In this video i'm going to walk you through how you can build an audience of raving fans on instagram and turn it into a six-figure income i've done this for myself and many clients over the past seven years on instagram so this is not some random strategy this is not me copy and pasting what i saw on a different blog post these are real .

Strategies that can generate real results that will help you do the same and i want to safeguard you from those terrible strategies that you're going to see plastered over blogs and youtube channels from people that don't know what they're talking about which is why i'm putting this together to help you get results i've also used these .

Strategies to build my account like millionaire.dream to over 700 000 followers i've used this to help russell brunson go from zero to 500k on instagram a couple of years ago and i'm still gonna be implementing this on my own personal brand cleverpreneur which you totally should be following by the way anyway this is gonna be a long video .

As it is so let's dive into it and get started on the first of seven key points of how to actually do this now i'm going to be straight up with you in this video i'm not going to give you sexy fads that you can that sound really cool and sound really intricate and you can jump into and then a month later it's not going to work because i want this video to be .

Useful and relevant for years to come so i'm going to teach you the fundamentals that will always work and always allow you to get real results and build an audience because oftentimes a lot of those fads that sort of come up and go away are just rip-offs and will just kill your results so let's get into what actually works so first things first .

Really really boring tip but you need to decide on one specific niche and one specific person that you are going to bring value to now there is a quote that goes along the lines of if you try and serve many you will serve none and if you try and serve one you will serve many because if you try and serve everyone with your brand it's not really .

Going to resonate with anyone specifically because a little bit of it might resonate with them but the rest is kind of you know doesn't really however if you try and serve one specific person so maybe it is teenagers trying to work hard in the gym or maybe you're trying to serve young professionals who are .

Trying to get ahead in their career or maybe you're trying to serve older professionals who are trying to focus on their health or maybe you are trying to serve you know young guys or young woman trying to improve their dating life whatever it might be if you try and pick a specific person you try and serve .

Chances are there are hundreds of thousands or millions of those people out there that can follow you and become true fans and if you create for that specific person these hundreds of thousands if not millions of people will feel like you're literally creating content just for them and this is going to mean that they're .

Really engaged true fans that will turn into customers for you down the line so rather than trying to serve everyone pick that one specific person you want to serve a lot of the time people often pick like their past self so themself before they learn something so if they're trying to teach people fitness they will try and serve the skinny kid .

That they were that didn't know how to lift weights or the overweight kid that they were that got bullied and they want to help that person or other people that fit that character get results or maybe if you're a business coach you might be helping that struggling business owner who's making a couple ground a month and you want to .

Help them get to where you are now by creating content teaching them how to build their business or run facebook ads or run youtube ads or how to do seo or build a youtube channel or whatever it is that you want to serve people with but pick one specific niche and all of your content should be in this niche it should be extremely obvious when someone .

Lands on your page what your account is all about you shouldn't have some photos of you traveling and some photos of you working out and then some photos of you playing golf and then some photos of you giving fitness tips and advice and and having your feed all over the place it should all be about one thing so if you're a travel blog everything's .

About travel if you're teaching people about golf everything is about golf if you're a workout page everything is about working out that one specific theme will help you so much and it's actually going to help you convert more people from profile visitors who find your account into actual followers because if someone lands on your page .

And it's unclear what you're all about even if they're interested in your niche but they just don't know what you're posting about because you're all over the place they might not follow and if someone's not interested in your niche they definitely won't however if it's very very obvious that you you know teach people about skin care and .

Someone's trying to learn about that they land on your page instantly they're going to turn into a follower and a fan which leads us on to the second secret of this video and that is what value do you bring to this specific person you're trying to set and you've got to put that out there consistently as possible we'll get into .

That later but your content always has to be serving that one's person so i literally want you to write down like who you're trying to reach on instagram who is this person you're trying to impact that you came up with from the first step and then the second step is to write down how you are going to help that person are you going to be creating .

