Forged in Fire: BEHIND THE BLADES with Grady Powell | History

Your time starts now my name is grady pollam the new host of fortune fire i live by the motto that you get one chance to write your story and you would better make it one worth reading i am slowly adding chapters this book and this is my story a large portion of my .

Book is the military i am a former us army green beret i've spent time in iraq and africa i absolutely love my job in the military i love the guys i work with it was the adventure of a lifetime but i decided to make the hard decision to walk away from the brotherhood and go seek a new adventure .

When i got out of the military i traveled the world doing survival trips and right now the newest chapter is i'm the host of forge and fire god gentlemen welcome to the forge let's get into it it absolutely intrigues me so far on the forge i've seen what i would call .

Expert work guys coming out and just crushing it and i've seen people that admittedly just got started in the trade but there's one thing that none of them lack and that's camaraderie all right all right somebody get a grinder get a torch and it's good blade smiths help .

Each other hold on to it from the other side it's inspiring to me once a marine always a marine always start to work as a team placements are in here fighting for the title of fortune fire champion but also a check for ten thousand dollars and that's not something to sneeze at i look over see kyle hammering out what .

Looks like the profile of a full tang knife it's a competition there's a lot of money on the line but i don't want to win i kind of somebody getting knocked out for a parameter you doing a hidden tank no i think we have to .

Really yeah maybe check but i'm i'm pretty sure watching these bladesmiths share the tricks of the trade with their direct competition shows the camaraderie of the bladesmithing community that's awesome yeah i got goosebumps on that yeah i mean ten thousand dollars .

Could make a good man anyone ask me any day that's good sportsmanship now that's a trait i want to be part of
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