Instagram Reveal: How Instagram Search Works [Full Breakdown]

Instagram search is becoming the next big thing on instagram and alongside instagram reels will be the best two ways to grow your account extremely fast entirely organically over the years instagram have slowly been improving the search capabilities on the platform starting out you could only search for someone's username and then their name .

However now they've built a massive machine that allows you to search for content similar to google or youtube which means as a creator if you understand how the search engine works you'll be able to play in its favor and gain thousands of highly targeted followers per week from your content being found through search and this .

Could help you get content that you post once and then gets found for weeks if not months into the future similar to blogging or youtube and like anything if you jump on this early and learn how this works now you'll have a massive advantage over everyone else will be able to get a nice boost in your growth and that will help you over the long .

Term but how does it all work well luckily instagram has just posted a blog post going over this in detail so you don't have to spend the years guessing trying to figure it out how kind of them let's not waste any time and dive straight into the article so here's the article breaking down how instagram search works and we're going to go .

Through this so that starts off with search on instagram sorts through millions of accounts and posts to help you browse your interests from nail art to interior design to dinner recipes search is a placed for discovery and inspiration now they talked about how they've shown how everything else works now they're showing how search works .

Firstly how we rank search results so search is built to help you find accounts and topics of interest it's different from feed stories reals and explore because your input helps us figure out what to show you that's a nice key difference when it comes to content on the explore feed instagram almost guessing what you're interested .

In based on what you've interacted with so if you like a whole bunch of golf photos and then you go to the explore page even if you don't type anything about golfing you're going to see a bunch of that content because i'm making predictions whereas with search obviously you search for something they show you the best results they say that .

We try to optimize search results by what's most relevant to you whether it's a close friend a creator you love or ideas for vegan desserts let's say you're interested in finding pictures of space after seeing the blue moon when you tap the search bar on the explore page the first thing you see is your recent searches as you begin typing .

In space we show you accounts audio which is the audio from instagram reels hashtags and places that match the text of your search in this case results like space and hashtag space show up because space appears in their name now they go on to add that in addition to the text you type into search we use information from .

Your accounts hashtags and places called signals to rank your search results so this is similar to the explore page instagram will look at what location you're at what content you've liked in the past who do you follow what content have you watched in the past and then based off that will rank .

Search results so if i search for something it will come up in a different order to if you search for something based on what instagram think you or i will enjoy so the first thing they look at is your text and search pretty obvious if you search about football they're going to show you stuff about football secondly your activity this .

Includes accounts you follow post your viewed and how you've interacted with accounts in the past which is pretty much what i just said we usually show accounts and hashtags you follow or visit higher than those that you don't which again is just an advantage to people that have built a bigger following because there's a larger .

Amount of people that have interacted with them that you can then show up higher in those search results so once you've built that authority of a following this is another benefit you will rank higher in search and then thirdly information about the search results which pretty much just means popularity so if your content is really .

Engaging it gets a lot of likes a lot of shares and a lot of follows chances are you're gonna rank higher now the cool thing about this article is the next part is how we help you show up in the search so usually when they put these this content out there they're using it from a user's standpoint as opposed to a creator's standpoint however it's called .

That they've flipped the switch flip this script and they're going to show you how to show up in there so we understand that it's important if you show up in search results when friends or fans are looking for you we want to make sure that it's easy for others to find your photos and videos so here are a few best practices .

That you can use to help show up number one use a fitting handle and profile name search results are matched by text so if you use an instagram username and profile name that fit the niche you're going for then that'll help you grow faster this is why you'll see on my account cleverpreneur which is my company account where i post a ton of .

Instagram tips and tricks you'll see my username is cleverprinter however my name is josh ryan ig marketing so it doesn't matter if someone searches for my company cleverpreneur my name josh ryan or my niche ig marketing i will show up so i'm showing up for my company name my name and my niche which optimizes the amount of traffic i can .

Get from search now the second one is include relevant keywords and locations in your bio same principle here make sure your bio includes keywords about who you are and what your profile is about so interestingly nowadays with search they go beyond just looking at your profile name and your username which in the past was .

All that they did but now they're also going as far as looking through your bio and seeing what keywords are you using which again is why it's important to stack your bio full of keywords now don't just write like all your keywords out in the list um you want to make sure it makes sense but having those relevant keywords in .

Your bio really really helps and on top of that they said use relevant keywords and hashtags and captions so for a post to be found in search put keywords and hashtags in the caption not the comments there's an interesting point that i made like a one minute video about recently so if you want to rank your content so .

An individual post as opposed to your account in search put your hashtags and keywords into the captions not the comments which is interesting in the past there was no real difference between hashtags and the caption or hashtags and the comments but now they're confirming you get the added benefit of showing up in search results .

If you put them in the caption and as far as i'm aware the reach of having your content having your hashtags in the caption and in the comments is the exact same so you might as well put them in the caption to give you that added benefit now onto the safety measures and this is probably going to be quite important to .

Read through and pay attention to because a lot of people could breach different community guidelines which means regardless of how seo optimized you are you won't rank on the search page or the explore page or the hashtag pages so how we help keep accounts how we help .

Keep search safe we avoid showing you accounts posts and hashtags that go against our recommendations guidelines and search results we do this in a few ways accounts that post spam or violate our guidelines may appear lower in search results and you may have to search their full username to find them we also balance searches for sensitive .

