Instagram Paying Creators Up To $35,000 Each To Post Reels | Instagram Reels Bonus Program

Instagram are paying you up to 35 000 us dollars to post reels here's what you need to know so three months ago you may have seen me post a video hinting at instagram dropping a reels bonus where they would simply pay creators to post reels and then they would get paid based on the amount of reals or the amount of views on those reels and at the time we .

Didn't know too much about it however recently a subscriber of the channel sent me a message with some more information she has been given access to the program and this is what it looks like she's been offered a maximum bonus of a thousand dollars for a maximum of up to 1.09 million views so just about 1.1 million .

Views and it says she has until november 27th to complete this now the way this program seems to work is instagram will offer you a certain amount of money not everyone is offered the same amount to achieve a certain amount of views and i'm not exactly sure what goes into this it seems very random as you saw before she was offered a thousand dollars to .

Get a million views which means for every thousand viewers she's gonna get paid about one dollar however she said she also has other friends who are creators who've been offered up to 35 000 and they didn't even have a lot more of an audience than her this person who was offered thirty five thousand dollars had .

About double her audience and she was offered a thousand she also had people who had half of her audience who were offered fifty five hundred so there seems to be no correlation between the amount of followers you have and the amount they're offering you potentially it has something to do with your niche similar to youtube because the way .

Youtube works is they pay you based on your audience and based on the amount of people who are viewing your content so take my channel for example i earn just under 20 us dollars per thousand views on my video because a lot of you watching this video statistically are from the us you're over 18 and most likely you are interested in business .

Digital marketing social media marketing and this audience is very profitable to advertise to because someone could sell a service which is hundreds or thousands of dollars per month which helps with social media or someone could sell an investment where you put in money every single week into an investment and that bank or that share broker or that .

Investment advisor is making a lot of commissions on that so it's a very profitable audience to advertise and therefore i am paid a lot per view some of my friends in the make money online they should earn up to fifty dollars per thousand views and some people who are in generic niches i have friends who were fifa youtubers back in the day .

Would only get paid one to two dollars per thousand views so it looks like this is somewhat similar in the idea that some niches and some audiences will pay out a lot more probably depends on how valuable that niche is to advertisers so the amount you're going to get paid could vary a lot some people will earn a few hundred some people can earn tens of .

Thousands but let's take a look at some of the rules and eligibility for this program so here's an article on the instagram help page it's called about real summer bonus program rules it says this feature is slowly being rolled out and may not be available to you yet so i personally don't have this available on any of my personal accounts .

As i live in new zealand i don't believe it's rolled out here the person who sent me this is from the us i've had a lot of people from the u.s send me this and many of my clients who are from the us have had this for a while now it goes on to say to receive a real summer bonus payout from instagram you will be .

Required to comply with the program rules as referenced in the instagram creator incentive terms in addition to the program rules applicable to bonuses on instagram by present proceeding with this program you agree to these program rules this article pretty much just covers the rules and eligibility and they don't .

Really show a lot but one important thing worth noticing is here where they say once real summer bonus becomes available to you so when instagram gives you the offer you have 30 days to opt-in and start and once those 30 days start so if you choose this on day one on day 15 on day 29 .

Once you start once you opt into it you have 30 days to earn the bonus and an interesting thing is on the third bullet point is during that period of 30 days you may choose as many rules as you'd like to contribute towards this bonus now based off the fact that saying you have to choose rails to count towards this bonus .

I would assume that instagram will be running ads on those those rules that you choose or something will be happening there because for whatever reason they're not just applying this to every single reel that you post you have to select which reels you would like to be a part of this program so i assume there'll be some sort of ad or some sort .

Of promotion of instagram or maybe one in every 10 reels on this program sees an ad because it's only short content or something along those lines i'm not sure exactly how to work but that's what i'm speculating now they did say that if you permanently delete a reel you may not get credit for it common sense don't delete reels pretty straightforward and .

So pretty much what you want to do is if you get offered this option and you are away or for example or you're really really busy with work or your business or school or whatever don't opt into it straight away because then your 30-day countdown will start and if you're away for a week busy et cetera for that first week then that is going .

To limit the amount of reels you can create and the amount of views you can generate which will impact the amount of money you can make from this program so my advice would be when this comes up as an option make sure you set a reminder in your phone for like 25 days so you don't forget and .

Opt-in to start when you've got the time to commit to it then you've got 30 days to get as many real views as possible to make as much of an income as possible from this so during that period create a ton of reals not only will this help you make money but it'll help you build your audience if you posted a real every single day for a month you would see .

Significant growth on your account and you're also going to get paid thousands of dollars to do so so like this is such an incredible opportunity now here's another article on the instagram help site titled about bonuses on instagram where they once again say this feature is slowly being rolled out and may not be available to you yet .

They also say that this feature is only available for business and creator accounts now this should be common sense that if you're a private account or a personal account you're not going to be getting paid so you should be a business or a creator account if you're watching this anyway but that is worth noting .

