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Hello lovely students and welcome back to englishwith lucy i have got a huge vocabulary lesson for you today as always there is a free pdf that goeswith today's lesson if you'd like to download that just click on the link in the description boxenter your name and your email address you sign up to my mailing list and the pdf comes directlyto your inbox after that you will automatically receive all of my free lesson pdfs along with allof my news course updates and offers i would also like to thank the sponsor of today's videonordvpn in order to expand your vocabulary i always recommend watching tv series and movies inenglish a really frustrating situation is when you finally find that perfect tv series or movie andit's not available in your country well i highly recommend nordvpn they are the sponsor of today'svideo a vpn hides your location allowing you to .

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Important topic it's normally one of the firstthings that you learn when you start to learn english but i want to go a bit more in depthnormally people are able to describe basic appearances i want to teach you slightly moreadvanced vocabulary so that you can really give an accurate description of people's appearancesif you find understanding me slightly difficult you can switch on subtitles and so you'll be ableto see the words at the bottom of the screen so firstly we're going to talk about people's bodiesand i think i'm going to start by talking about height how tall somebody is so you might alreadyknow these basic terms short and tall short and tall but what about if somebody is a normalheight well there are a couple of ways that you can express this you can say they are ofaverage height they are of medium height if .

You want to be more precise and say their actualheight in centimeters or feet and inches you can say around so i would say i am around five footsix i'm actually at five foot five and a half but sometimes i say i'm five foot six um other wordsthat you can include are very or quite so he is very tall or she is quite short next we have bodytype and weight now you have to be a little bit careful when describing somebody's body typeor their weight because you can hurt their feelings so firstly i'm going to give you somepositive adjectives to describe somebody's weight and then afterwards i'll give you themore negative ones so that you can understand when or when not to use them but iwill warn you weight in the uk especially and many other places in the world is a very sensitivesubject so if you think you might insult somebody .

It's often best not to say anything at all um butthat's not my role here i'm teaching you words so let's get started so we have thin and fat theseare generally considered to be negative words so let's talk about some positive alternativesfor thin you can describe somebody as slender or slim they are really nice words if somebodycalled me slender or slim i'd be flattered another word is lean and this means that they'rejust skin and muscle it's a positive word because it means they're in shape they'remuscly there's no fat on them they're lean you can also call somebody petite and this iswhen somebody has a small build it's normally used to describe females who have small shouldersthey're quite short they're just like a woman only smaller they're petite if somebody is very thinyou can call them slight they're very slight and .

Another one is lanky this means that somebody istall and very thin it means they've got long limbs lanky if somebody has got a bit of meat on themyou don't want to call them fat but some nice words you can use are curvy this means that womanhas curves curvaceous as well womanly voluptuous this means normally that they've got quite a bigbum and big boobs they're normally flattering when used in a non-creepy way for a man stockywell-built musty okay now to touch on the negative words some quite soft ones for somebody who islarger are plump chubby round this doesn't mean fat or big it just means that they've got a littlebit extra on them you can also say overweight large big heavy and if somebody is very thin youcan call them underweight skinny bony if you can see their bones one word that's often used todescribe very thin people that shouldn't really .

Be used is anorexic it's a medical term it'snot actually an adjective to describe somebody's physical appearance so try to avoid that oneokay let's move on to hair now there are two ways in which you can talk about somebody's haircolor you can say to have adjective hair or to be adjective dash head for example i have blonde hairi am blonde haired the second one's a bit of a mouthful actually to be blonde haired i am blondehead you can also just say i am blonde but that's better to use for colors that are very specificto hair colors like blonde and ginger and brunette so i am blonde i am ginger i am brunette that'sfine but if you say i am white or i am black it could be confused with skin color so it'sbest to say i am black haired i have white hair so we've got a huge spectrum of colors thatyou can be i'm going to talk about the most .

Common ones but they are quite specific andyou might not have heard of them all before so let's start with the lightest and move tothe darkest so we have white then we have gray then we have platinum blonde and this is whiteblonde hair it's normally not a natural color but some people are lucky enough to havenaturally white blonde or platinum hair it's a really interesting color then we have blondeif it's a bit darker it could be called golden and then if it's a bit darker than blonde thereare two ways you can describe it if it's blonde almost brown you can say dirty blonde if it'sblonde almost ginger you can say strawberry blonde then we have ginger which is more orange and redwhich is like a darker red color obviously after that you have mousey brown which is a light browncolor then brown then brunette as well which is .