Topics with additional safety measures to make sure we don't show you related content that could be harmful accounts hashtags and posts that violate our community guidelines are removed from instagram entirely which prevents them from showing up in a search we'll continue to make sure set make search safer with features like .

Information pop-ups for sensitive searches these pages provide links to verified resources for additional support so a lot to digest there from just a single paragraph of text if you are posting content that goes against the recommendation guidelines this includes things like massive health .

Claims massive financial claims violent content overly sexualized content um a lot of things sort of in that sort of nation i think you can often use common sense to apply to that a lot of swearing also falls in their profanity uh you will not show up in search or you won't .

Show up as high on top of this if you are spamming or violating the community guidelines your account in general will not show up at um the top and sometimes your account will show up dead last for your name which is actually kind of crazy and i've seen this happen to a lot of accounts recently who participated in loop giveaways to gain a massive .

Following and so they might have half a million followers on their account however because they were gained in a really spammy way and because those people that because the followers gained don't engage with them instagram consider them to be fake and therefore put your account like bottom rung ranking .

Even if someone searches your exact username you still show up as like the lowest search result which pretty much never happens for accounts with like three four five hundred k so these people who have been buying these little buying these giveaways are just getting ruined now on top of the recommendation .

Guidelines ranking you lower in search and potentially removing you from search at all and people who participate in loop giveaways getting ruined um they said that accounts that you know violate the community guidelines will get banned and then they just obviously can't show up in search so make sure you have a solid understanding of the .

Recommendation guidelines and the community guidelines i have made videos going over them so you can go and check those out on my channel but that's it for search now moving down to the last part it's how we plan to make search even better so search was originally created to help you navigate .

Instagram we are soon launching a series of improvements designed for inspiration and discovery these changes make instagram search more than just a way to find accounts and hashtags we're moving forward to a full search results page experience that makes it even easier to go deep on your interests the keywords you can use for search uh .

To search for content as expanding we're currently focused on getting keyword search results right in english and we'll add support for other languages in the future we're also making search results better for exploration for example your search for space will show you space related photos and videos too this is especially helpful we don't have .

An exact username or hashtag in mind when searching for a certain topic so this is massive it's almost like they're creating a searchable explore page so in the past you had the explore page which was content instagram think you like and you had search where you could search for accounts but now they're almost bringing them together so you can .

Still search for accounts and you can still go to an explore page where instagram make predictions and what they think you like but you're also going to be able to search your explore page as such so you search your niche and see the best content in that niche it's looking exactly like the .

Explore page like if we look at this here they've searched in space they've gone to top and that looks like the explore page so not only is this awesome for users because you get a better experience and get to better discover content but it's going to be amazing for creators because creators can create content and rank on explore hashtags uh .

They can get shared they can have um they can get sent off the platform like people can link the content on other platforms and you can now also show up in like a search ranking like an seo so if you're creating amazing content this is just an additional way to go faster and faster and faster organically and this is part of the reason why the gap .

Between good content and great content is so massive because people who have got slightly better content than everyone else in their niche get exponentially better returns because they're always going to be ranking number one on explore on search on all these new features and collecting up all of the marketplace so .

It's just another cool feature that they're working on we design all of our features to help you find things you love we're constantly working on improvements to help you discover entertaining things to share with your friends that is pretty cool so this is this is a pretty awesome article so in summary .

Here's what you need to know so number one instagram search looks at usernames bios captions hashtags and places so be sure to optimize those five areas to maximize your search results number two if someone has already seen your content you're gonna rank higher in their search results this is why hitting the explore page is gonna be more valuable than ever .

Because you can reach millions of people who may not instantly follow you the first or the second or the third time but then when they go to search something in your niche you're going to pop up much higher in those results because they've already been exposed to your content now there's lots of things you can do to hit the explore page i've .

Covered them in lots of videos i may make another one key point number three is when there are a large amount of search results for one single term on instagram instagram will then look at the popularity of the content and the accounts that are ranking for that search term to go ahead and sort so if you have more engagement reach followers .

Etc then you will rank higher and again grow faster please note this only means real engagement so if you are participating in loop giveaways which is pretty much the same as buying fake followers you are using massive engagement groups etc that is not real engagement this will not benefit you and if .

Anything will work against you because it falls under the spam category and if you're doing these things you're just going to rank down the bottom for everything even when people search your own name so stop these shady activities and just focus on creating more interesting content that better serves your audience and showing up for them .

More consistently and number four the three best things that you can do to show up in search is a fitting username and profile name relevant keywords and locations in your bio and relevant keywords and hashtags inside of your captions not your comments remember you can't rank and search for your comments you can for .

Your captions that's it for this video i hope it helps i hope it sheds some light on the changes coming to instagram and how to make the most of this new feature and get a jump on the competition if you enjoyed it and you want to get more free training on instagram marketing and building a profitable audience grab my completely free training linked down .

Below and i will leave a ton of other links in the description for the tools that i use on instagram my premium course and if you want to book a call to potentially work with my agency if you are a business owner looking to grow your audience to generate more leads and customers currently only working with business owners but that's it from me .

See you in the next video hope it helped have a good one
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