Now they say down here bonuses are opportunities for you to earn money directly from instagram if you qualify to earn a bonus you'll be notified in the instagram app to onboard and enable bonus payouts so if you qualify instagram will tell you you don't have to go and search it out now the way these work is you'll receive bonus .

Earnings if you meet the requirements for each bonus approximate bonus earnings will appear on the bonus specific progress page now i believe that is where it was saying that she will earn a thousand dollars for 1.09 million views and if she gets more than that she will just get the thousand if she gets less than that i .

Assume it is done like it's worked out as a percentage so if you're offered a thousand dollars to get a million views and you get half a million views i assume you would get 500 now all bonus payouts are processed at approximately 1am pst on the first day of the next month which is quite a good payout time if you earn money in january .

You'll be paid on the 1st of february which is actually better than how a lot of other platforms like youtube work on youtube you get paid on the 20th of the following month so this one you get paid straight away on the first day now rules and eligibility to receive a bonus payout from instagram you will be required to comply with the below .

Program rules which is you may at some time be informed that you are eligible to onboard to a bonus program that that eligibility may expire at any time so earlier when i was saying you might want to wait if you're busy whilst that is the case if you're not busy and you have the time to commit to creating a ton of .

Reels jump on it sooner rather than later because waiting will just potentially mean that you may lose eligibility now i assume if you are eligible and you keep doing what you are already doing you keep posting similar content etc then i can't imagine you would lose that eligibility however if you were eligible .

You were posting content consistently and then you started posting content that violated their guidelines violent content sexual content uh misleading content uh misinformation etc then you would probably lose that eligibility and i imagine that's where it would come in however i wouldn't risk it now they say .

To earn a bonus you must meet all requirements for the relevant bonus program for any bonuses available to you you can see your progress towards earning that bonus on the progress page which is accessible in bonus settings it might take 24 hours to update your progress and or earnings this is similar to youtube you don't get an hour-by-hour .

Update of how much you get paid for your views at each day you get an update on how much you made for the previous day now they go on to say instagram will not pay bonuses for content reflecting misleading or inauthentic behavior now misleading is pretty straightforward don't post misinformation people should .

Know that by now now inauthentic behavior is interesting there is no like black and white of what this means however a lot of the time when people talk about inauthentic behavior that is the likes of engagement groups power likes um and any of these where you're getting .

Fake not fake likes but it's not coming authentically to your account and so if my content hadn't already convinced you to stop doing this because of the side effects it'll have on your growth hopefully the incentive of money will stop you now when it comes to what accounts can get monetized they didn't really have .

Anything on the instagram creator incentive terms which i was looking at i read through this there wasn't too much there but they did have this one part here where they say your participation in any ig creator incentive program is subject to and you agree to comply with the instagram partner monetization policies and the instagram content .

Monetization policies which i have covered on the channel before now if we click across to the partner monetization policies you can see there is a bunch of policies here now you have to comply with the community guidelines these rules apply to all posts and interactions on instagram including rules against hate .

Speech calls for violence and sexualized content any content posted by publishers or creators that violates the community guidelines including policies regarding intellectual property authenticity and user safety may cause publishers or creators to become ineligible or lose the eligibility to monetize using our features if you .

Believe that you have violated our policies regarding intellectual property you can find more information or learn more about copyright trademark infringement so pretty much common sense don't break the community guidelines if you want to get paid now you probably didn't need me to tell you that that was probably already something you're aware .

Of but worth knowing which means that like i say if you're in any of those fringe categories you're probably not gonna get monetized if you are reposting other people's content so a page like mine millionaire.dream you probably won't get monetized whereas on an account like cleverpreneur one of my accounts where we create authentic .

Content that will likely be eligible for monetization at some point when it is rolled out in new zealand however i'm not actually too sure on that specific side of things with that because instagram don't tend to love accounts that post about instagram tips and tricks so we will see now there are three interesting points down the bottom .

Of this article uh firstly it says monetize authentic engagement so creators and publishers can only monetize content that is consumed by their natural authentic audience this means that creators and publishers may not engage in any behavior that artificially boosts views or engagement this includes manufactured sharing which .

Is coordination coordinated distribution of content often for compensation creators and publishers may lose the ability to monetize if the audience significantly consists of fake engagement including but not limited to likes follows and views i literally just touched on that if you're using engagement groups to grow your instagram .

To get more engagement you're not going to be eligible and that's fair enough you should not be using these they're not good for growth they just make you look more authentic not they don't make you look more authentic they make you look like cooler or look like you're more famous than you are which is just silly you should just .

Focus on building an audience the right way um but yeah if you're using that you're not going to get monetized now the second interesting thing here is develop and establish presence so creators and publishers must have an authentic established presence on instagram this also includes maintaining a sufficient .

Follower base so if you don't have an audience you probably won't get access to this now they never say with the stuff what the count is like is it ten thousand followers is it fifty thousand is it a hundred thousand now according to the subscriber who deemed me she said that she had someone .