Another way of saying brown hair it's normally abit darker then dark brown and then black now if you don't want to specify a color of hair or skinor eyes and you just want to say light or dark you can say fair for light or dark for the darkercolors so i am fair i have fair eyes fair hair and fair skin this means i'm just light somebodyelse might have dark hair dark eyes dark skin so we normally use fair or dark so whatabout hair length well if you have no hair then you are bald i am bald in a video that i didon ali's channel papa teach me english i was bald if you would like to see me with no hair and wellno feminine makeup different makeup then you can click up there see if you recognize me i lookslightly different um then you have short hair long hair but then in between you can have abob i have a bob haircut in my first videos .

I had very short hair and a bob haircut ididn't ask for that haircut it was a surprise shoulder length hair medium length hair longhair if you want to say how long your hair is you can say my hair goes down to my so my hair goesdown to my armpit my hair goes down to my waist as far as hair texture you can havestraight hair wavy hair curly hair afro hair which is really really dense curlsthe quality of your hair can also be described if your hair is very soft it can be silky or shinyif it's not soft if it's quite damaged you can say you have dry hair or you can say it's straw likeso let's move on to the subject of skin this again is a more difficult one so we have the spectrumof white and black but different people like to be called different things so i would call myselfwhite i have a lot of friends with darker skin .

Who are often called black but they would actuallyprefer to be called brown um i would say when in doubt use fair or dark to describe somebody's skintone now in the middle we have tanned and this means that you've been blessed by the sun you'vecaught a suntan you've gone brown in the sun and in british english we say tanned and inamerican english they say tan if you're not tanned then you are pale and that is what i am all of thetime i am always pale even when i go on holiday now let's move on to eye color again youcan use fair or dark fair eyes light eyes dark eyes so you can say to have adjective eyes orto be adjective dash eyed so i have gray eyes i am gray eyed i am dark eyed most of thecolors are pretty simple blue brown green black gray brown i've said brown haven't ibut one color that's used quite frequently is .

Hazel if you have a sort of brownie green eyeit can be called hazel so they have hazel eyes now lips you can have thin lips but ifyou want to talk about somebody with big lips you can say they have full lipsso if somebody has big kissy pouty lips you can say they have very full lips if somebody hasreally sticky out lips that and speaks like this you can call them pouty lips but yes full orthin really next you can talk about noses so big or small obviously are the basics if somebodyhas a bend in their nose it can be called a crooked nose a crooked nose if they haven't gota bend in their nose it can be a straight nose if somebody has a small nose you can call it abutton nose if they've got a hook a hooked nose if somebody's nose is like this it's aturned up nose or an upturned nose face shape .

I looked online and apparently there are ninedifferent face shapes but we're going to talk about four today you have oval round heart shapedwhich ends in a point and square somebody has a square jaw what about general appearance idid do a video with anna from english like a native about compliments and we discussed someof the ways in which you can complement people so that's the positive adjectives i will coverthem in this lesson but if you'd like to see that you can click up there but it's quitegood to separate them into male and female because one adjective that might be really reallyflattering and positive for a male might actually be quite insulting for a female adjectives thatcan be used for both the positive ones attractive beautiful stunning which means somebody isjust amazingly beautiful but then just for men .

There's handsome and just for women there ispretty now if you described a woman as handsome you might be insinuating that she has manlyfeatures um in the same way that if you described a woman in the same way that if you described aman as pretty you might be saying he has quite feminine features which is not always somethingthat somebody wants negative ones you can have ugly or plain other ways of describing peopleyou can describe them as masculine or feminine boyish manly girly womanly right your homework isto describe yourself in as much detail as possible put it in the comments and i can't wait to seeyour descriptions also if you can add any more vocabulary then definitely include that in yourdescription as well today i'm going to talk to you about how to describe the weather in english we'regoing to start off quite basic and move up to more .

Advanced vocabulary i'm going to guide you throughseasonal weather hot weather cold weather wet weather windy weather and i'm going to give youverbs nouns adjectives and idiomatic expressions idioms we're also going to do a little bit ofbasic grammar at the beginning but very very easy don't worry you may know that british peopleare famous for always talking about the weather and this is because we are lucky enough to havefour strong seasons winter which is really cold spring which is sunny and wet at the same timesummer which is normally hot and sunny and autumn which is colder and with lots of wind and when allthe trees lose their leaves i'm going to talk to you today about different weather vocabulary thatyou can find in each of the four seasons but first let's discuss how to talk about the weatherfrom a grammar point of view this grammar is .