Workout routines for them and food plans for them and teaching them how to get results in the gym or are you going to be showing them how to understand their finances save more money invest wisely and just become more financially literate well maybe you're going to teach people how to surf really well and be able to do that whatever your niche .

Is write down what value you are bringing to these people which is going to give them a reason to follow you because if your content sort of all about yourself people won't follow as much however if you create it like how can i help this person how can i create things that will help this archetype this specific one person you .

Will build a massive audience now there are a ton of different ways that you can actually bring this content to life this could be short form reels so maybe you create 15 second reels answering specific questions so if you're trying to teach people about marketing you could create hundreds if not thousands of 15 second reels covering one little .

Tip on copywriting copywriting tip two three four five six seven eight nine ten facebook ads tip one two three four five six seven eight nine ten instagram ads tip seo tips uh how to create great headlines email newsletters you can create a ton of content around all of these different things that'll help the specific person you're trying to reach .

You could also create tweets which is a really popular format on instagram where someone would just post a twitter looking piece of content and that simplistic design is really easy to create and performs really well on instagram or maybe if you're a bit more of a designer you could create carousels or infographics that visually look .

Amazing and bring value to that audience or maybe you want to go with plain old video and create short videos that educate inspire or entertain people on the platform that fit your niche there is no one best way to do it i would just play around with different content and then play to your strengths as well as what's working so if you find that .

You're incredible creating carousels you can build a huge audience without using reels yes reels will probably help you get there quicker but if you don't if you just don't want to be on camera and you are incredible at design you can just create carousels and build an audience that way there's nothing stopping you from doing that .

Many brands have done that you can look at the likes of visualize value they don't even create carousels they just create single images and they build a massive following because they're just incredible or they do so play to your strengths if you're good at reels yes reels are a massive advantage and this is going to bring us into step number .

Three and you'll notice there's a bit of a theme to this that each of these are sort of linked together like first you're finding out who you're trying to reach second you're trying to find how you can bring value to them the third step is to put this out there really consistently and yes i know you've heard it a million .

Times post consistently create content consistently do this consistently do that consistently and you're probably bored of it by now but it's true that's how you build an audience that's how you get good at something as well that's something that i don't think people realize is not only .

Will this help you build an audience but it'll actually help you get really good at what you do if you look at my original youtube videos they were terrible i might have been given some good advice in there but i was pretty horrendous on camera i had terrible lighting i didn't have a good camera i just used my phone um the audio wasn't .

Good the editing wasn't good nothing was really that good about it i mean i knew what i was talking about but like i said i was also shy on camera and so i wasn't great at it however if you look at my videos now they're not amazing by any means but they are considerably better just because i've consistently done it and .

Picked up tips here picked up what to do with my lighting how to use a camera what audio stuff i should be using i've hired an editor i've got better on camera i can always still improve but that's come from consistently consistency not far out .

One day i'll learn how to speak properly on camera but that's what's going to happen when you start putting this content out consistently yes it'll help you build an audience because you'll be showing up every day and bringing valuable insights to your audience which will help turn them from just random followers into .

True fans who genuinely care about you who have learnt something from you whose lives have been benefited because of your content and so on because think about it if you give someone a tip that they can implement in their business and they go away and make a thousand dollars from it and you can give them that tip for free and your content they're .

Probably going to feel quite strongly about you and if you're putting those tips out there every day that's helping them get results whether it be in the gym with their finances with their business with their marketing agency with their life in general whatever it is with their health whatever you might be creating content about .

That is going to form a really good bond with them between them and you so you just want to get into the habit of posting content ideally every single day which i know can seem like a lot but again as you do this really often and as you do this every day you'll get better and better at it to the point where it doesn't take much time it could be just .

Five minutes of filming a real five minutes of editing posting it could be writing out a tweet which takes 30 seconds posting it could be creating a carousel and if you're really good at what you do and you know how to you know build systems around that it might take you 20-30 minutes which is not a super long amount of time and you can create .

That each day at the start it might take longer but over time you'll get better and better at it now not only this but the algorithm will prefer accounts that are consistent on instagram because they want people on the platform for as long as possible so if they can recommend an account that posts every single day compared to an account that .

