Here’s What Your Vacation on Other Planets Might Be Like

Whoosh your spaceship is almost there thanks to the latest technologies you can now travel to any planet in our solar system faster than ever before and we can finally visit other planets completely safely you applied for a space tour and now you're on a ship with your guide astronauts and a couple of other passengers first stop the smallest .

Planet in our solar system mercury it's only a third of earth's distance to the sun the view is going to be spectacular as soon as your ship lands on the solid surface of this rocky planet you see an endless universe stars passing comets and the sun three times bigger than we see it from earth with no clouds to interfere with the view there are no .

Moons mercury and venus don't have any you try to move but because of your spacesuit and reduce gravity it feels like you're on a trampoline in a slow-motion movie it's not safe to come here during the day on mercury it lasts almost 59 earth days although your space suit keeps you safe temperatures can get pretty extreme .

During the day they go up to 800 degrees fahrenheit there's no atmosphere to keep the heat so temperature during the night can drop down to minus 290 degrees that's why mercury isn't the hottest planet even though it's closest to the sun venus is the second closest but it has an atmosphere that retains the heat .

You're safe in your special spacesuit but it will still be really hard to go through such drastic temperature changes so you need to hurry mercury has weaker gravity because it weighs less than earth which means the gravity on mercury pulls less on your body if a person weighs 100 pounds on earth they'd weigh 38 pounds on mercury .

And you do feel lighter hurry up we don't have much time you hear your guide's voice in your spacesuit he's standing next to you pointing his finger look to your left that's why we're here caloris basin amazing mercury has such a thin atmosphere there's nothing to protect the planet from asteroids slamming into its surface it has the .

Most craters in our solar system which is why it reminds you of the moon and now you're there looking at the caloris basin the biggest impact crater in the entire solar system formed almost 4 billion years ago by an object at least 60 miles long you can see its rocky interior filled with deep fractures and high sharp .

Ridges surrounded by the highest mountains you can find on this planet towering two miles above numerous lava vents they used to be active the other side that's hidden from the sun has tiny deposits of ice which is the only form of water here but you don't have time to see it mercury is only a temporary stop before you keep moving as soon as you .

Get comfortable on the ship you see your guide approaching you well we can't stop on venus he says sometimes we can at least get closer to the surface if not land and go out but today the winds are crazy they're usually a little over 220 miles per hour and they keep the yellow or bright white clouds of the planet in constant motion .

Volcanic activity formed the surface of venus 90 of it is solidified basalt lava so it might not be the best place to visit anyway also it has a dense atmosphere while inside the spaceship you get a video call on the special space communication system from your friend she took some time off a little bit earlier than you did and went to .

Jupiter now jupiter is a gas giant so there's nowhere you can land also the pressure is really strong it squishes gas into a liquid so jupiter's atmosphere could crush any metal spaceship that goes through the colorful clouds like it's made of paper visitors mostly take day trips to see it cruising in their .

Spaceships taking pictures from above it's crazy because that planet is like a stormy whirlpool of wind and it has the brightest auroras in the entire solar system your friend even saw the great red spot it's a giant oval-shaped storm moving in a counterclockwise direction it was amazing the red spot is four times bigger than earth but the real .

Treat was europa jupiter's sixth moon scientists believe it's young because of its smooth and relatively untouched surface europa is a big oceanic world with all the right ingredients for life we haven't discovered yet they even offer you tours where you try to discover if there's anything waiting under a thick ice shelf .

Visitors have to wear some special extra protective spacesuits because europa receives huge amounts of radiation from jupiter and there's eo another one of jupiter's moons which is colorful and just the most beautiful thing ever it's the place with more volcanic activity than earth and has the most active volcanoes in our solar system over 400 .

Volcanoes 150 of them can erupt anytime jupiter's gravity pushes the volcano's activity it squeezes eo like a rubber ball and that results in volcanoes you wish you could have been there with her but right now you're going towards your next location days pass by and at one moment you see earth from a distance you feel a little bit nostalgic thinking .

About your friends and family but after a while you get excited as you see your next destination finally it's the red planet you hear the distant and muffled sound of the spaceship landing on the rusty surface everything around you is just a barren giant desert the wind is strong kicking up dust that's how those huge .

Alien sand dunes are made and the storm will come these days they say billions of years ago mars had liquid water on its surface lakes and rivers maybe even life around or inside them its axis of rotation is a bit tilted so mars has seasons similar to those on our planet when one hemisphere is tilted closer to the sun its spring and summer .

The other hemisphere that's tilted away gets fall in winter the atmosphere on mars is way thinner than ours so the planet can't trap that much heat near its surface air pressure on mars is around 50 times lower than that atop mount everest you arrive at the space hotel mars is the only planet with such hotels at the .

Moment on the other planets you sleep in your spaceship because they can't offer conditions safe enough for people to stay there for a longer time the staff of this hotel is great they got used to tourists because mars is the most visited location in our solar system the food there is great and you can't wait to eat it and get some sleep .

The next day you wake up at dawn to get ready for some skiing with your group days on mars are approximately the same length as they are on earth it was snowing all night but because of the dry low pressure atmosphere snow never stays for too long so you need to take a chance mars has amazing mountains and valleys .

And those icy polar caps were so cool oh and look at those volcanoes the next day a small aircraft specially designed to transfer you across the planet comes and picks you up for a day trip to olympus mons the biggest volcano in our solar system it's 16 miles above the surface three times taller than our everest you land at the outer edge of the volcano .

The peak is so high it seems to go beyond the horizon on the third day you visit villas marineas the iconic canyon system you could only see in pictures until now its network of chasms is amazing five times longer and four times deeper than our grand canyon at its widest point it's 200 miles across .

You decide to spend the next five days in the southern hemisphere there's another hotel there where you can book day trips to numerous extinct volcanoes in the area everything is covered in dust in different shades of red orange and brown from iron rust but the sky is dusty all the time you .

Even get caught in a storm once so no one can leave the hotel the entire day you look at the sun which is a bit more distant than we see it from earth you miss your planet where you can walk around without special suits feel the fresh breeze swim in the ocean or have coffee with your loved ones there's one more place to see before .

Going home it's more dangerous and complicated to visit than the others cygnus constellation kepler-16b a planet that orbits two stars and actually has two sunsets so you'll have two shadows the planet is made of gas and rock so it's going to be tricky to land but the new adventure is waiting and time to set off .

Planning a vacation? Where’re you heading to? Seaside, mountains or some tropical forest? How about a vacation on another planet? This video will take you on a trip to various planets and you’ll see what your vacation would look like there. It’d be completely different but equally unforgettable on each of them… You’d go skiing on one of the planets, then watch the brightest auroras in the entire Solar System You’ll even get an opportunity to witness numerous volcanic eruptions! On of the planets you’ll watch two sunsets and see two of your shadows! #brightside TIMESTAMPS Space tour 00:00 Mercury 00:22 Caloris Basin 02:11 Venus 02:47 Jupiter 03:22 IO 04:31 Mars 05:13 Kepler 16B 08:08 Animation is created by Bright Side. —————————————————————————————- Music by Epidemic Sound Check our Bright Side podcast on Spotify and leave a positive review! Subscribe to Bright Side: —————————————————————————————- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: TikTok: Stock materials (photos, footages and other): —————————————————————————————- For more videos and articles visit: