Indestructible ‘Black Box’ Will Record The End Of The World

Like barbarians in rome 1500 years ago willour descendants wonder how the civilization that created these marvelous ruins collapsed anddisappeared leaving only mysterious monuments what will we as humanity's record keepers leave behindfor future civilizations to learn from our demise which will certainly happen at some point forany number of reasons perhaps a digital rosetta stone to tell future enquirers from our worldor another what exactly went wrong later in 2022 on the west coast of the island of tasmaniaroughly 150 miles from australia an angular steel monolith almost three inches thickon a remote granite outcrop will house our epitaph welcome to fact nominal in today's videowe dive into this fascinating effort to not only record the incredible challenges foreseeableand otherwise that will be faced by our future .

Selves but perhaps even leave a warning forwhoever or whatever finds what we left behind when an airplane crashes investigatorsimmediately searched for the black box ironically usually painted bright orange withstrips of reflective tape for better visibility and retrieval but what about when a civilizationcollapses in ruin what will possible successors millennia in the future know about how andwhy humanity went to the edge of the cliff and then over we're about to have an answerto that question conceptual images show a striking object with sharp angles that willmake it stand out from natural surroundings and be quite visible to a future observer it'snot difficult to imagine a 2001 a space odyssey or planet of the apes type discoverymillennia in the future milling around it .

Will be our descendants or visitors from elsewherewondering where this unnatural object came from measuring 32 by 13 by 10 feet our monument isroughly the size of a city bus and filled with storage devices to piece together our decline andfall for anyone around who may care in the future topping the monolith will be solar panels topower the device along with batteries for backup power when something destroys the solar panelsand backup power is gone record keeping stops but a rather clear picture up to that momentshould be preserved what exactly will it record for starters land and sea temperatures atmosphericcarbon levels military spending global average temperatures ocean acidification data onland use human population species extinction and energy consumption but wait there's morelike a scrapbook for humanity our black box .

Will digitally preserve our news headlinesdigital press releases records of important meetings and conferences and even relevantsocial media posts and it's already started the remote locale was chosen for geological andgeopolitical stability so theoretically it was deemed the safest place on earth other sitesup for consideration were malta norway and qatar which begs the question when armageddonis near should we all up and move to tasmania probably not even being four hours from theclosest major city doesn't provide guarantees against vandalism sabotage or war at this verymoment words and actions that may affect our future are being recorded in a beta versionalready up and running to go into earth's black box clemenger bbdo an australianmarketing communications company and .

The university of tasmania are spearheadingthe non-commercial effort project developers estimates storage space will run out in 30to 50 years and there are plans afoot to increase capacity with more long-term solutionsas technology advances the goal is to preserve data in an indestructible environment forhundreds and even thousands of years with wi-fi earth's black box will record every stepwe take toward catastrophe according to university of tasmania researchers hundreds ofdata sets measurements and interactions relating to the health of our planet will be continuouslycollected and safely stored for future generations interestingly it's also recording backwards aswell as forwards accumulating data leading up to our time as a historical trail of clues toour end but why the earth's black box website .

Says it's all about keeping records andaccountability the purpose of the device is to provide an unbiased account of theevents that led to the demise of the planet how the story ends is completely up tous the working assumption may be viewed in one of two ways either humanity will seeearth's black box as a tool of accountability and wisely avert whatever future catastrophicevent looms for us or those in the future will use it as a record and warning sort of here's whatyou should not do developers are even bouncing around an idea to transmit the vast quantities ofdata into space possible causes for our doom are many and various and there's always the chancethat our end comes from something we've yet to consider ask the dinosaurs about cosmic collisionstechnological advances unfortunately have created .

A set of problems our ancestors could not foreseeand we've become all too familiar in recent times with our vulnerability to global pandemics somesay the world will end in fire some say in ice good question first while many who comment on theproject like to call the black box indestructible we all know that it's not any number of cosmicwanderers may come along and reduce it to rubble and humanity has a proven track record ofdestructive capabilities our descendants will need to get through the thick steel walls of thestructure and developers believe that anyone with the technology to accomplish that will also beable to interpret basic symbols that await them the project does not account for the issue ofcompatibility in the future to retrieve the data once it's been discovered and opened andfor glaringly obvious reasons there's a wall of .

Silence today around the exact engineering puzzlethat will need to be solved for it to be opened developers are using multiple formats of encodingincluding mathematical symbols for inscriptions on the analog steel plate as a user guide forwhoever stumbles across civilization's parting gift to our heirs jonathan nibon artist anddirector for the glue society which is involved in the project says developers imagine who mayfind it and more importantly find it useful that's a question we're still working on ourselvesit's impossible to anticipate who or what will find the box but it can be assumed that itwill not be of any use unless it's discovered by someone or something that is intelligent andcivilized with the capability of understanding and interpreting basic symbolism the developersexplain further like the rosetta stone we would .

Look to use multiple formats of encodingwe're exploring the possibility of including an electronic reader that stays within the boxand will be activated upon exposure to sunlight the box would also reactivate if it had entered along-term dormant state due to a catastrophe and as the black box developers also like to point outif the worst happens and the power grid goes down it's built to outlive us all this thing will stillbe there so what do you think about earth's black box and what its developers are trying to achieveis it simply a fascinating art and conversation piece or a potential tool for warning those in thefuture of the circumstances that led to our end tell us in the comments and as alwaysthank you for watching fact nominal
Scientists are building Earth’s “black box” that will be able to record the end of civilization as we know it. Like barbarians in Rome 1500 years ago, will our descendants wonder how the civilization that created these marvelous ruins collapsed and disappeared—leaving only mysterious monuments? What will we, as humanity’s record-keepers, leave behind for future civilizations to learn from our demise, which will certainly happen at some point for any number of reasons? Perhaps a digital “Rosetta Stone” to tell future inquirers, from our world or another, what exactly went wrong? Later in 2022, on the west coast of the island of Tasmania roughly 150 miles from Australia, an angular steel monolith almost three inches thick on a remote granite outcrop will house our epitaph. Welcome to Factnomenal! In today’s video we dive into this fascinating scientific effort to not only record the incredible challenges, foreseeable and otherwise, that will be faced by our future selves, but perhaps even leave a warning for whoever or whatever finds what we left behind. Buy us a coffee to show your support! DON’T CLICK THIS LINK: Thanks for watching Factnomenal! 🌎 Subscribe for more space discoveries, space facts, and space in general! 🔔 Hit the bell next to subscribe so you never miss a video! ► For copyright matters, make sure to send us an email to #earthblackbox #endofcivilization #factnomenal