Learn Spanish: 10 common animal idioms & expressions

do you know that song good today i'm going to teach you something related to idioms sayings and just phrases where we use animals like ducks ducks like the duck okay like maybe my accent interrupted dogs .

Like cats no losing there gatos perros pattos even shrimp and a lot of birds muchos pachados i it's a good really good word to learn from france sayings like popular refrain uno i am going to change my marker because it's like .

It's it's like my poetry you know it's like my my uh signature i am going to change my marker because because this is right ah one of those boxes that you enter like take one there's one little bit she says infinite reference infinite sayings she has .

Maybe that generation had more sayings that we do than we do anyway i'm going to teach you some of the most popular ones or the ones that you might hear often by native speakers we're going to check some 10 and then we're going to go back to the first two just because those you can use in many .

Different ways see let's start with the first um that's a that's that's a phrase that we use to say a cersei pato is like to not do anything maybe you haven't done anything maybe you're just like distracted not doing anything just like .

Uh sluggish like lethargic you're supposed to do something but you're not doing it i would say no i have been making myself a duck in the last weeks i said mr haciendo pato because i'm supposed to be doing something and i'm just .

Not doing it if i send you to learn the verbs in spanish and you don't do it you're making yourself a duck you're duckling you're talking something like that you're not supposed to be doing what you should be doing you're just not being on top of things you're just .

Taking it easy not doing much see montage is to mount a donkey to mount the donkey to go on top of the donkey montage what it's telling you is that you are very stubborn you don't want to do anything like i'm trying to get maybe you got upset and i'm trying to get you .

To do something or to try something and you're no no no like nobody can change your opinion or your decision es montarsen suburo is like to become stubborn why is becoming stubborn to mount a monk a donkey monkey we are .

He gets upset he won't do anything you won't change let's go to even if you want to take him to the the most fun place he want he's a stubborn semonte suburo and we cannot remove him from his donkey monkey but the cats have four let's say four .

Front feet from legs and back legs with the four paws right if you try to find three well you probably won't find it but you're just trying buscar le tres piesalgato is like to find reason a reason why there's none it's just the way it is don't try to .

Like dig it more because it's not like people who just like keep digging like oh but you know if there's no other reason there's no buscar tres pisagato is like to look for something and it's none it's not there it doesn't exist don't try to search for three feet to .

The like the cat's three feet because the cat doesn't have three feet to look for a reason there's none it's like when you see like something for example gato and serrado is like a caged cat see like there's a caged thing for example i went with my brother companion my .

Brother to where he works his work site and his goats weren't there they weren't there and the guy who lives like there he said no no no no escala a pasta i took them to like to go to the grass right and he was like no but i see them there and i only see three where's the fourth .

One like oh no it's around there but we tried to find it and there wasn't no a que gato encelado like there's something off here i'm trying to find like he doesn't want to tell me where the fourth goat is but it's not there a que gato encelado he knows something and he's not telling us .

Something of something wrong and okay it's better to have a bird in the hand that and i that's why i didn't write the rest because you can say that bente orlando that 20 flying it's better to have a bird in your hand than 20 or that 100 some people say .

Quecien bolando that 100 flying though i disagree with that because i rather see a hundred birds flying that one in my hand because the birds not supposed to be in my hand in any case see el dicho el refrand can you guess what it is well it's better to go for the secure .

Thing that insecure thing right it's better it's like saying it's better to go to the non that the unknown i don't know how many people agree with that but it's like saying that it's better to go for the secure thing even though it's one that so many flying .

That they insecure the unknown bueno to kill two birds with one shot matados pajaros it's like with one shot you killed two birds it's like you don't you don't do it twice you say you only use it once i think you have one in .

I've heard one in english saying i think it's with one stone instead of shot so that's quite interesting where someone must be alentos no shot stone no it's like anyway like now i don't even think guns have one shot they have like a hundred per second or something like that so .

You cannot even use that with new guns i think anyway let's not get too violent i don't like the violence my matar to kill two birds with one shot and some friends of mine too family members i pajaros en el alambre there are birds in the wire in the let's .

Say the fence the wire you see when when you see go to a farm you know or they they they land outside the city and there are fields some of them have a fence some of those fences sometimes are wire there's this like super really dangerous wire i forgot the name .

In english but it has spikes it's a spiky you have like this and then you have like oh spiky things coming out quite dangerous like the wire it's not like a smooth smooth metal thing it has spikes and it's dangerous is doesn't have to have spikes el alambre could be .

Galvanized choir that is just like that it works like i it looks like i did work at a construction place different types of wire you know those differences there are birds on the fence which means there are people here let's not talk about that you cannot say that when you're with .

Your friends amigos he says obviously because you can see what birds are there right what people who are they where are they they are around you cannot say that but you may want to use it on the phone maybe writing your letter my pajaros which means are there other people there .

