Zero To 100k Followers In 2022: Full Instagram Marketing Course

In today's video i'm gonna walk you through how to go from zero to over a hundred thousand followers on instagram in 2022. using the same methods we use to grow my account millionaire dream to over 700 000 followers we should hit a million in 2022. i use this to grow income notebook to over 300k which have been sold a couple years ago we worked .

With a client called russell brunson that used this to grow up to half a million followers in just over 12 months and we've helped dozens of other entrepreneurs do the same with my agency and with other accounts that i've grown in the past there's also a ton of subscribers that have watched this information in previous years applied it .

And gone from zero to 100k in a single year such as a friend of mine who was a personal trainer didn't have an audience started at the start of lockdown in 2020 and then a year later it was at over a hundred thousand followers she's built a full-time income even launched her own gym based off instagram elizabeth also watched these .

Videos and then went from gaining zero followers to gaining over 50 000 in the next month after applying it and there's so many others that have crushed it with this information so i just want to show that to you at the start so you know that i know what i'm talking about and these strategies actually get results and can help you get results too so .

You're going to want to pay attention to this video take some notes and implement it let's get into it okay number one most important thing potentially in this entire video that many people are most likely doing wrong and that is you have to have a really specific niche which your account is all about now this doesn't matter whether you're a business .

Whether you're a personal brand whether you're a theme page whatever it is that you whatever type of account you've got on instagram you have to have one specific niche and one specific reason that people will follow are people going to follow you to get the absolute best basketball highlights or are they going to follow you for the most motivational .

Content or are they going to follow you to learn about how to build a store on amazon are they following you to get local tourism trip tips in your area or are they following you because you're a local bakery and you create some incredible content showing off your work have one specific clear niche the only exception to this is if you're running a .

Personal account in which you're not trying to grow an audience and you're just showing what you're up to to your friends and family but in that case i assume you wouldn't be watching this video one clear niche one clear reason for people to follow you and that's going to help you build an audience otherwise you're .

Simply going to confuse people you're not gonna know who you're creating for which will make it harder to come up with ideas and create content that resonates with people and so first action step of the video is to write down your one clear niche if you're an expert slash coach consultant agency owner etc the type of people that we .

Work with at my agency then i would suggest filling out the following line i help x achieve x so for my personal brand on instagram where i'm teaching people instagram username is at cleverpreneur currently you should go and follow it for a ton of good insights the opening line of the bio is i help experts build .

Profitable ig audiences so it's very clear who i'm creating content for who i'm trying to serve which allows me to create that which then appeals to that type of person which is then going to get them as a follower a fan and down the line a customer by the way if you are an expert a coach a consultant agency owner and you want to build your .

Audience to generate more customers i've opened up a few slots in my calendar you can book a call with me we'll have a chat and see how we can best help you link down below so once you've got that sorted you understand who you're serving it's time to now optimize your account to speak to that person this way when they actually come across your instagram .

They're more likely to turn into a follower this is something that people often overlook but is so important if you can increase your conversion rate of profile visitors to followers that is such an easy way to build your audience faster think about it if you're getting a thousand people come to your profile every single day .

And three percent of them are following your account that means every single day you're gaining 30 followers and you might be spending two hours a day on growing that account on creating content on outreach on the dollar 80 strategy maybe running some ads etc however if you really dial in your account and optimize .

It it's not out of the picture to build your conversion rate up to 20 i currently get 20 on my personal brand on my bigger account millionaire dream we get around 35 and so in that same situation putting in that same amount of effort that same amount of time that same amount of investment to gain a thousand profile visits per day you .

Would at twenty percent be gaining 200 followers per day as opposed to 30 so you have seven times your growth with a small one-time investment now the way you want to set up your profile and optimize it for these people is make it really clear who you're helping what you're doing etc so when these people do land on your page it resonates with them .

They turn into a follower you want to have a nice profile photo you want to have a good clean username you don't want to be following too many people and you're going to want to make sure that your feed is filled up with content that reflects what you say in your bio if you say you teach people how to lose weight in the gym and then your feed is just .

Filled up with travel photos of you without a shirt on for example that's not really going to resonate with too many people however if you help people lose weight and your feed is filled up with content that is teaching people what meals they should be creating that are going to help them lose weight or what exercises they can .

Do to lose weight or build their biceps or whatever it is that you might be specifically helping them a ton of that educational content that reflects what you are saying you're going to offer them in your bio is what they should be getting if your account is all about golf highlights a feed full of golf highlights is what .