Fairly basic so if you're looking for advancedvocabulary click to the time shown on screen if you want to use an adjective for example warmyou could say the weather is warm the weather is adjective you could also say it is warm itis adjective but it only really makes sense if the adjective is related to the weather if yousay it is good i might wonder what what's good but if you say it is warm i know that you're talkingabout the weather you can also say it's a warm day it's a adjective day but what if you wantto use a verb for example rain the verb to rain you would say it is raining it is verb plus ingthat's if you want to talk about the weather right now if you want to talk about yesterdayor the past you would say yesterday it rained yesterday it verb plus ed apart from theirregular verbs which have their own conjugation .

If you want to talk about tomorrow or thefuture you can say it will rain tomorrow it will verb tomorrow or it's going to rain tomorrow it'sgoing to verb tomorrow if you want to talk about a noun you would say there is there was or therewill be that's present past future plus the noun there is a storm there was a storm there willbe a storm right so now that's out of the way first let's talk about winter the month thati am in now in england i'm going to start off with adjectives and i warn you there are a lot ofadjectives associated with winter you can say cold cold bitter bitter that's very very cold it'sjust a step further than cold you could even put them together and say it's bitterly coldit's bitterly cold you can say it's chilly which is slightly cold or chilling that's a little bitmore crisp crisp normally means it's cold and dry .

Or maybe it's icy icy you can say it's freezing orit's frosty you can also say it is severe or it is wintry that means it's a very wintry day it feelslike winter and it is winter if it's winter and the weather conditions are very bad the skies aregray you can say it's gloomy or it's bleak or if there's a lot of very aggressive weather you cansay it's harsh we often talk about a harsh winter now let's talk about some verbs you can say tosnow which is obviously white fluffy stuff falling from the sky to sleet sleet is partly frozenrain so it's like very wet snow or very very cold almost frozen rain it's normally very unpleasantif it's sleeting i go inside you can also say to hail if it's hailing it means that little hailstones little tiny balls of ice or normally tiny but there are big ones a falling from the skyit's completely frozen rain you can also say .

To freeze or to freeze over and to freeze overmeans covered with a layer of ice so i might say my pond has frozen over my pond is covered withice now some nouns you might use to describe winter so we've got sleet hail snow frost as i'vementioned before you also have blizzard which is a windy snowstorm and for some idioms you can have acold snap which is a short period of cold weather or you can be frozen to death or frozen to thebone which means you are completely frozen through right let's talk about spring spring is knownfor being sunny and rainy it's warm and it's wet and it's when all of the plants start to growadjectives you can use are cool it means it's not cold it's not unpleasant nor is it warm mildis the same thing mild fresh as well it's a very fresh day you can say it's bright the sun isout you can say breezy which means a light wind .

It's normally very pleasant and welcomed whenyou're talking about clouds you can say cloudy or slightly more advanced is overcast where thereis some sunlight but there are also some clouds meaning that you don't have a completely sunnyday it's overcast you hear the meteorologists on weather stations talking about an overcastday quite a lot one that's not so positive is muggy this is if the air is very very humid itcan be cold or hot you can have a muggy summer's day as well but it means there's high humidityin the air another word you can say is simply wet it's a wet day it's been raining a lot time forsome verbs well talking about rain you can say to drizzle it's drizzling this means it's a constantbut gentle flow of rain to shower pretty much the same that means it's more sporadic or occasionalmeteorologists normally say you can expect showers .

Throughout the day which means occasional patchesof rain you can say to poor which is where it rains really really heavily moving on to the nounsyou've got rain which is uncountable you've got a shower which is a light patch of rain you canalso have a downpour which is a really heavy patch of rain or even a flood where the groundbecomes inundated and can't absorb any more water idioms you can say to chuck it down which meansa heavy downpour you can say it's raining cats and dogs although in reality we don't actually usethat idiom that much but it seems to be the first idiom that anyone ever learns you can also say tobuck it down if it's bucketing down with rain it's raining really hard and you can also be soakedthrough this is where it's rained on you and you are really really wet oh my god i'm soaked throughright let's talk about summer and adjectives that .

