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It is said that such quizzes have the effect of training short-term memory, attention, and concentration, and it is a brain training recommended by brain scientists.
There are 4 questions in total.
There are three differences each, and each has a time limit of 90 seconds.
Let’s do our best to find all the differences.
Easy brain teaser / stretching for children and adults! Bring it to kill time! Brain training!
Finding mistakes can train your “spatial cognition,” “concentration,” “insight,” “patience,” and “attention,” which tends to be distracting with age.
It is also said to be effective in preventing dementia and improving mild cognitive impairment.
It seems that human cognitive function declines after peaking in the late twenties “if nothing is done”.
However, it is said that if you train your brain, your learning function will start to improve again.
By solving many various problems, it improves blood flow in the brain and contributes to the maintenance of function.
If you work on brain training on a regular basis, you will have excellent attention, reasoning, and memory.
The main effects that can be expected from brain training are improving children’s abilities, preventing brain aging, and preventing dementia.
Please enjoy the answers.
Please use the videos on this channel for lifelong useful brain training.
Question 1 0:20
Answer to the first question 2:00
Question 2 2:20
Answer to the second question 4:00
Question 3 4:20
Answer to the third question 6:00
Question 4 6:20
Answer to question 4 8:00

individuare la differenza (puzzle)
zoek het verschil
εντοπίστε τη διαφορά(παζλ)
se skillnaden (pussel)
descubre la diferencia (rompecabezas)
Poznaj rozdiel (sestavljanka)
prepoznaj razliko (uganka)
prepoznajte razliko (uganka)
prepoznaj razliko
Poznej rozdíl(hádanka)
se forskellen (puslespil)
se forskellen (gåde)
se forskel (puslespil)
Finde den Unterschied (Rätsel)
Finde den Unterschied (Puzzle)
spot the difference (rejtvény)
spot the difference (puzzle)
spot the difference (kirakós)
huomaa ero (palapeli)
havaitse ero (palapeli)
eron havaitseminen (palapeli)
huomaa ero (pulma)
repérer la différence (puzzle)
repérez la différence (puzzle)
откриване на разликата (пъзел)
Открий разликата (пъзел)
открийте разликата (пъзе)
Znajdź różnicę (puzzle)
zauważ różnicę (puzzle)
dostrzeż różnicę (puzzle)
detectar a diferença (puzzle)
detectar a diferença (puzzle)
detectar a diferença (enigma)
Atklāj atšķirību (puzle)
pamanīt atšķirību (puzle)
saskatīt atšķirību (puzle)
pamanīt atšķirību (puzzle)
Pastebėk skirtumą (dėlionė)
pastebėti skirtumą (dėlionė)
atpažink skirtumą (dėlionė)
găsiți diferența (puzzle)
găsi diferența (puzzle)
găsiți diferențele (puzzle)
найдите разницу (головоломка)
найди разницу (головоломка)
найдите отличия (головоломка)
найди отличия (головоломка)
차이점을 발견하다(퍼즐)
farkı bul(bulmaca)
अंतर हाजिर करें (पहेली)
بقعة الاختلاف (اللغز)

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