Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Biography ARSA Terrorists Group

RRV ( Rohingyas Rights Voice) is the first channel based on real news on real time in depth coverage of the grieves of Rohingyas.
The purpose of this channel is to divert the Community from any kind of misleading news and misunderstandings from other fake news channels that misguided the whole Community.
The RRV news channel is trying its best to stop any kind of wrong deeds which are going on amongst the Rohingya Community by showing the truth.
This channel also looks forward to amplifying knowledge through educating the community and empowering them to be an educated person.
The aims of this channel is to support them in raise their voice against wrong and to be the voice of every single
voiceless person.
The effort of this channel is to regain the lost rights of the prosecuted Rohingyas by raising real voice in real time in comparison to other channels.

With best wishes,
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Biography ARSA Terrorists Group
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