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Guys, a real warm welcometo PEEPOYE! Now nothing will be lefthidden here. If you have been followingthis channel recently then, we are coveringthe Lucknow Girl's case. And you're totallysupporting me in this… 2 days back, the first video of this casewhich was on the 1st August. I told you that, how a girl in the middle of the road,slapped 22 times to a Cab driver. .

We didn't know anythingwho is the girl! Or who is that Cab driver! Which was the Cab thathe was driving! We could only see that,the girl was slapping again and again. And one more thingthat was very weird was… There was a Traffic Police Official,and instead of sorting the issue he ran away! And by looking at that,my decode and analysis said that… It might be anything! .

It might be the mistakeof the Cab driver but… Slapping someone like this, and the Cabdriver didn't even hit back a single shot… Tells us many more things. And that's whywe took a stand for him! We used the hashtag,#ArrestLucknowGirl and then it trended on Twitter. And yesterday, on 2nd Augustwe made one more video where the CCTV footage came up… Where a clipping came out ofthe newspaper, which we could see .

What actually happenedafter the incident! And a post of the girlon Facebook, where we can clearly defineher pseudo feminism. That came in front! The girl and the Cab driver,both were confirmed… Then we got to know that,the girl's name is Priyadarshini. Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav! And the Cab driver wasdriving an 'Ola' Cab and his name isSahadat Ali Siddiqui! .

The clipping of the newspapertold that, Sahahat Ali was taken to the jail,but the girl was just left. Whereas, when weanalysed the CCTV footage then we can clearly see that,Sahadat stopped the car before zebra crossing. Yeah it might be, because he took a little reverse,U-turn of the car. So we can see that,there might be some touch. So he would have fined,most probably a fine but… The way she was slapping, .

It was clearly establishedfrom the CCTV footage that… She has damaged the property,pelted stones, also have broken themobile phone and side mirror. And you already know that,she had slapped 22 times! So this was all confirmed. We have also used some other hashtags#SaySorryPriyadarshini when we saw that, there wasnot a fault of the Cab driver. And #JusticeForOlaDriver, becausethe police just left the girl and fined the Cab driver! .

You again spreadthe video yesterday! And I salute to you, because of your support onlyI think Sahadat got the motivation and strength,to connect the Lawyer and register the FIRagainst the girl! So this is the biggest winof me and yours and of everyone, whowants a change in the society. Who literally wants to stop and endthe corruption system! So this is our win! .

And do applause for yourself,I salute you! This applause is important becausethe change is coming. And that's why our mission”Nothing will be hidden now” is probably working. It might be the Zomato case, Uber caseand now Ola case… The truth is coming forward,Thank you so much! But now… A shocking news hascome forward. The FIR, whose copy pageis with me. .

I'm going to sharewith you later on! And there are 5 shockingthings that came up with the FIR which will literally shock youafter hearing. So Sahadat registeredan FIR yesterday and it be seen that there are some thingswhich we don't know… Guys, we can see in the CCTV footage thatthe girl threw stones, she broke the side mirrorand also the mobile phone. But we didn't know that she also took the 600 rupees,which were kept on the dashboard of the car. .

It's such a Shame!Right? We saw that,she slapped him 22 times we got that she brought him outby pulling of his collar. But we didn't know that, Priyadarshini even tried to throttle him! Can you imagine thelevel of physical assault! And the FIR or every single word ofSahadat, which he said comes out to be true, then it will be a big problem guys! .

We already came to know thatthe girl was left. But we didn't know why? Sahadat told in his FIR thathe was treated too badly! And was also told thatthe girl was the informer I think the police was concernedabout her past trend. They were worried because it's her nature. And these Facebook postsof Priyadarshini are coming out which tells us that she's used to goingto the police station with such complaints. And they want to get rid of her. .

Or, I don't know what else could be the reason. And maybe the police found it easy to fine Sahadatand close the matter. “Come bull and hit me”, I thinkthe police didn't want that to happen! But it's a shameful thing! And I think for this same fear,that policeman escaped. Because he knew it was her.Do our policemen think like this? If this is what happens,then God is the master! Or is this their education problem,or training problem? .

Or corruption?Or is your will not strong enough? Let me know what you thinkin the comments. Why the policeman may have done this..Because it's outside my understanding! One more surprising thing! Sahadat also tells us in his FIR that he was filed with Section 151,which is Breach of peace He was also fined 10,000 INRto get himself his Taxi out! He was in the lock-up and was treated very terribly! He was being commented onthe basis of caste. .

And when Inaiyat Ali, who is his brother,tracked his car and reached the station, then they put Inaiyat in the lock-up and filed Section 151 as well! And it was shown like he was in the circumstance! It was like Inaiyat and Sahadat were together. Which is not true! So these are 5 terribly shocking facts which are coming out throughthe FIR that was filed. And if it's true, then it's a big problem. It's notjust about pseudo-feminism of which we talked in the last video.It's not just about this girl who should be arrested. It's aboutjustice for this guy .

And as he has said in his interview thatthis is about his self-respect and I salute.. And I salute to this guy! He's not about money!He doesn't care about it! He cares about his self-respect! And this is the fightfor his self-respect!! Big people should have self respectand small people should have nothing? Why so? Priyadarshini must apologize 22 timesfor her 22 slaps! SaySorryPriyadarshini .

This hashtag should be sharedas much as you can. And this girl may have disabledor deleted her account but this work has to be done by the police! I think so. It's their fault as wellso I have requested again to Shri Mukul Goel thatthis matter should be invested upon. They should investigate why the policedid so and under whose pressure they did so why was the girl released andwhat will be her punishment now? Will she be summoned?What will the steps taken against her? Until this story has a conclusion,until the Ola driver gets justice, .

I will keep covering this story parallelywith all the other content going on. As I have told you earlier we have many change platforms which we have been establishing. These will grow slowly. So if you wantto raise your voice in any social issue, then you can join in these platforms. We will grow these communities slowly. If you value my work andwant to support it, then you can join our channel memberships. .

Even if nothing from these,just like this video, comment your opinions. And share it as much as you can. I think that itself will help a lot in terms of your support. I will keep on making thesedecodes, videos and reactions. I will keep on coming untilthere's a change needed! Because nothing will be hidden now.You are watching PEEPOYE, I am Akassh! Signing off! .

Cheers and Goodbye.
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