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Difference between Earthing and Grounding & Neutral/What is earthing? grounding vs earthing neutral

Difference between Earthing Grounding and Neutral / अर्थिंग और ग्राउंडिंग में अंतर/ What is earthing? neutral vs ground vs earth

When we take out the neutral for a three-phase unbalanced connection and send it to the ground, it is called grounding. Grounding is done to balance an unbalanced load. While earthing is used between the equipment and earth pit so as to avoid electrical shock and equipment damage.

Earthing is for the safety of human beings and bypassing the fault current.
Grounding is safety and stability of system. Neutral is the return path of current when phase wires are busy or carrying their current.

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Difference between Earthing and Grounding & Neutral/What is earthing? grounding vs earthing neutral
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