You want it sounds obvious but a lot of people don't do this it's especially prevalent in personal brands which is why they often don't grow fast enough because it's kind of obvious if you've got an account that's all about golf that everything you post is about golf however when people build a personal brand teaching people something they .

Often put like a ton of content in there that's just about themselves which is okay but it's not going to grow your audience now number three once you've got clear who you're trying to serve you've optimized your account to speak to those people you're going to want to do some hashtag research and come up with your .

Sets of hashtags to grow your audience now personally i use a tool to do this so it only takes me about five minutes once or so a month and that makes it really simple the alternative is you do it manually on instagram and i have done tutorials on that in the past but it takes hours and hours and hours and you have to really know what to look for to .

Actually get results with it which is why i recommend using the tool that i do so this is a tool that i use it's called flick it'll save you hours and hours per month get you better results give you peace of mind and you can get a free trial of this with my link down in the description below you're gonna open up this page .

Here on the search bar and then you're going to come across to here and select smart filters what smart filters does is it looks at your account it looks at your average engagement it looks at your follower account it looks at all these different factors and it creates smart filters hence the name that restricts so it doesn't show you .

The small hashtags that are pointless and it doesn't show you the massive ones that are too competitive for you to rank on it shows you hashtags that are perfectly suited to your account now i'm going to search a keyword in here and it's going to be instagram marketing because that's what my account is all about .

I prefer the table view as opposed to the group view so we'll go with that and then as you can see total posts 10k to 1.5 mil average likes 133 to 398 and it's going to show you how competitive the hashtag is the potential reach how many people post on the hashtag per day average likes required to rank and then the total amount of posts on that .

Hashtag i am going to sort it based on the potential reach so i see the hashtags with the most reach and then i'm going to select a handful of these as far as how many hashtags you should use instagram said three to five they previously said eight to twelve and .

Before that it was always thirty however we're seeing a whole range of different results we're seeing some people in my youtube comment section who get better results using 30 we're seeing some people who get better results using three or four my recommendation is create a few different sets of hashtags maybe one .

With a set of five one with a set of ten and one with a set of twenty and then look at what gets you the best results which you can monitor using flick i'm going to create a set of hashtags a set of five hashtags that are relevant to my account so instagram marketing instagram for business social media guru these are all relevant .

Um and then i'm going to go for what one of these maybe content creation if that comes up would be a good instagram marketing tip a lot of my content fits into that um that's giving me four hashtags just like that and then i'm gonna just find one .

More that i think is is relevant marketing consultant we'll go with that so it gives us five hashtags that we can then use i'm gonna click audit selection to make sure i'm not using any banned or flagged hashtags as you can see zero banned or flagged the zero potentially banned all looks suitable for my account .

Cleverpreneur now i'm going to add that to a collection i'm going to name this collection cleverprinter small five hashtags and just like that in about two minutes i have created a set of hashtags that i can use for my account i would then go and repeat this process to create a set .

Of 10 hashtags so i might put in another keyword content marketing and we will wait for the search results to come up it'll come up with the same parameters saying content marketing lead generation target audience internet business .

And brand new maybe i'll go content marketing 101 and that would give me 10 hashtags so i could then create audit selection zero band zero flagged all look suitable add two collection and then this one is going to be cleverprinter medium 10 hashtags .

And then i'll repeat that once more to come up with a set of 20 hashtags and within five to ten minutes you can get three sets of hashtags that are optimized for your account and you are then good to go and testing those hashtags like i say you need a free trial of this using the link below if not you can manually do it but you save .

Hours of your time using this tool which is why it's pretty much the only tool that i ever recommend for instagram now on to part four you've got everything set up you've got your hashtags good your accounts looking optimized you know who you're going to serve it's time for the harsh news you've got to get out there and start .

Creating content and you've got to ideally do this every single day or at least post daily you could record content once a month schedule it for the whole month and you're good to go but either way i think you should be creating content every single day to give you the best chance of building your audience now this can be a mix of .

Both reals and images reels at the moment are the best way to get organic reach on the platform to people who don't already follow you especially as a brand new account i was recently actually talking to a subscriber of the channel who watched a lot of this content he started as an account in august and by posting reels he's already .

At 120 000 followers and that's in what august so september october november december four months he's gone from zero to 100k with his first account by posting reels it is possible now as far as what content you want to post it again comes down to you already understand who you're trying to reach and how you're helping them now you .

