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Ash Barty vs. Iga Swiatek | 2022 Adelaide Semifinal | WTA Match Highlights

Watch the Match Highlights from Ash Barty vs. Iga Swiatek at the 2022 Adelaide International.

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Ash Barty vs. Iga Swiatek | 2022 Adelaide Semifinal | WTA Match Highlights
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  1. Barty is such an inspiration. When she first broke the top 20, her backhand slice was loose and error-prone, her forehand was unreliable, her serve was good nothing special. Since becoming #1, she's consistently near the top for ace leaderboard with an incredible serve for her height, her forehand is explosive but accurate, and her backhand slice applies such persistent pressure. Just an amazing athlete whose improvement has been so fun to watch.

  2. A bit disappointing Iga. Made nose on proposal when barty hit a airball. Very bad behaviour. Usually she does not..

  3. Why does the WTA upload in 720p while the ATP uploads in 1080p? It doesn't make any sense. Is there some stupid networking agreement to only upload in 720p for WTA? I find it hard to believe the actual cameras are filming in 720p.

  4. Slice and serve – that was a difference. Iga played a great tennis today…
    Barty’s slice is phenomenal, seen in Steffi Graf since I remember…
    Not casual to take advantage of slice nowadays.
    Beautiful, technical, sophisticated tennis vs Sabalenka’s bum,out,bum,out❌

  5. Barty = Grand Master Yoda / Iga = powerful kickass junior Jedi…. May the force be with you both!

  6. Iga might be calm and no regret for her performance…..
    Ash’s tennis is currently outstanding. Unbeatable and exceptional technique 👏

  7. Ash is more than ready for the AO2022! Great serving game, powerful strokes, including an improved backhand slice!

  8. Long way to go for Iga yet, but I think she'll reach there eventually. As Barty nothing I can say, she's a monster, number 1 for a reason

  9. If Ash stays this consistent she'll win the AO22. I think Osaka is possibly the only person that can beat her. But that's if she plays well and gets to play Barty in the AO.

  10. at 3:10 is Swiateks stomping around not that grounds for hinderance? Obviously Barty won the point but she did look a bit annoyed

  11. Osaka is coming for you Barty. She has always had your measure at the Australian open.


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