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Justin Herbert Postgame Press Conference vs Raiders | LA Chargers

Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert speaks to the media at his postgame press conference following the Chargers Week 18 matchup vs the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday Night Football.



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Justin Herbert Postgame Press Conference vs Raiders | LA Chargers
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  1. The NFL YouTube channel just posted the last 19 minutes and 35 seconds of this game. This was game will be talked about for decades. We were here for it!

  2. Great game, great season, great career—so far, Justin. Too bad your coaches and teammates came up short this time around. Good luck moving forward (i.e. the next 15 years).

  3. Crucial drops all season. #13 dropped a dime right btw the numbers which resulted in a punt at a critical time. love 10 but wish he was a little more brash like most QB’s, fires the team up

  4. Another disappointing year!! Hope the chargers address secondary, it’s time to let go Bosa (overrated

  5. Heartbreaking to see us miss the playoffs, but damn it we fought like hell and almost pulled it off and I couldn't be more proud. I know that Herbert and Staley will just get better and lead us to the promise lands. BOLT UP! ⚡⚡

  6. Watching Herbert he is going to be a force moving on. LA has a great quarterback too bad that city doesn't rally behind him

  7. dude carried the whole season on his back souly by himself. not jus an amazing player, an amazing man. luv ya bolts and see ya next season

  8. Feel so bad for him more than anyone…Carried us through so many games this year and our D could never step up for him….Can't wait for this offseason and reshaping our D entirely

  9. Herb, thanks for not wavering under adversity tonight. You showed the league why you belong in the Elite QB conversation for years to come.


  10. So proud of our D-line(beast), Herbie was under duress the entire game. But still, he’s so clutch on 4th down, almost got a heart attack just watching him convert play after play.

  11. I was at the game… (1) run defense screwed us (2) Lombardi ran it raider 25 in OT which killed drive. Herbert was cooking!! Why run?! Then FG on 4th&1 in OT. (3) This loss is not on Herbert. Herbert balled out. Herbert had zero time to throw. NEXT YEAR⚡️⚡️

  12. Our chargers defense was the best in this Game. It was our offense that was slacking. My boy Herbert did all he Could he's the best

  13. Raiders fan here who always thought Justin Herbert was super over rated. This dude balls. It’s crazy that he’s only 2 years in. His receivers and coach let him down bad. So many bad play calls and dropped balls.

  14. Orchestrated those last few drives like Mozart. He did ALL he possibly could. Not a chargers fan but he is exciting to watch and will be around a long time

  15. You guys were robbed. Anyone who really knows football knows it. They could of had this win. If the Raiders take those same officials they had today to all games they would be undefeated. My 12 year old son is a die hard fan and he said, “Chargers fan for life my team played honest and we don’t need to pay out to cheat and win.” BOLT GANG!!!! Herbert your already a legend, what a leader you are. Don’t ever give that up!

  16. Nothing but respect for herbie and this team. Y’all showed true heart and fought till he absolute end💯. Let’s makes some moves during the off-season and draft and come back better than ever!!! I’ve got nothing but love for this team #BoltUp⚡️💙💯

  17. It must be difficult to come speak after such a frustrating & disappointing lose. You played well as did your team mates.

  18. Proud of you Herbert and the rest of the team. I’m not giving up on you guys, been a chargers fan since the Don Coryell era, when the grid iron games were played at Jack Murphy stadium, those were the gladiator days. We’ll be back in the Post- Season playoffs I have faith in this team and our head coach.

  19. I respect Herbert he’s a problem for the league… however where is Joey blowsa’s punk ass? Lol

  20. It's a bit of a shame that this supremely talented QB will not be a part of the postseason.

  21. Without Herbert this team would had wet the bed. Only two games this team could had won with a back-up is the Giants and Broncos game lol. We got spoiled with Rivers never missing a game and Herbert to realize the owner and Coaches are terrible. This is like Aaron Rodgers out and Packers miss the playoffs along with Seahawks. 2-15 at best without Herbert.

  22. He never takes the credit for the play he makes. Always praising his teammates. He's a true leader.

  23. Part of me feels like there was nothing we could do no matter what. John Madden’s death, and the raider making it to the playoffs just sounds like a better narrative and I feel like they were pushing that.

  24. Not even a chargers fan I'm a steelers fan but herbert has to be one of my favorite qbs in the league. Just the way he plays is great and he will be one of the best qbs in history


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