Can be used to describe summer weather firstlyof course we have hot other words that can be used to describe hot weather are scorchingsweltering boiling sunny you could also say dry if there's not been any rain and there's nohumidity you can say it's a clear day if there are no clouds in the sky or you could say it'svery humid if the air is very wet you can also say it's blistering a blistering sun verbs youcan say to shine the sun is shining you can also say the sun is burning if it's especially hot andyou can also say to scorch just like the adjective nouns the only extras really to add are sunshinewhich we like to say a lot and to talk about the heat now there are a couple of idioms relating toour reactions to the sun you can say to catch some rays which means to absorb some of the sunshineand maybe get a tan you can also say to go brown .

Which again refers to tanning you can also soakup the sun which means the same thing again and when talking about sweating you can sweat like apig oh my god i'm sweating like a pig which means i'm sweating a lot finally let's talk about autumnor as they say in america fall in british english we say autumn but we do understand what fallmeans because we see it on the tv and in movies in america they say fall some adjectives relatingto autumn my favorite and the most descriptive is autumnal autumnal it's a very autumnal day ittends to be windier in autumn so you can say windy another lovely one is blustery it's a blusteryday and it can also be misty or foggy which is when there is cold moisture in the air normallyin the mornings some verbs specifically relating to wind it can be howling with wind to howl orto blow as well the wind is blowing nouns a gale .

A strong wind a hurricane a very very strongwind a tornado that's when wind goes around in a vortex and you've also got mist and fog which imentioned before which is cold moisture in the air right that's it for today's lesson your homeworkis to write in the comments about the weather from where you are today and please mention whereyou are because i love seeing where you come from welcome back to english with lucy today i'm goingto talk to you about how to describe personality and character in english and i'm going to helpyou with your pronunciation by the end of this lesson you will know 72 adjectives that canbe used to describe personality and character i've divided them into positive or approvingadjectives and also negative or disapproving adjectives for each adjective i've included theipa transcription so you can really focus on the .

Pronunciation and also the definition let'sstart with personality category number one the adjectives within this first group describehow willing you are to communicate with others so we have extroverted extroverted someonewho is extroverted is lively and confident and enjoys being around other people the oppositeor the antonym for this adjective is introverted introverted so this describes somebody who ismore interested in their own thoughts and feelings than they are in spending time with otherpeople we also have talkative talkative this describes somebody who likes to talka lot then on the other hand we have quiet quiet which means tending not totalk a lot next confident confident this means feeling sure about your ability to dosomething and be successful and the antonym for .

This is shy shy someone who is shy is nervousabout meeting people or speaking to people right our second category talks about howyou make others feel firstly we have warm warm someone who's warm shows enthusiasm andaffection and is friendly on the other hand we have cold cold be careful with that oh vowel soundi do actually have a video on that which i will link down below someone who is cold is withoutemotion and unfriendly next we have kind kind this means caring about others gentle and friendlyon the opposite side we have unkind unkind this means unpleasant unfriendly maybe even slightlycruel and then we have sweet sweet someone who is sweet shows a kind character the opposite isnasty nasty a nasty person is an unkind person the third category is how you treat the feelingsof others first we have considerate considerate .

If you're considerate you are always thinking ofthe feelings of others if you're not considerate then you might be inconsiderate inconsideratethis means not giving enough thought about other people's feelings or needs we also have thoughtfulthoughtful if you are thoughtful then you show that you care and consider other people's feelingsand needs the opposite is thoughtless thoughtless this means that you don't care about the possiblenegative effects of your actions or words then we have tactful tactful this means that you'recareful not to say or do anything that might upset or anger other people and the antonym for thatis tactless tactless that's quite a hard one to say with the cut combination tact tactless thismeans that you say or do things that might upset or anger other people our next category discusseshow much people might be able to trust you .

First up we have trustworthy trustworthy we usea voiced v sound i often hear it mispronounced as trustworthy but it should be worthy your voiceshould be constant it shouldn't cut out at any point if someone's trustworthy then it means youcan rely on them to be good and honest on the other hand we have untrustworthy untrustworthythis is somebody who cannot be trusted we also have reliable reliable if someone isreliable then you can trust them to do something well on the other hand we have unreliableunreliable meaning that you cannot trust them to do something well you can't depend on them thenwe have loyal loyal this means remaining faithful and supportive then we have disloyal disloyal thismeans not loyal or faithful next we're going to discuss adjectives that describe how honestyou are with others we have sincere sincere .