Posts once a week they're probably going to recommend the account that posts once a day another benefit of this is it just gives you more pieces of content that people can find you from that people can share with their friends that can be pushed onto the explore page or hashtag pages this is especially apparent with reels .

Because a reel can take off a reel can get very little views and then after a month it starts taking off and so the more rules you put out there every single day the more reels you've got working for you generating exposure for your account we will post like four to six times per day on millionaire.dream because .

It just helps us grow faster it gives us more pieces of content to grow if you're not a theme page you probably don't want to be posting that often because it is going to be hard but it's just a good insight now that you've got those three things down pat i just want to say that if you're enjoying this video and you want to get more valuable content from .

Me entirely free i'm proud to give that free training which then subscribes you to my email list so you'll get four emails over four days that'll give you free videos on different aspects of instagram and how to get results and then after that you'll be added to my weekly newsletter where i'll send you valuable stuff .

All about instagram marketing and building your business on instagram so if you want that it is free there is a link in the top of the description there will also be a link down there if you're a business owner and want to work one-on-one with me to get results for your brand okay enough self-promotion let's get on to number four and that is .

Hashtags i'm going to jump into my screen in a moment and show you a super simple way to do your hashtag research but i'll cover a couple of the basics first most people know that they need to use highly relevant targeted hashtags it's a bit silly to use unrelated hashtags i think most people know that so i'm not going to bore you with that .

But the two questions that i get asked all the time is one where should i put my hashtags the answer is put them in the caption it's just better and you can rank in search and two is how many hashtags should i be using in my content and the answer is a little bit less straightforward instagram .

Originally like 30 hashtags was the way to go and then instagram came out and said use 8 to 11 if you want to get the best results and then like a few weeks ago instagram said use three to five and so people are quite confused and rightly so that's very confusing if you ask me now honestly between our clients students and looking at the comments .

From you legends watching these videos and leaving your feedback in the comments we've seen absolutely no trend of how many hashtags are the best across the board like there's no one size fits all and even with larger accounts or smaller accounts or medium sized accounts we haven't seen any trends some small accounts get the best .

Results using five hashtags some get the best results using 25 some get the best results using 12. same for the larger accounts i would say if you're over 100k use 30 but if you're under 100k it seems to be really all over the show so the best thing you can do is just test just try using three try using 12 try using 25 and see .

After like a month or so what's getting you the best results but let's jump into my screen i'll show you how to find hashtags so you got that sorted so jumping into my screen this is a tool that i use to find hashtags and you can get a free seven-day trial of this with my link down in the description if you want to go ahead and use it and then you .

Can follow along with what i'm going to show you right now so all you have to do is connect your facebook page to flick and assuming you've connected your instagram account to your facebook account then they can see all the data that they need what you're going to do is you're going .

To come across to search where i am now you're going to go to filters and you're going to select smart filters now what this does is ai will take a look at your instagram they will take a look at how much engagement you get how many likes you get how many comments you get how many saves you get etc they'll look at your follower account follower account .

Now look at all these different things and they will create parameters on your behalf to filter out hashtags that are too big for your account that are too competitive and that you're unlikely to rank on and they'll also filter out hashtags that are too small for your account that yes you'd probably rank on .

But you wouldn't get any exposure from so it does that literally in the space of a couple of seconds and that one feature alone will save you hours and hours of guesswork and do a much better job so what you're then going to do is search a key word so i'm going to do some hashtag research for my account .

Cleaverpreneur which by the way you should be following so go and follow it cleverprinter on instagram i prefer the table view so i'm going to look at it that way and you'll see the smart filters have automatically selected 5k posts to 870k posts average likes is zero to 750 to rank .

What i'm then going to do is rank these based on potential reach so i get the hashtags with the highest potential reach and i'm then going to just go through and select relevant hashtags now you can see the da pc which is the daily average post count so it shows you how many people are posting per day on this .

