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Philadelphia Eagles vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Super Wild Card Weekend NFL Game Preview

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Philadelphia Eagles vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Super Wild Card Weekend NFL Game Preview
#Philadelphia #Eagles #Tampa #Bay #Buccaneers #Super #Wild #Card #Weekend #NFL #Game #Preview



  1. Eagles by 4 27-23. But it really depends on how well hurts and our defense plays. Go birds! 🦅🦅💚

  2. Injury bug has bit my Buccaneers this season, Eagles have been on a winning streak, should make for a good game. Go Bucs!

  3. So sick of everyone tryna hype us up and try a keep people interested in the game we all know the game is rigged and the NFL Ganna let win the NFL ain't GANNA let Brady lose in the wild card on sum BS I'ma bet a entire mortgage on the TOMPA BRADY BUCCS watch me win Antonio brown said it best the buccs r run by Brady he the gm not to mention Brady can't do anything by himself he ain't talking about the team he talking about the NFL

  4. While I don't dispute the stats, why you gotta show the backups against Dallas for the bulk of the 'oh they bad here' when you could have shown other clips from the year, like against LA, San Fran, or KC?

  5. I already know Tampa bay is gonna win cause no one can stop Brady but I’m just hoping for a miracle eagles beating buccaneers

  6. DAMMM BRADY. BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE SUPERBOWL. Who needs AB! Tom Bradys got flag muscles for days to get him thru all 4 quarters. SUPERBOWL!! WATCH OUT!! So EVERYONE TOON IN! Views VEIWS $$$$$$

  7. You wanna beat the bucs offense? Get in Brady’s face consistently throughout the game. If eagles don’t do this game over,you can’t allow Brady to sit back and carve you with that oline protecting him

  8. Although I'm an Eagles fan, I think they're outmatched by TB12 in the playoffs. However, I think it's going to be a close game. Might even go to OT. If it does go to OT, Eagles need to win the toss and score on the first drive. Otherwise, I think it comes down to one score of less than a TD. Go Birds !!!

  9. I can totally see the Eagles upsetting the Bucs. Eagles go show dem Bucs what the NFC East is about🦅🤠

  10. How fixed is this for those fl boys to go back to the super bowl. Eagles are horrible and have NO chance. NFL national fixed league

  11. Eagles are the less talented team. If they want to win, we are going to have to see some creative coaching

  12. TB wins a close game over Philadelphia due to Tom Brady throwing for over 300 yards.. Eagles run defense is tough to run on… But, they will struggle to cover Gronk in this game… Tampa Bay is also very good with Vea, JPP, Barrett stopping the run and get to the QB… TB 30, Philly 22…

  13. Guys it's a close game eagles won the super bowl in 2017 bucs won it 2020 eagles got a close game 🦅

  14. Not fair to keep showing the Dallas game from last weekend…… Eagles had 3rd stringers on defense

  15. I like and have a lot of respect for Tom Brady but he's won so many rings he must give others a chance

  16. I think I'm a little too excited right now. 😂🦅🦅🦅I wonder, will this be a repeat of SB52? 🤔🤔😎 Let's wait n see, folks. Lol Hope everyone is safe and has fun. ✌️

  17. I would say this is going to be the only "easy" game for the Bucs during the playoffs this year


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