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Steelers vs. Ravens Week 18 Highlights | NFL 2021

The Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Baltimore Ravens during Week 18 of the 2021 NFL season. Subscribe to NFL: …

Steelers vs. Ravens Week 18 Highlights | NFL 2021
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  1. I'm a Titans fan and this made me excited just to see them make it, everyone has to respect Big Ben for what he has done, he is a legend, and I'm proud that he took this team to the playoffs 1 last time!

  2. I am happy the Steelers won and the Jacksonville Jaguars came clutch for them to make a wildcard run.💪💪💯🏈

  3. This game showed so much growth in our players. Dionte, Muth, and ray-ray all came up huge in that final drive and Najee with the run to seal it. Even claypool was putting in work.I remember when we used throw short on 4th and 5 and we just converted a huge one to win. Congrats to Ben for winning his last reg season game and TJ Watt for making history. Hopefully this shuts up the tomlin haters as well.

  4. The fact that Ben obviously isn't the player he used to be, we had the hardest schedule in the NFL this year, we needed things to fall into place and we were still able to (most likely) get into the playoffs on a big ben ot final drive is so crazy and awesome

  5. Only a few things you can count on the Steelers for. Great games( minus bengals and chiefs). And that’s pretty much it

  6. As a Ravens fan, I have to admit, Big Ben is a FIRST BALLOT Hall Of Famer. Even as his body is breaking down at nearly 40 years old, here he was AGAIN, somehow willing his team to a comeback victory to make the playoffs for the zillionth time in his career. I think Big Ben ADDED to his legacy today. He now is guaranteed to retire where he belongs. In the playoffs battling for the Super Bowl. What a career. And to Coach Tomlin too. Big Ben and Coach T both have busts awaiting them in Canton.

  7. One of greatest
    Rivalry come to close end final chapter thank you ben Roethlisberger shout Jacksonville jaguars save steelers happy steelers are in still have a chance in playoff picture big thank you Jacksonville jaguars save steelers

  8. Brings a tear to my eye knowing this is the LAST TIME these two will ever play with Ben at QB.

    (Hope I get some likes, lawlz)

  9. Fitting end to Ben's career. The man was clutch from the time he entered the league, and he ENDS his career on a clutch note as well. This man is SPECIAL


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