Shows you the total posts the average likes to rank and so on so i'm going to go through and select a handful of hashtags that i can use for my account now personally i found using about six to eight on this account gets the best results i have used 30 i have used three or four i found about six to eight works best so i'm going to select those there .

Content marketing marketing consultant and i'm going to make sure these are relevant to my account marketing consultant marketing content and let's see what else i can find content marketing tools content marketing tip and you'll see some of .

These have got you know quite low only eight posts a day on there i should be able to rank on there 500 average likes 400 average likes uh and then internet business and that gives me six hashtags then i'm gonna chuck in another instagram tips another keyword of .

Instagram tips because as you know that's what i post on that account um and i'm gonna select instagram tips and instagram tips and tricks and maybe i'll give it one more instagram marketing tips that gives me nine hashtags i'm then going to click audit selection so it removes any flagged hashtags because you don't want .

To be using hashtags that are flagged because it could cause your account to get shadow banned or limit the reach so no xero as you can see zero band slash flagged hashtags discovered all hashtags look suitable for cleverpreneur the only red mark is that we didn't use all 30 but as i discussed earlier you don't .

Always want to use 30 you want to check with your account first and then i'm going to simply add that to a collection create new and it's going to be cleverpreneur cleverprena youtubevid and create and then just like that i have done my hashtag research that took .

Me four minutes whilst creating a youtube video if you're doing that yourself without having to try and focus on explaining what you're doing recording a video at the same time it's probably going to take you two or three minutes and if you do that once a month because as you gain more followers and more of .

An audience you want slightly bigger hashtags and the competitiveness of these hashtags goes up and down so you will want to update these maybe every month um it's going to take you two or three minutes which is so easy and so that's why i use flick and why i think you should too there is a free .

Trial as i mentioned link below in the description it will save you hours and it's like a small amount per month once you've done that you're going to put your hashtags into the caption of each post and then somewhat forget about it i don't want you to dwell on hashtags too much they are a good tool to get you more reach .

But they're not the be-all and end-all it'll help you get more more growth with your account but don't focus all down now that we've got that sorted and you've sort of built the foundation you know who you're trying to reach you know how you help them you're consistently creating content that does actually help them you've got your .

Hashtags down it's time to get that initial growth going on your account and start reaching some more people now there are sort of two main stages of instagram growth i would say if you want to really boil it down the first stage is when you don't have an audience so when you're just starting out and in the second stage is when you do .

Have an audience which you can leverage to grow your account faster organically now when you don't have an audience you don't have that leverage where your content will be hitting the explore page having the hashtag pages getting shared around people tagging their friends you don't really have that luxury and so you sort of have to go with a gorilla .

Marketing tactic at the start and just get yourself out there build that initial audience spend a bit of time to do that and then down the line once you've built up that follower base you can just focus on creating content that serves people and then that'll grow your account on its own so at the start what i would recommend doing is you want to .

Do what's called the dollar 80 strategy that's one way that you can initially grow your account it was coined by gary vee the idea is you leave your two cents your opinion or value on 90 pieces of content per day on instagram so you find where your target audience is hanging out on instagram you go drop your two cents in the cat in the comments and you .

Do that 90 times which is a lot i know but it will allow you to gain targeted followers doing that on 90 posts a day we found for clients can bring anywhere from 15 to 30 targeted new followers per day which like i say might not sound like a lot but if you get 30 followers a day from one strategy or even 20 followers a day we'll go on a lower end .

And you do that for six months that's going to be getting you 600 followers a month for six months that's going to get you 3 600 highly targeted followers who have built rapport with you from one strategy so if you combine that with different strategies on instagram that can get you to 10 000 targeted followers in six .

Months and at that point you will then have the leverage where your content will grow on its own now the other tactic that you want to look at is collaborations so you want to be doing that where you're actively engaging with other people in your niche and then the second one is you want to reach out to people who have an audience .

Similar to yours and try and collaborate with them you do a post for them they do a post for you you both grow because of it now you probably don't want to go with someone who's doing the exact same thing as you but try and find people who have the same audience and you have complementary skills so for .