Literally just have to create that content so for myself i'm teaching people how to grow on instagram so i will go down and write down a ton of struggles that people have with growing on instagram what content should i post how do i find hashtags how do i optimize my account why are you not growing on instagram how the algorithm works how .

This works how that works come up with a ton of ideas create solutions to it and make those solutions into content i can also talk about my experiences so how i grow an account to 700 000 followers how i built this account how i made x amount of money from this account how i grew this client from 0 to 10k in a .

Month and so on this instantly off the bat gives me a ton of content ideas i can then create them and post them at the end of the day you just need to really understand who you're trying to reach and create content that will serve those people and do it consistently the reason you want to post so much content like .

Once a day is it gives you a more chances of people to find you it gives more pieces of content out there circulating on the platform that someone could randomly stumble across come across your brand become a loyal follower fan and ideally custom on top of this the more content you create the better you get at .

Creating content the better you get at thinking of good ideas creating engaging pieces of content and so on no one is born and credible at this or 99.99 of people are not they simply do it consistently and that allows them to get better at it and eventually become who they are today if you look at mr beast's youtube channel who is soon .

Going to be the most popular youtuber look at his original videos they were very very low budget not great at all grainy bad lighting nothing looked very good you look at his videos today they are unreal and that is because he has created content like every single day for a long period of time you go back and look at my early .

Videos on youtube or my early posts on instagram they are terrible if you look at them now they've improved significantly and if you look at them in a couple years time they will be even better and the third reason that you should be posting content daily is it gives you a lot of data and feedback as to what content works what topics people .

Like to hear about what formats work better like if you post once a week for a month and half of your content is real half of your content as images you've only got two reels two feed posts it's hard to tell which is better off two pieces of data .

Whereas if you posted every single day for that month you would have 15 reels 15 posts and you could draw a solid conclusion as to if posts are performing better or if reels are performing better it would also indicate which content types are working better if you're talking about growth for example you teach people youtube if you're talking .

About growth and they get average views and then you start talking about monetization and they get huge amounts of views you might have 10 pieces of data on each one you can establish this is better than that one create more of that now number five once you've started doing that it's time to start actively growing your .

Account now creating reels will allow you to reach new people so will hashtags but the other really good strategy you can use to manually put in the time to get your account off the ground is known as the dollar 80 strategy and this was it's a strategy that's been around for a long time and in fact i was doing this before gary vee even had an instagram .

Account but he pretty much popularized this term called it the dollar 80 strategy because you leave your two cents on 90 pieces of content per day you find hashtags and accounts that your target audience hang on out on and you go and engage with those accounts you go and comment on .

Their posts you reply to comments on their post you dm some of them you like some of the comments you like the posts and you get your account out there in front of your target audience which will then get some people curious they will come back to your profile they'll see it's well optimized and filled with valuable insights and straight away they .

Will follow and so that's a really good strategy especially starting out you can use to get those first few hundred to few thousand loyal engaged fans who know like and trust you and then once you've built up that strong base of a few thousand targeted fans you then can rely on a little bit less because by that point you'll be getting hundreds of .

Likes on each of your posts and it will start getting pushed more and more in the algorithm in front of new people and you can put that time you were spending on that into your content which will help you grow faster because accounts that have got hundreds of thousands of followers and are growing organically don't tend to do this very often or they .

Cut back on it at least because your time is better spent on creating content but at the start very powerful strategy and number six is somewhat a continuation of number five but it is to be really active in your community so if you're seeing people comment on your posts reply to them respond to the questions instagram just .

This week launched a new feature which allows you to reply to comments on reels with another reel so that's another way of creating content very very easily and you want to make sure that you're there for them which is going to help you build a connection with your audience which will then mean they're going to engage with you more they're .

Going to share your content around they're going to tell their friends and so on that'll help you grow especially if you're a small creator sometimes bigger creators can of course get away with replying to the audience a little bit less because they've got so many people commenting that it takes up a lot of time and instead they might focus on .

Just creating by far the best content in that area but as a small creator there's no reason why you shouldn't be responding to all your comments and to a degree a lot of your dms if that people trying to waste your time or they want your paid services for free understandable but you know build up your connections respond to the .

Genuine ones and go from now moving on to number seven once you've been doing this for a while it's time to look back and sort of assess what is working and what is not so you can then focus your energy on what is working best so you want to look at where you're getting the best return what what content for example is most .

