How Bumble is Killing The Youth ? | How Dating Apps Trick You ? | Business Case Study

Bumble's evaluation, at present is 14 BILLION DOLLARS But let me tell you Online Dating is a SCAM Now you all will say Bro! How is this even possible? Presently, Dating means Right Swipe OR Left Swipe Online Dating Apps made dating so easy In earlier times, you need to put lots of efforts to introduce yourself .

But now you need to only Right Swipe OR Left Swipe Someone find partner or not, but the companies who made this apps make endless profit. But now many of you will think what's wrong in it at least they help us to change from Single to Mingle. Well it's not the case. The reality of dating apps is something else. And through this video you will also know that how the reality of this apps is hidden from us under our nose. .

So the story starts from 2012 when 22-year old Whitney Wolf was working in Hatch Labs where she met Sean Rad. They started working together and created a dating app which we all know as 'TINDER'. When company started, Justin Matenn became the Chief Marketing Officer After sometime Justin and Wolf started dating each other. Then they had a breakup but Justin starts to sexually harass Wolf. .

But when Whitney complains about this to Sean Rad who was company's CEO at that time, Whitney Wolf got fired from the company. But who knew that this incident would change Tinder's fate Nobody would have thought the app which Whitney Wolf made is now the reason for her depression. After this bad experiences, Whitney Wolf starts to work on her next idea And this time it's about Women Safety. Her idea was to make a social media exclusive for women. .

When she was working on it, she met Andrew Andreev. And he convinces her to convert this app into a dating site. And from here, Bumble started. Wolf approaches 2 Tinder employees – Chris Gulczynski and Sarah Mick to make Bumble. The idea to make Bumble was simple WHY WOMEN SHOULD FOLLOW RULES? I know you would be thinking that how the company which started with good intention can be dangerous? .

Well to understand this we need to understand Bumble deeply In this world, any business is made from one of this 3 concepts Growth and Profitability of business depends on from what concept it's built from. NO 1 – NEED CONCEPT In this, the business is made to fulfill any particular market need. For example you see any Crypto Trading Platform When the whole world was trading in crypto, India had no platform to fulfill this need NO – 2 LEVERAGE CONCEPT .

The sole motive behind this concept is to ease out complex things. And when any business which fulfills market needs and also provides leverage then it creates a win-win situation. For example people didn't liked to read books in fact today also many people don't like to read it. And that's why KukuFM provided thousands of books knowledge in audiobooks form Now people don't get bore and enhance thier knowledge by listening on KukuFM This small business concepts are not taught to us in our schools That's why The Fastlane Millionaire and Why Didn't They Teach Me This In School .

Are my best recommendations on KukuFM And you and me both know that ADI50 coupon code for 50% off is only valid for first 50 people So time is less and public is more Link is in Description, Choice is yours But the most interested businesses are made from this 3rd Concept The Third Concept is – GRADIFICATION CONCEPT The work of the businesses under this concept is to make their customers feel good. But there's a twist .

You will also feel good when needs are fulfilled or when your work gets easier. But this feelings would be for limited time But the main work of the businesses under this concept is to entangle you in this gradification loop as long as possible. And Bumble is made from this concept. But now the question arises, HOW DOES BUMBLE DO ALL THESE THINGS? Bumble is growing at yearly rate of 70% .

With 100 Million Active Users it is super profitable. But nobody knows about the mechanism behind this growth. So what's the Mechanism? So it's DATA + ELO SYSTEM But how it works? So when anybody creates profile on Bumble, it collects this data from him. NO 1 – DATA PREFERENCES NO 2 – AGE, LOCATION, PERSONAL INFORMATION NO 3 – YOUR POLITICAL VIEWS .

You are apolitical or which party you support, Bumble also collect this information NO 4 – EDUCATION, WORK PROFILE I know what you would be thinking But let me tell you Bumble doesn't sell this data This data is collected so Bumble could match you with right profile. But do you know how this matching happens? And here comes Bumble's ELO SYSTEM Basically all profiles on Bumble have a certain ranking. But how this profiles get rankings? .

The ranking of any profile depends on how many people right swiped it. But there's a catch. In ELO System, the person who right swipes, his weightage depends on how many people right right swiped him. For example, there is a boy named Mayank A girl right swiped him whose name was Shruti Now see how it works. Let's assume 50 people right swiped Shruti. And when Shruti right swipes Mayank, his profile's ranking will suddenly increase. .

Because a profile right swiped him who already had 50 right swipes. Whereas if the girl was Riya, whose profile has 2 right swipes So when she right swipes Mayank, his profile ranking will not increase that much Because Riya's profile only has 2 right swipes. And like this ELO System works. After this many would be thinking that Ohh! That's why we don't get matches on Bumble. Well this is not the case. Reality is something else. .

And from here only Bumble generates its profit. So Bumble constantly sells you hope. I Repeat Bumble constantly sells you hope. But to sell hope, you need to make person feel hopeless. Let's see how Bumble does this. When you make Bumble profile and start using it, you will get 1-2 right swipes. After this you think – .

“Bro! I am so awesome. Everyone likes me” As usual this profiles will be hidden. Your excitement would be at peak but there are high chances that this accounts will be bot accounts. Let's see how they sell hope. As soon as you see a like, to see that profile you will buy Bumble's premium plan. And 70% people do this. But what if by chance I don't buy? So if you don't buy premium plans, its difficult to get matches. .

As algorithm does this things. So you become helpless to buy premium plan. And in case you get matches, there are 15-20% chances that they are genuine. But let's assume you purchased premium plan. So now LOTTERY!!! 💥 Well NO Interestingly if you buy premium plan, there are still less chances to get match. .

Because now the algorithm places your profile above than non-premium users. Thats All. But now the question is Why people don't leave to use this apps and why people buy premium plans again and again? The reason is TENDENCY OF OVERCOMPENSATION. I know this is sounding complex. Let me explain is simple words. According to Behavior Psychology, Our Environment Shapes our Behavior. .

So in olden times, there was not internet nor social media. So people used to do travelling, sports, get togethers, family time They performed this activities to gratify oneself. But as the social media rised, people made a habit of instant gratification. And due to this habit, everyone wants everything quickly No one wants to wait. And here is the hidden game of this dating apps In this generation of instant gratification, .

Dating sites give you hope for a fast relationships with convenience. And when this human behavior of instant gratification combines with dating site's algorithm then it makes you helpless to buy its premium subscription Sad but TRUE Most of the dating sites works like this. After all It's all Business. But what companies do in education sector is far more dangerous than this. You will know after watching the right side video