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Rex Ryan makes a bold prediction for Cowboys vs. 49ers in NFC Wild Card

Rex Ryan makes a bold prediction for Cowboys vs. 49ers in NFC Wild Card

Rex Ryan makes a bold prediction for Cowboys vs. 49ers in NFC Wild Card
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  1. Swaggu and foxy you can bring the runaway train and your growling wolves….. you gonna lose your best hitta ..LFG heads are gonna roll.

  2. Shizu you can put the real people that will be shown in your video and you probably get more views and shot lmfao you make my heads spin with bs thumbnails 🤣

  3. Bang Bang! Niner Gang! Yall know what's up! First to 5! Red and Gold NinerBold! We coming to Texas looking for gold, gold teeth, gold belt buckles, chains, WE COMING!

  4. If the 9ers can keep the Cowboys off balance with the play-action pass they have a legitimate shot.

  5. Cowboys have a padded record. You can see plain as day what happens when they play a superior team. Leading the league in takeaways agains mediocre teams. I don’t see them going any further.

  6. Why is it 2022 and people are still putting up clickbait titles. Just post the video I'll freaking watch it. Is this to avoid copy right? If so my bad.

  7. Everybody always says “just make Jimmy throw”, then Jimmy picks them apart which suddenly opens up the run game and Mitchell’s plowing through their secondary by late second quarter.

  8. Marcus Spears took it a little too personally. Oh hellllll we ain't worried 😂😂😂. You can sense the fear

  9. Cowboys should’ve only lost 3 games fuck the 49ers Jimmy G is the most washed QB in the league cowboys win 27-9

  10. I'm a Giants fan saying this but because of Jimmy G the Dallas Cowboys will beat San Francisco.

  11. Nobody doubted Dak in Dallas idk what this fool is talking about, everyone hopped on late

  12. Dallas just don't do what mcvay did for the Rams, throw the towel in up 7 with 3 crap running plays at the 40 ydline another NFL lost by a coaches disision!

  13. Thank GOD cowboys don’t have to play and team in the chiefs division pulling for the 49 ers

  14. The fact that the cowboys offense played one of their worst games of the season and still only lost by 3 to a team like the Cardinals??? Should tell you this team is way better than people give them credit for. They just focus on the “easy schedule” “easy division”… I’m predicting we will see the same Cowboys team we saw in Week 1. Team is full of HUNGRY GO GETTERS!! LETS GO COWBOYS!

  15. GBay didn't dominate a weaker division, TBay didn't dominate weaker division, Tenn didn't dominate the weakest division. And trashing Philly to make Dallas look worse is crazy.We beat early in the season and late. Just look at who SF actually beat when you say all this: outside of the Rams, not much. GBay lost one less game and that includes a couple stinkers. TBay?same thing. Man, the hate is crazy.

  16. I’m worried about Greg Z , our run defense and Coaching in crucial moments , if somehow we can clean that up a little bit , we’ll be fine , especially if we start the game on a high note , meaning don’t wait until the end of the second quarter or past to play Great Dallas Cowboys Football , EVERYONE HAS TO SHOW UP FROM BEGINNING TO THE END , OFFENSE , DEFENSE , SPECIAL TEAMS , & COACHES , PERIOD…!!!!!🙏🏼🇺🇸💙🇺🇸🙏🏼

  17. I'm a Cowboy's fan and yes I'm concerned,Prescott score high only on bad teams, what happens with Chiefs And Arizona,raider's, he loses this games ,when we need Prescott' the most,he F.up big times,I hope this year is different.


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