Example if someone was creating content all about instagram growth and then another person was creating content all about instagram monetization and they were both trying to help businesses but one was focused on how to grow and one was focused on how to monetize they've got complementary skills and they've both got the same audience so they could .

Create a post for each other's account and they both build their audience without competing for their like services because they offer different services and that's a really effective way as well to build up your account and again you're probably not going to see crazy numbers at the start because if you've only got a thousand followers .

They've got a thousand followers even if you can get like 10 of your audience across which you won't you might get one percent that's like 10 people so it's not a crazy strategy but it's about getting those initial couple thousand true fans who engage with your stuff who share your stuff who tell your friends about it and so on it's just .

Building your audience one person at a time and please remember if you're a business doing this and you're gaining 10 or 20 or 30 followers a day using these strategies you could turn one of those into a customer that pays you a thousand dollars for your coaching program or your course .

Or your service or whatever it might be that you sell a lot of people get caught up in trying to gain ten thousand followers a month twenty thousand thirty thousand they might see theme pages like mine that gain 30 to 60 000 followers a month and be trying to get there as well but if you gain 10 targeted people who are fit your target market and you can .

Bring them valuable stuff you can turn one or two of them into a customer that spends a few hundred or a few thousand dollars with you every single day which can net you that six figure income over the year if you're doing it right so don't always get too caught up and trying to gain ridiculous amounts of followers at the start but that's the .

Sort of two main early strategies you want to use you want to use the dollar ready strategy and you want to use collaborations you can also put yourself out there and grow with your content create reels all of these things that i've discussed use your hashtags but there are more passive strategies like rules growth you just put the rules out .

There and then it grows for you you put your hashtags in there it grows for you collaborations dollar 80 the things you go out there and you have to do you can also at this point look into ads or influences but what i would suggest is first building up your account so that you've at least got proof that your account can grow organically and then .

Add fuel to the fire with these influences so now i want to move on to point number six which is monetization so once you've been doing that for a few months you're gonna start to build up an audience and they're gonna be really engaging with your stuff they're gonna love what you're posting you're gonna have a tribe .

Of people that follow you and it's time to start monetizing that now many of you will already have some sort of way to monetize this you have some sort of offer that will help these people because if you are already a business owner you're a coach you're a consultant you're an agency whatever that you might have you might .

Be an affiliate marketer you've got an offer to promote already so you don't even really need to worry about this but stick around because i'll teach you some cool stuff later but if you don't have an offer yet if you're brand new to this like online business you'll have to go out there and find a way that you can bring additional value .

To these people and charge them for it now this can come in many different forms this could mean that you offer consulting where you'll get on the phone with people or on zoom and you consult them on how to improve what they're doing whether they're trying to get better at a sport whether they're trying to manage their money better whatever .

They might be trying to do you could consult them on how to do that i would be very careful if it's in the finance nation now that i think about using that example you probably have to be trained but if you are great at a sport or you're great at marketing you might be teaching people about facebook ads uh or along those lines then you can get on .

The phone with people and teach them how to improve that and charge them for it another thing you could look at is affiliate marketing where you find someone else's product that is really valuable and you promote it and earn a commission that's what i do with different products so pretty much the only thing that i really actively .

Promote as an affiliate is flick which is the hashtag tool i mentioned earlier because that's like the only tool that i really use consistently to grow my instagram i use the likes of canva for content creation and i use the likes of activecampaign for my email list but flick is like the one instagram specific tool that i use and so .

If i create a piece of content around that and say hey this is how you use hashtags and then i say if you want to get like more value out of hashtags and you want a tool that will help you save time with it go get this and so i'm helping my audience and i will get a commission whatever you spend with flick and it .

Won't cost you any more and you can do the same thing with different offers whether it be courses whether it be consulting whether it be physical products but you want to find a way that you can simply add more value and charge for that consulting affiliate marketing building a drop shipping store whatever it might be you're then going to market .

