Uber- The largest transportation company in this world Valuation 75 billion dollars! But the reality is Uber is dark. It is very dark! In 2009, two friends, Garrett and Travis were in a party. They were not getting a taxi to go back home from the party and that was the beginning of Uber. .

Despite being the world’s biggest transportation company, Uber had a loss of 6.7 billion dollars in 2020. Now the question is, why? To understand this, first let’s understand Uber’s business model. First, supposed you booked an Uber to go from destination A to B and your fare is around ₹100, .

So Uber charges a commission of 20% for every ride from all its drivers. So, if you booked a ride for ₹100, then Uber earns ₹20 from it. That is how Uber’s business model works. The drivers in Uber are not employees of Uber, they are its contract workers. This benefits Uber in 2 ways. Uber doesn’t have to give them salaries .

And also save on a lot of taxes. Now the question is, if this is how it works, then where does so much of money go? Well, let’s go deep. The reality is, lots of Uber’s money goes into a lot of dark activities. What are those? So, the first thing is Slog Campaign. .

What is it? Uber has two major competitors, Lyft, which operates in foreign countries like America, and if we see in India, then Ola. There are no other competitors of Uber. So, Uber sends its brand ambassadors to recruit the drivers of Ola and Lyft. But how do Uber’s brand ambassadors .

Do all this? These people use two things. The first is Manipulation. The brand ambassadors of Uber manipulate. They indirectly manipulate the drivers of Lyft and Ola that, the place you are working in is not a good place, you should come to Uber. And the second thing is System Jamming. .

How does it work? Uber gifted its employees multiple iPhone devices. The employees used these iPhones to book Lyft cabs through multiple IDs, and then cancelled them. They booked 5000 cabs in one day and cancelled them, and because of this, two things happened in the market. .

First is Scarcity Since so many cabs were booked, so the drivers got busy and there was a scarcity of cabs in the market. So, now who will fulfill this scarcity? Uber! So, the customers left Lyft and shifted to Uber, because Uber was available. And the second thing was Work Satisfaction. .

Since the drivers in Uber were working but the drivers of Lyft were not getting any work because their cabs were being booked and cancelled by them and hence their work satisfaction reduced. Because of this even the drivers left Lyft and joined Uber. But this was only the beginning. Uber is even darker in its other works. .

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And your employees’ life even more easy! The link is in the description, don’t forget to check out PagarBook Lens. After slog campaign, law enforcement investigators were relentlessly after Uber. So, what did Uber do to handle them? Uber used the Gray Ball Strategy How does it work? Gray Ball is a tool which is .

Developed by Uber itself. What does it do? This Gray Ball tool basically tracks law enforcement officials and evades them so that they unable to come in the company’s contact and hence they unable to investigate the company. Now, this tool used to do .

Two very powerful things for Uber. Number 1, Geofencing Uber created a digital geofencing around all the government offices, which showed them that which government official is opening their app and trying to book an Uber. Along with this, the second thing they did was track all the credit cards .

Of Police Credit Union and all the cheap mobiles numbers, which were mostly used by Policemen. Now what did it do? Uber got to know that which police official is trying to open Uber app. Once that number was tracked, they used to flag it, then that particular person used to see .

A fake app of Uber through which he was never able to book an Uber. Because of this all the government officials were not able to sit in an Uber and question the drivers, which means they were not able to get in touch with the company, that’s why they were able to continue their dark practices. There was a cyber attack on Uber .

In 2016 through which all the data of all the customers and drivers was stolen. Ideally, Uber should have mentioned this to customers as well as its drivers, but they didn’t do it. Uber made a settlement with those hackers and gave them 100,000 dollars and finished off the matter there itself. I know, you must be thinking, .

That if Uber does so many dark activities, then why don’t drivers leave it. Then the answer to this is Forward Dispatch. How does this work? Uber plays beautifully with the psychology of all its drivers. They do this to keep the drivers hooked in the system. The minute any driver is about to log out of the app .

As they are done with today’s work, Uber sends them new rides that very minute. What does it do? 95% of the time drivers accept those rides. Very few people can deny money! But now you will say, ‘We are customers, how does it harm us if we use Uber? We only have advantages.’ There is harm, a lot of harm! .

The reason is Uber’s algorithm. How can an algorithm harm? So, the answer to this is surge pricing. Whenever you book Uber on Diwali, Christmas, New Year, its prices are inflated 2-7 times, because Uber’s algorithm works on demand and supply. How much is the demand in the market? .

And how much is the supply in the market? Now what is its disadvantage to you? So, the problem is algorithm only reads the data. Algorithm doesn’t understand anything else. It only reads data, supply and demand data Try and book an Uber and then cancel it, and then try to book it again, 100% you will find that the rates .

Would be higher. The reason behind this is only that Uber gets the signal that its demand has increased, and hence it increases the price. Now this is serious! What should we do?! Well, you cannot do anything because even Ola’s algorithm .

Is almost the same. But if you want to know the dark secrets of Maggi, then you can definitely watch the video on the right or else watch the video on the left.