Effective and this is what i was touching on earlier are you getting a lot of results from images or is all your growth coming from rails and which you might spend more time on reels and instead of 50 50 you might go 70 30 or 80 20 and so you've got more reels and images or maybe it's the other way around some accounts see .

Much better growth from images and instead they might go you know 70 images and 30 reels and that allows them to grow faster you also want to look at what hashtag set work the best was it the small hashtags was it the medium was it the large again you can do this on flick they will give you the analytics of what hashtags and what sets are .

Getting you the best reach you would also want to look at the dollar 80 strategy and think what is getting me the best results what accounts am i getting the best reach and engagement from and then you want to double down on those accounts which means you might be spending half as much time doing the strategy but you focus on .

The most effective accounts which means you're spending 50 of the time but you might still be getting 80 of the results and you can spend that extra time creating content which depending on your follower account could be a better use of your time now following those seven strategies there so first having one really clear specific niche optimizing .

Your profile to speak to those people and really resonate with them create your hashtags using flick post content every single day on your account invest time into the dollar 80 strategy be really active with your community respond to them get back to them and then doubling down on what works .

That alone will get you to 100k in a year that is entirely possible been done many times some people have done it in half that time or a quarter of that time it will be very exponential though you might spend the first three months and go from zero to a thousand followers and in the next three months you might go from a thousand to .

Ten thousand followers and so you're halfway through the year you've only got ten thousand as opposed to a hundred thousand and then maybe in the next three months you start slowly scaling up and maybe in the last month you gain 20 or 30 000 and it bumps you up to 100k that is not uncommon it'll start small as you build that .

Audience that love your content engage with it share it tell people about it that audience will grow exponentially but for those of you who want to go the extra step who want to put an extra effort to build it faster here's three bonus tips that you can use number one is to collaborate with other accounts so you want to find other accounts in your .

Niche who have a similar sized audience and you want to work with them instagram have recently brought out the collaborate feature this is something that i've been doing for like five or six years i used to do it back in the day we'd have these groups of like 14 people that all had like the same niche and very similar follower accounts and .

Every day you would shout out two people and then once a week it would be your turn and all the other 13 people would shout you out you'd get a massive amount of growth it would help you grow nowadays they've got a feature that literally allows you to collaborate with others where you can make a post and it shares it to their audience and your .

Audience in which their followers will follow you your followers will follow them it also allows you to create twice as much content with the same amount of effort because think about it if i created a piece of content and i was going to collaborate with a friend and it was going to be on instagram so say i teach instagram marketing my .

Friend ben or millie both also teach instagram marketing and post about it on instagram if one day i was like hey ben let's do a collaboration i post a piece of content he shares it to his audience and then we turn around and he does the next thing the next day that's one piece of content and i've got two days worth of content out of it i could then do the .

Same thing with millie and in two pieces of content i've now got four and it's also grown my audience really really effective strategy the second bonus tip that i'll give you is to invest into influencers to promote your content and when i say influences more often than not i mean theme pages so you want to find large accounts in .

Your niche that might not necessarily be personal brands or brands but they're instead a page that reposts content that might be around a certain theme might be about tennis content or it might be motivational or it might be inspirational or it might be about football or .

Personal training or whatever it might be if they have your target audience and are larger than you you can pay them to promote your content which will help you grow your audience this is going to give you more bang for your buck as a smaller account because those first few thousand followers will be much harder to grow like it's gonna take much harder to go .

From zero to a thousand followers than it would take to go from a thousand from a hundred thousand to a hundred and one thousand so if you are going to invest in them invest in them early because it will save you more time because that might speed up your growth by a month as opposed to a day but yeah really effective pay them to .

Promote your content and then the third bonus tip and you've probably heard this is create more reels at the moment reels are incredible video content is taking over the platform it's taking over social media in general i think video becomes more and more engaging people enjoy it more and more so create more reals you'll thank yourself for .

Listening to me later and that's it those 10 tips will help you build your audience to over 100 000 followers in 2020. i hope they help like i said earlier in the video if you are a business owner a coach an expert an agency owner someone trying to build their audience to generate more leads you can book a free discovery call with .

Me there should be a few times open there where we'll get on the phone and we'll go through how we can best help you and if we can and then move forward with doing that i've also put together a free training that you can go through below at your own pace to learn instagram there's links to flick the hashtag tool that i use and i've also .

Created some free courses on skillshare which you can also find in the description that's it for me hope you have an awesome one and i look forward to seeing you crush it on instagram in 2022 cheers
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