That might hear what i'm going to say that you're going to have a reaction and it's going to uh um write some wonder around you with the people questions okay are there birds on the wire muy bien are there birds on the wire like that .

One oh this one is coming too it says condinero by the el perro with money the dog dances with money the dog dances and without money cindinero como el perro bailogio with money the dog dances and without .

Money i dance like a dog though dogs don't really dance right they just go like that if you want to feed them or something or they just move the tail i don't really know the literally meaning the literal meaning of it but it means with money everything happens and .

Without without it you're just like you act like a doc you're nothing i guess it is it is what it is i don't know how to explain it to you i think it's very clear i mean you have a better explanation for yourself the translation here might be enough .

Because you can use it in many different contexts for example if you tip somebody to get i don't know but that's um that's my mexican behavior i'm gonna say like bribing and all that no forget it you understand that now this is a good one i it says camaron cassette .

Shrimp that sleeps it's taken by the current if you're not alert if you're not like taking care of some business somebody else would right so for example some somebody some people use it because for some reason when you go in in mexico when you go to .

The bank there are chairs in the bank where you wait right so it takes a lot a longer time to get to get to the cashier whatever there are seats right if somebody leaves a seat it's packed somebody leaves a seat but they they don't put anything there so you go and sit .

And and then if you're not alert somebody else might take their seats like somebody else will take advantage of what you because of being distracted and a shrimp that is sleeping it's going to take advantage of you or react before you do it shrimp that slips it takes .

It's taken by the current it's not a learn now they say sentiment when you feel butterflies in your stomach and i think that's maybe not used in english but if it's used maybe it's used sorry maybe it's used in english maybe not as often but to feel butterflies in the .

Stomach it's just like to to have that feeling right like that nice feeling when something gives you butterflies in the stomach and it's one of the reasons i love that phrase and it's one of the reasons i call my thai butterfly spanish because i like .

That feeling of butterflies in the list anyway those are the reframes i wanted to share with you there are many more there are hundreds of them right but some of them i've heard so many and i've heard many from colombia in colombia they have a lot of good references .

A lot more than i have heard from other people in other parts of in other countries what i wanted to share is the ones that i've heard the most the ones that i remember that i don't have to dig hard to go like oh yeah we have one about the snake and all that you know it's not too rare they are used they are .

Common so i wanted to share with you these ones these ones are more refreshed right but the first ones are more um it's like a sentence say for example you can say so you're going to here put here semonto you can use this like me montenegro i i mounted my monkey .

Like i was stubborn like my donkey i mounted my donkey i was a stubborn montenegri fiesta montenegro now you have to hear here and me boron you cannot say hey yo you can't have to make it like .

Possessive my donkey i mounted my donkey they mounted their monkey she mounted her monkey so you have to use the possessive here me and me to make oneself a duck and because you're making this a reflexive you have to say mei se pato i'm going to get my eraser quickly .

It's like they asked me about something in me separato i made myself a duck myself it's i made myself talk say so he she we made ourselves we pretended like we're just like we're not doing anything what i explained to you is like you're .

Not supposed to be you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing it's like but it's also like you're like pretending you know like to become a doctor like you're pretending somebody is asking you like oh i see you or something you're just pretending like i don't know i don't .

Know a proposito nos is well i hope you enjoyed this lesson i just wanted to share with you some of these funny some cruel sayings that we have that are very well you know cultural related to the culture and i hope you .

Learned spanish not only you can learn sayings maybe you don't feel like confident enough to feel the same but maybe you can understand it or maybe you can build your vocabulary with all the animals and vocabulary we went through that's all that's all for today i was .

Just trying to think if i forgot to say you would say something to you but no and speaking of cruelty let me share with you one last thing because we have this cruel thing right they kill the bird and whatever there is a song in spanish that it says los maderos de san juan .

Piden pan no less than queso les ano is when you're having a baby and you're like like trying to make him sleep you sing that song i always get really mekido a tonita i get shocked it's a cruel song it says like the wood workers of san john they are asking for bread they don't .

Give them bread then they ask them for no and they give them bones and the bones get stuck in the throat and so that's why you sing to the baby when you're selling a sleep good thing they at that age they don't understand it because they won't sleep they'll have nightmares anyway .

Made me think of that because of the cruelty part of this lesson and watch some other some some more videos in which you can learn in which they you can learn more and more spanish muchas gracias san juan .

In this lesson, you will learn some of the most used animal expressions in Spanish. In these practical and easy animal idioms and expressions in Spanish we use animals to guess, to express doubts, to say thoughts, to ask rhetorical questions, to express feelings. But even though they sound like jokes, they are serious, and we native Spanish speakers really use them. These common expressions can help you to speak like a native Spanish speaker and understand native Spanish speakers. You will also learn a lot of vocabulary and feel happy for learning more Spanish. If you would like to donate to support my work, you can do so safely through PayPal or Stripe. You can donate on my site: https://www.butterflyspanish.com Or through PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/ButterflySpanish