This solution to your audience and you'll probably naturally be getting a lot of people dming you if you're creating the right content and building up their audience they'll be reaching out wanting more info with how to do this they might be struggling with this and they might need some one-on-one help and it should .

Come relatively naturally like if a ton of people are deeming you and they want help running youtube ads you could consult them on how to do that and their offer will come naturally or if you're giving people tips about makeup and you constantly get people complaining that they can't find the right foundation or i don't even know the .

Makeup industry so i'm probably going to give a bad example but if you know that industry well and people constantly ask you what products should i use for this you can become an amazon affiliate and then you can promote you can say hey this is the product i use and you can get a five percent commission on that or you could go about sourcing your own .

Products down the line and building your own brand of the best products that you can recommend to this audience you could also go directly to a company and say hey i've got an audience i will promote your products because i love them and they're going to help my audience and if you give me a 20 commission and you're simply going to promote this through .

Your link in bio through your stories and mention it in your content and honestly you don't need any fancy tactics about this you just build an audience providing value these people know like and trust you and then you create a solution to a problem that they have and you tell them about it and then they're going to join because they .

Already trust you they've got a problem and you're fixing it so it's a new no-brainer really for them to pay you to fix that problem depending on the degree of the problem depends on how much you'll get paid if you're gonna offer someone a logo for their business they might pay you a hundred dollars if you're going to offer to fix a internal .

System in someone's business that is stopping them from growing and allows them to add another million dollars a year to their business you're probably gonna get paid more than a hundred dollars to do so now moving on to the final point that i wanted to mention and that is scaling your results up now i touched on this earlier but as you start .

Building up an audience you'll get that compounding growth where you'll start getting better and better results and really if you want to scale up your growth and your income on instagram the main thing that you do is one understand what content is working really really well on your account and .

So you can create more of it and build your audience up more two look at the sort of 20 of efforts you your 80 results which is most likely creating content and collaborations and then you do more of that and investing into influencers to promote your content which is something that i .

Haven't touched on too much on the channel but what you can do is you can actually find accounts who have got tens if not hundreds of thousands of followers in your niche and you can simply pay them to promote your content and that'll build up your audience quickly um and obviously for a price but the good thing is is if you've already .

Got an account that's growing organically you've already got a good offer which solves a problem and generates you income you can reinvest that into paying people to grow your account which will then allow you to have more followers grow faster organically and generate more sales so it'll come back to you and if you do .

Those three things you'll notice that you can scale up your growth doubling down on content doing the 20 of things that generate the 80 results and investing your money back into influencers to promote your account to build your audience now when it comes to scaling your income yes doing those three things will help you do that .

They'll help you get more people to your profile and assuming you get the same conversion rate of followers to customers that will naturally increase your income but if you want to scale that percentage you just pretty much have to tweak what you're doing and again look at what's working find ways that you can refine your offer to better .

Serve the customers that you're trying to reach better serve your audience and create more solutions for those people that follow you you can also look at educating yourself on how to make better offers on how to sell better on how to do all of these things so that you can become a better entrepreneur and generate more revenue for your business .

As well as for your customers and if you can do those seven things with enough consistency over time you can build a six figure instagram following many many many people have done this some people have done this in a couple of months um like honestly they tend to either have an offer or have an audience and then they just add the other one in so maybe .

They've got a great offer and then they use instagram to get traffic to it or maybe they've got a great audience and then they create an offer and they've got the traffic that's tends to be how they do it in one or two months but you can easily do both in a six to 12 month period of just putting it out there helping people creating great offers and .

Doing it that way i've left links to everything i mentioned in the description so there should be a link to the hashtag tool i use to get yourself a free trial and support the channel i've left a link to my free training that i put together which adds you to my newsletter and i've also left a link to book a discovery call with me if you are .

A business owner a coach an expert an agency an educator of some sort and you need help building your audience and turning it into an income beyond what you've learned in this video then there's a call for that as well and we'll see how we can help you that's it for me make sure you check out the other videos on .

My channel and i will see you all next time
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