New Instagram Feature For Explosive Growth

Instagram have just launched a brand new feature that allows you to easily create more content build your audience and generate more customers i'll show you how to use it why it's so important and a few tips to help you get the absolute best results out of it now this new feature is something that no one could see coming the team at instagram spent .

Years studying trends understanding the market looking at what works working with the top consultants analyzing the data to to find what is the most unique new feature they can bring to the platform to help people out after all that effort they came up with this incredibly unique and creative new idea they went across to a website called . clicked on inspect element copied the code and chucked it straight into instagram and now we have the ability to reply to comments on reels with another reel genius idea okay now sarcasm aside yes they copied this directly from tiktok but yes it is a very good feature and a very powerful feature that will allow you to grow .

Faster and create a lot more content with very little effort now you can create content off the cuff without having to think of ideas and it's content ideas that is guaranteed to work because you know for a fact your audience wants to know this because they're literally asking you and that way with this additional valuable .

Content it's going to help you grow your audience faster which will help you generate more leads and more customers so let me jump into my phone and show you how to do it so diving into my phone by the way if you're not following me on instagram i'm posting daily tips tricks and insights on my account cleverpreneur go give it a follow but um .

Subtle plug away we are on my account here we've got rules going i'm going to show you how to do this so i've just gone ahead and left a comment that i'm going to reply to so you just go to a comment ideally you want to answer your like most popular comments so if you eat a lot of engagement on them a lot of people .

Liking and replying and curious about something it shows that it's something of interest you click reply you can use the camera button this comment here good point but how do you create rules to capture attention and go viral so one thing i might do here because i'm teaching something is add some .

Results so i'm going to add a screenshot of results and then i'm going to come down here and i'm going to record a reel so let me record this right now so the key to grabbing attention and going viral with reels to get hundreds of thousands almost millions of likes is a good hook if you can hook people in .

Those first few seconds dive straight into the content that's going to give you 90 of what you need to get results the other stuff comes down to having something actually interesting giving away some valuable insights or keeping people entertained and boom just like that in about a minute or so i have created a new piece .

Of content that i can then post on my account which is probably going to do quite well now i'm going to save that to my graphs and then later on i might actually come back add a little bit of music and we'll be good to go to post that now the reason that this feature is so effective and that you should be jumping on it is .

Because you can simply look at your most popular comments so the comments that get asked a lot the comments get a lot of likes the comments that get a lot of reply which by definition are the questions that the people are most wanting to know so your audience is literally telling you what they want to learn from you which you can then create .

In a seamless format and give to them which is then going to get them to watch it enjoy it engage with it potentially ask more questions and the cycle continues there's no friction and having to come up with an idea script it out record it wonder if your audience will like it and then go back to the drawing board for another piece of content if .

People didn't want to know the answers to those pieces of content they just wouldn't have asked and so the fact they've asked shows they're interested you can create content as a small creator you could post one reel and easily expect to get two to three quality questions which can allow you to double or triple the amount of content .

That you're putting out per post you could post one reel on monday one reel on tuesday and then the next five days of the week you could simply post one reel replying to a comment if you get two comments on the first three comments on the second that gives you a full week's worth of content with only two reels it's a method that's been proven .

To be really effective for building an audience on tech talk you will often see creators will post a bunch of content they'll go and reply to popular comments and will help boost their growth massively because like you say it's a very simple form of content to create works well a lot of suggestions have a good light to give you good lighting .

Potentially invest into a microphone which can be as little as 10 or 15 dollars to help you get the audio on point and go out there and use it use this to your advantage whilst it is new and if you need one-on-one help to harness the power of instagram to grow your business feel free to book a discovery call with me down below in the .

Description we will hop on the phone and we'll see if we're a good fit to work with you how we can help you get results and go from there as to what the best option is i've also linked below a free training all of the tools that i use as well as some free courses i put together on skillshare so go enjoy it and let me know in the comments what you think of .

This new feature how it's working out for you so far and anything you've learned from it so everyone else can learn from you that's it from me hope you enjoyed it see you in the next one
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