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What is The Difference Between CHOCH and BOS in Forex #forex #choch #priceaction #bos #forextrader

👑 In this blog post, we will discuss the two differences between what a #choch & #bos is in the #forexmarket. It can be difficult to identify these for some, but we explain how easy it is to identify both #choch and #bos.

Once you are able to identify them your trading will become much more easier to spot these everywhere in the #forexmarket. Finding the #choch is very easy and simple. The #choch is located at every low and high and the #bos is located in the continuation of every #choch.

Hey guys what’s up welcome back to royal blue effects um today we’re going to talk about the difference between what a charge and a bos is or a chalk and a bos is so without any further ado let’s get into the video a lot of you guys have been uh messaging me wondering about what a choch and what the difference between a charge and a breakup structure.

Is so i’m gonna break it down here with for you guys so you guys can see and understand uh so we’re gonna start with the choch okay uh so a cha cha is essentially just a reversal in the market and uh i’m gonna start with the uptrend first of all so when we’re going upwards like this.

We’re going to uptrend right the markets are breaking below the last low right and it makes a a pullback right here about 90 of the way right and then price takes uh another dump going back down so a charge uh going when it’s an uptrend uh price has to reverse and a charge is just a simply.

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The high has to be broken first and then the low has to be broken secondly okay so always remember that because uh when i first learned about this when i started doing this you know um i kind of had the charge um.

It wasn’t quite exactly the way i thought it was until i discovered it um so this is what a cha cha is okay the first the high has to be broken first and then the second the low has to be broken second okay and then you gotta wait for the markets to come back about ninety percent of the way to touch the.

Order block and then take the cell okay so if you see this pattern the up first before the down then this is what your troop trotch is going downwards now let’s look at when we’re going on a downtrend price is going down like this right price breaks the high right here.

And pulls back all right this is a clean charge right here this is what um uh this is what the charge looks like when the price is going upwards all right so now we understand that price has to break the low first and then the high first a second sorry.

Okay in order for it to be a clean charge uh price will test the order block from here and then take off from here going back up okay so that’s all a cha-cha is it’s just reversing the markets uh from its um opposite direction and.

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Um a brick of structure we all know what a breaking structure is but um essentially a breakup structure is just a continuation of the charge so when the markets are going upwards again right like this and then the markets are reversing here’s this is what’s considered the chops right price is coming here.

Now here’s the first break of structure from this low here okay and then here’s your charge again here like this okay that’s that’s our high being broken first and then our uh load being broken this is the second.

Okay then we’re waiting for the retracement pull back run it right at the order block and then we consider the first first break after the charge we consider this as the uh first bracket structure all right it’s just the continuation.

After the charge has been made like this you have beautiful order flow right before the market start to extend and push even lower taking out liquidity from each low like this okay so this low took out liquidity from here okay this load took out liquidity from here.

That sort of thing okay and that’s how it is okay so i’m going to show you guys on the real markets uh how it looks like so you guys can get a better idea a better sense of understanding what it looks like all right so uh right here let’s start from the slow down here uh you can clearly clearly see the charge.

Here okay remember in order for price to go upwards price has to break the low first as you can see here look what happened here price broke the low the price broke the high and then you go about 90 of the way here and this is where your official entry.

Would be right um let’s look at another one um so that that was the reversal for the upwards right for the upwards trend let’s look for the uh downwards trend from here okay we see it clearly here we saw price breaking the high price breaking below and this one’s about 50 retracement from here to here let’s look from the high to.

The low yeah so this would be our discounted area this would be our premium um and you would be able to sell from this discounted area down as you can see clearly price did move downwards okay in order for it in order to look for the reversal for going down you would need.

To wait for the uptrend sorry if you need to wait for the high to be broken then the low to be broken secondly and wait for that retracement and then look for the cell okay very clear and very simple let’s look at another one okay this is going upwards all right we can see clearly clearly see it here there’s an uptrend.

Oops sorry let me make mark this again there’s a the low being broken here and then the high okay this one goes about 50 retracement again here and then price takes um shoots up like this okay um let’s look at a few others uh right here i believe.

Let me see yeah it’s right here okay price breaks a high price breaks a low price goes up price goes down price goes back up takes out liquidity it goes about 90 percent of the way and then you can see the cell dumping this way all right let’s do a few more.

Um let’s see wouldn’t be here well you do see it you do see it at every high in every low by the way there’s a low there’s a high being broken right price comes back all the way and retraces all the way back in this area here as you can see price does.

