it to our daytime camera test and let's find out which one does a better job both phones took really sharp pictures and the color rendering was also good but samsung's pictures were just a little bit better than v8 pros for example we like the color .

Temperature of the samsung war the oneplus 8 pro has a three-fold optical and a 30-fold digital zoom feature the note 20 ultra on the other hand has a 5-volt optical and a 54 digital zoom feature the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra thanks to evolution of 8k produces top quality videos full hd mode offers 240 frames per .

Second and hd mode up to 960 frames which creates really great slow motion videos the 8 pro thanks to the resolution of 4k also produces first-class videos with 480 frames per second and 720p mode and 240 frames per second in full hd mode your slow motion videos are more than a go .

In conclusion both smartphones feature excellent camera systems overall the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra cameras were more satisfying and this point therefore goes to samsung design the oneplus 8 pro has a clean design with a matte finish the quad camera system is well positioned on the upper center on the .

Back of the phone the camera bump is pretty big and sticks out a lot that is something we don't really like the smartphone weighs 199 gram it's roughly 16.53 centimeter long 7.44 centimeter wide and 0.85 centimeter deep it has a usb-c connector and thanks to an .

Ip68 rating it is finally warden dust resistant which previous models weren't the 8 pro uses face recognition technology and a fingerprint scanner which is built onto the screen to unlock the phone the face recognition technology works perfect at daylight and also good in a weak light environment samsung uses a very .

Elegant matte finish for its galaxy note 20 ultra the treble camera system is well positioned on the upper left corner on the back of the phone unfortunately like the s20 series the camera bump sticks out a lot the smartphone weighs 208 gram it's roughly 16.48 centimeter long 7.72 centimeter wide and 0.81 centimeter .

Deep it has a usbc connector the ip68 rating makes it also water and dust resistant the note 20 ultra uses face recognition technology and a fingerprint scanner which is built into the screen to unlock the phone both technologies work great one special feature that the note has .

Is the built-in s pen which comes handy if you like to draw take notes etc both phones have camera bombs that unnecessarily stick out of the back of the phone which is in our opinion nothing that you want to see in a high end phone the screens on both phones have curved edges which can lead to accidental touches but enough .

Of the hate we think that both phones have the pros and cons but in the end we couldn't decide which phone design we liked more so in this case we called it a draw the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra and the oneplus 8 pro get a point in this category let us know in the comments below what you think which one should have won this category .

The a pro or the note 20 ultra we'd love to hear your opinion battery the oneplus 8 pro went fully charged at 4510 milliamp hours on the other hand the galaxy even fully charged at 4500 milliamp hours in terms of capacity both phones have almost the exact same battery size so which one lasts longer this is what .

We are going to find out in our day-to-day usage test despite the fact that both phones have almost the same battery size in our test the oneplus 8 pro actually won it lasted longer than the galaxy and therefore takes home this point as alright though both phones got through a whole day of normal usage .

It always depends on the way you use your phone and the settings you use it in conclusion let's see which phone's got the most points and takes home the win in this comparison the first points got the oneplus 8 pro it wasn't clear from the beginning but at a closer look the display is better .

Than that of the note 20 ultra since the 8 pro is also a beast when it comes to performance it also won this point samsung's camera system was overall the more satisfying one so this point went to the galaxy design well okay here we couldn't decide but as we .

Have to give points we gave both phones a point the oneplus one also the last point the point for the battery life even though both phones have almost the same battery size the eight pro performed better so the winner in this comparison is clearly the oneplus 8 pro it's got four points compared to the two points of the galaxy naturally we review .

More than these five categories covered here if you want to see the full comparison follow the link to our website you can compare up to seven different smartphones at but before you do that please post your comments and let us know which phone you think ranks first .

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