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Chargers vs Raiders: Live Game Watch

Chargers vs Raiders Live Game Watch. The Los Angeles Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders are playing for a playoff spot. The Steelers will be in the playoffs unless the Chargers and Raiders tie. The loser of this game is bounced from the NFL postseason.

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NFL Week 18

Chargers vs Raiders: Live Game Watch
#Chargers #Raiders #Live #Game #Watch



  1. fucking ABSURD game. I'd love to see herbert in the playoffs, but the raiders storyline this season has been unbelievable. too bad we have to see ben lose to the cheifs 52-10 in his last game next week, instead of the afc west trio…

  2. I’m glad the stupid chargers lost they don’t deserve to go to the playoffs especially how they lost to the Texans.

  3. Terrible officiating in this game, literally bosa was missing chunks of paint off his face mask from hands to the face but a un catchable ball gets DEF PI.

  4. I’ll give it to the Raiders, but on the real y’all didn’t want to play Kansas City and that’s why y’all didn’t want to take the tie.

  5. How come nobody mentioned how utterly stupid it was for the Raiders to attempt that last FG? Take a knee, tie and they're in the playoffs. Attempt a FG, get it blocked and run back for a touchdown and the Raiders are out. Literally, I think that was the foolish decision I've ever seen in football.

  6. Chargers' coach is a total nutcase. Why in the world would you go for it on fourth down from your own 18??????


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