Tap and pulls back or it does take off but it barely goes above this high obviously you know i’m just trying to show you guys that every high and every low price does intend to come back at um these reversal reversal areas here’s a high price was at a higher right price started to reverse you can see that.

There’s a high then the low being broken price comes back about 90 percent of the way or 80 of the way and then takes a dump this way sells sells off okay again we’re going to the downtrend we have price going breaking above price breaking below.

Okay this area here you can see about 90 percent of the way this is where the cell is okay so that’s very simple of what choch looks like right but now in terms of in terms of in terms of a break of structure you can clearly see that once.

Price touches are high here at this charge okay um you can see this is the first break of structure so let me make this a little more cleaner for you guys so you guys can check it out oh come on here we go.

Oh man you know what an easier way to just be just be able to clean this out and do that all right so here’s our first break of structure right there okay because the charge was already made at this high here price reversed so this would be considered a first break.

Structure all right price was going below again we’d wait for this load to be broken right there right there right i mean it’s all easy from here on out okay and obviously data’s showing this price pushing up from here so we can’t you know we need to wait for this load to even be broken or for another or for this high to be.

Broken up here actually it’s this high here it’s in order to know so in order to see if price is going to go upwards all right um let’s go let’s go let’s go here okay i’ll show you guys here um we can cleanly clearly see a chart from.

Here i believe there’s our low being broken there’s our high beam broken here uh hold on guys okay there’s a low being broken there’s a high right here okay price actually takes off from here.

Um and then um price hasn’t touched the um or the block yet or the it hasn’t mitigated the reversal so what you do from here on out obviously is just continue following the the uptrend based off of the uh based off of each low in each high right so here’s your low here’s your.

High here’s your low you can see here there’s a charge being made all right and then price uh shoots off and then comes back to to test the order block here about 80 90 percent of the way right there okay takes off and then you would consider.

Each break now each continuation you’d consider a break of structure like this until price starts reversing and pushing uh you know reversing from uh from the uptrend like this okay so we’re doing uh.

We’re going upwards upwards like this all right oops gotta break a structure all right price barely broke above but it is still considered to break a structure right now you see your low you see your high price did break your low taking out liquidity here and price tapped above the high here to take out more liquidity.

Let’s zoom out and look at this okay so this wouldn’t be considered this would not be considered a charge because price broke below and price broke above the high here it needs to respect your order block in here okay so price takes out liquidity from here so we would not consider this as the.

Real charge we would consider this is a real charge let me erase some of these lines here so i can show you guys clearly okay this would be your real low so you would stretch this line right like this and then this would be a real high here okay.

The low has to be broken first i’m sorry let me make this clear here right there and then goodness gracious i’m on the four hour price should come somewhere around in here eventually to mitigate of course i’m on the four hour.

I’m i’m just way ahead of my time at this point right the price should come out somewhere right in here to mitigate an order block right there and this is just a supply area right here okay.

Just something like this so if price intends to move from here from the daily chart right over here if it intends to move up here it should come in uh tag this order block here right there and then push price lower well not even lower actually to be honest because what you’re seeing here.

Is a low and there’s a high so price is intending to push up it’s going to react off to this area probably do a pullback and then probably push price back up from this area but yeah guys so just kind of wanted to show you kind of quickly um what the difference between the bos.

And the charges and i hope this video kind of explained it um you know just a quick little uh a quick little analysis here on this one right now i just want to kind of show you quickly one more time um you can see prices on upward upwards trend from here you can clearly see here where the.

Charge is you had a low being broken and a high bm broken here and your order block would have been here right there okay so after that after the charge was broken this would be your first break of structure right here.

Right there let’s mark these out quickly i hate doing that right here sorry it’s actually not here it’s actually right here there’s a low being broken first shot slow then we have the charge high right there.

Wait for the intent wait for the order block to be tapped right you take the buy now here’s your first breakfast structure right there okay we’ll continue from here you have another breakfast structure here okay and everything else from here is a.

Continuation breakfast structure is just a continuation from the charge it’s as simply as it is what it is like this okay so i hope you guys see the difference between atrocious and bos so without any further ado i’m going to end the video here guys please like and subscribe to this.

Channel i hope i did a good job if not you know please leave a comment and let me know how i can do better to explain um you know the challenge on the bos till then i’ll check you guys later bye you

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What is The Difference Between CHOCH and BOS in Forex #forex #choch #priceaction #bos #forextrader
#Difference #CHOCH #BOS #Forex #forex #choch #priceaction #bos #forextrader


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