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What is difference between Namaste and Namaskar? Pata hai kya? | KoreanG1

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What is difference between Namaste and Namaskar? Pata hai kya? | KoreanG1
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  1. This is so wrong 😑 namaste or namaskaar simply means i bow to you there is nothing like I divine or atma related with this words .

  2. Really Sis you respect India and Indian culture Hadsof to you 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  3. it is also like in hindi NAMASTE and in marathi NAMASKAR and mostly marathi speak in maharashtra ams mostly in maharashtra greet NAMASKAR

  4. I'm so surprised even i'm indian but i don't know this difference you are really too good in hindi really cool didi

  5. नमस्ते हिंदी में बोलते हैं तो नमस्कार मराठी में बोलते हैं

  6. Namaste use in hindi language and Namaskar use in Sanskrit language both word have no difference ,Hindi bron in Sanskrit language is an ancient Indian language. Some people now this fact . You explain this correct ❤️🤗🤗❣️… 💜

  7. Namaste is used in Hindi language and Namaskar is used in Marathi language. Marathi is one of the language spoken in India Maharashtra. There is language difference. ♥️👍

  8. Namaste is used in Hindi where as Namaskar is used in other Indian languages. Both of them comes from Sanskrit.
    In Sanskrit,
    Nath – Folding hands together
    Masthak – Head
    Nath + Masthak – Folding hands together towards Head as a symbol of respect 🙏
    Even Urdu word for prayer "Namaz " comes from the same origin.

  9. Ho Sakta hai aap Sahi ho par …namaste Apne se badho ke liye hota hai …aur namaskar Barabar ke log apas me Bolte hai

  10. Actually these are Sanskrit words which we use while speaking Hindi. Our original language is Sanskrit, which is most oldest and first language on the planet. But most of us speak Hindi. The origin of Hindi is Sanskrit.
    Namaskar unnie🙏🏻😊❤️

  11. Being an Indian I didn't knew this 🙂
    I thought both "Namaste" and "Namaskar" are same

    Thanks for telling

  12. Namaste is formal but Namaskaar is more formal ….. Ppl use gods name instead of these words in neighbour like radhe radhe or ram ram or aslaamwalekum …. e tc

  13. In my opinion namaste meaning only for greeting and namaskar used to be more respect then namaste , like in speeches everyone say namaskar not namaste💜
    I also want to know difference between annyeong and annyeonghaseyo

  14. You know hindi better than me 😳😵.
    Really I don't know the meaning of Namaste or Namaskar .
    I used to think both are same 😅 but I am wrong 😅.


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