That was a friend that had like 50 000 followers that had this so it seems like accounts of that size have it i don't know how low the count goes and it may not even be a specific follow account it may be a combination of average likes per post average story views and average reels .

Views for example that they may look at and and have a factor awaiting each one that gives you an overall score and if you have the right score then you get monetized now they also go on to say uh finally that the following political and government entities are ineligible for monetization current elected and .

Appointed government officials current political candidates political parties registered political committees government agencies and departments and so on so if you're a politician probably forget about it now another part of this article that is mentioned is creators and publishers posting content flagged as misinformation and .

False news may be ineligible or lose that there so again misinformation isn't going to work the other thing i wanted to say is off topic of monetization but instagram can clearly tell when your content or when your engagement is not authentic because if they're able to remove people from their monetization .

Programs if their content is not getting authentic engagement then they can tell if you're using these groups so even if you're not in these programs instagram know when you're using engagement groups and they will penalize you for it whether you have access to the this or not that will decrease your reach because of it so you .

Should just stop now finally i wanted to touch again on the instagram content monetization policies i know this has been a big video which is probably somewhat boring i don't know but i just wanted to go through all of this information so you were fully clued up on how this works and can make the most of it when you get it but lastly .

Instagram content monetization policies uh this is sort of more information on what you can and can't monetize on the platform in general this is not specific to the real summer bonus program but just in general what you can and can't monetize so you can't monetize static videos static image pose you can't monetize slideshows of images .

This is not carousels by the way this is when you have a video that is simply a slideshow looping videos um that just display the same segment multiple times so if you've got a three second uh clip you can't loop that five times to make it 15 seconds and therefore try and earn more of an .

Income from it which makes sense you can't monetize text montages embedded ads uh you can't which is pretty much for those of you who don't have it embedded ads is when instagram is already placing ads in your content so some people have the ability to add ads into their videos .

And earn an income from instagram that way not many people have this similar to youtube but um on instagram if you've got that you can't otherwise monetize it but that shouldn't really matter now you can't use engagement bait uh content that incentivizes people to click a link .

Or respond to a post through likes or comments so the likes of content where you say double tap for this double tap if you're going to be successful double tap if 2022 is going to be your year tag a friend for this etc you can't um .

Monetize that content which is quite quite out there um you can't monetize content where you're soliciting engagement um content that requires compensation in exchange for extreme behavior such as consumption of inedible substances graphic content drugs tobacco alcohol .

And disrobing or other sexual behavior interesting how they specifically call out disrobing but not sure why that is now prohibited categories you can't create content in misinformation misleading medical information anti-vaxx um and so on unoriginal content so like i mentioned earlier in the video uh if you are not creating the .

Content yourself you won't be able to earn an income so for the likes of millionaire.dream i probably won't be able to monetize that account um now restricted categories is debated social issues i'm not going to go into all of those you can pause the .

Video and have a look if you want to take a look tragedy and conflict same again you can pause if you want to read through those objectionable activity sexual or suggestive activity again i'll let you pause those if you want to have a look pause those ones here for objectional .

Activity there's sexual activity ones strong language and explicit content so that's all the stuff you can't do so you have to be pretty brand friendly to be able to get monetized but this works great for vloggers or beauty influencers or any educators who are teaching .

Something any of that totally fine if you are a comedian that swears a lot or has vulgar language so on you probably won't get monetized and that is all we know so far about the instagram monetization program specifically talking about the rails summer bonus program you can get paid anywhere from a thousand dollars which .

Seems to be the lowest that i've seen up to literally tens of thousands of dollars to create and post reels you'll be paid based on the amount of views that you get and the amount that you are offered in total will depend on a lot of factors potentially your niche your audience size the amount of views you consistently get these are probably all .

Things that instagram are looking at now if you are posting content that is against the community guidelines or anything that just think about it with common sense anything that a brand wouldn't want to advertise on sexual content violent content um loss of swearing bad language etc if a normal household brand wouldn't .

Want to advertise on your content you probably won't be monetizable um and to some of you that is totally fine because you may swear on your content to build a deeper relationship with your audience and that can totally work there are a lot of comedians who have built an audience because they just say what they think sometimes that's swearing .

Sometimes it's really sexual sexually explicit content and they've built a strong audience which makes them millions of dollars through doing so you don't necessarily just have to follow these rules you can do what you want and maybe you'll make a lot more money by not following the rules it's totally up to you and on top of .

That if you're not creating original content you won't get monetized of course and like i say this is not the only way to monetize this is an additional way to add another income but there are a ton of other ways you can make an income yeah i make thousands of dollars per month per account for selling shout outs to brands on my pages .

I also monetize through creating youtube videos which i then send people to are monetized with affiliate links where i'm promoting products and earning a commission i've got a digital course which you can find linked down in the bottom of the description again sometimes i offer consulting and my main income stream is my agency we .

Run instagram accounts for clients so there are a ton of ways you can monetize this isn't the only way but uh hopefully that has given you some good advice some good thought and made things a bit clearer as to what you need to do that's it for me see you in the next one cheers .

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