This means that you show what you really thinkor feel on the other hand we have insincere insincere if someone is insincere they sayor do things that they don't really mean next we have frank frank which can actuallysometimes be negative or disapproving as well as approving so it all depends on the tone of voiceor the context if someone is frank it means they are honest or direct and are sometimes at risk ofhurting other people's feelings because of this on the other side we have secretive secretive ifyou're secretive you like to hide your thoughts feelings and actions and keep them private thenwe have direct direct and sometimes much like frank this can also be negative or disapprovingdepending on tone of voice and context if you're direct it means you say exactly what youmean and no one can pretend they haven't .

Understood because it's very very clear thenwe have not an exact antonym but sneaky sneaky this means behaving in asecretive or dishonest way the next category is how open you are tothe views and cultures of others we'll start with tolerant tolerant if you're tolerant itmeans you're able to accept what other people say or do even if you don't agree with them onthe other hand we have intolerant intolerant this means that you are not willing to accept behaviorsor ideas that do not correspond with your beliefs we have open-minded open-minded if you'reopen-minded it means you are willing to listen to accept and think about other ideas onthe other hand we have narrow-minded narrow-minded this means you are unwilling tolisten to new ideas or the opinions of others .

And we have unbiased unbiased this meansthat you're fair and not influenced by your own opinions or someone else's opinionson the other hand we have biased biased this means you make unfair judgments and havea tendency to favor a certain group of people now we're going to talk about theadjectives associated with how motivated you are we have strong-willed strong-willed if you're strong-willed it meansyou are determined to do what you want to do regardless of what other people say on the otherhand we have weak-willed weak-willed this means you lack the ability to resist the influence ofothers and you can't control your own impulses we also have determined determined this means thatyou make firm decisions to do things and you don't .

Let anyone dissuade you on the other hand wehave a resolute a resolute this means that you are simply not able to decide what to do then wehave driven driven this means you are determined to succeed and are working very hard to do soon the other hand we have apathetic apathetic which means you show no interest or enthusiasm thenext category discusses your attitude towards work we have industrious industrious this meanshard working or busy on the other hand we have idle idle if you are idle you are notworking hard we also have ambitious ambitious if you're ambitious you're determinedto be rich powerful and or successful we also have unambitious unambitious this meansthat you are uninterested in becoming rich powerful or successful we also have hard-workinghard-working which means you are willing to work .

Very hard or we have lazy lazy which meansthat you are unwilling to work or be active now let's discuss adjectives associated with howgood you are at learning and understanding we have bright bright which means intelligent or quickto learn we also have foolish foolish which means not showing good judgment or sense there's cleverclever this is very common in british english it means you're quick at learning and understandingthings on the other hand we have stupid stupid which means showing a lack of thought or goodjudgment then we have intelligent intelligent which means you are good at learning andunderstanding and on the other hand we have unintelligent unintelligent which means youare bad at learning and understanding things now let's discuss adjectives that describehow you treat money we have generous .

Generous which means that you are willing togive freely on the other hand we have miserly miserly if you're miserly thenyou hate to spend money we have giving giving which again means you are willingto give freely and on the other hand we have mean mean which means you are unwilling to giveor to share we also have frugal frugal and if you're frugal it means you only use asmuch food or money as necessary on the other hand we have extravagant extravagant which meansthat you spend a lot more than you can afford now let's discuss adjectives which describe yourattitude around other people we have humble humble if you're humble you show that you don'tthink you are as important as other people on the opposite side we have arrogant arrogantwhich means that you behave in a proud .

Or unpleasant way and think you are better thanothers we also have modest modest if you're modest then you don't talk much about your own abilitiesand achievements on the other hand we have vain vein which means you are overly proud ofyour own appearance abilities or achievements the next one submissive submissive is bothapproving or positive and disapproving negative probably leaning more onto the negative side butit means you are too willing to accept authority you're willing to obey them without questionon the other side again it's normally negative but it can be positive sometimes bossy bossy thismeans that you're always telling people what to do finally let's talk about adjectives that candescribe how relaxed you are as a person we have chilled chilled and this is slightly more slang itis derived from the phrasal verb to chill out you .

Are chilled out you are chilled and this means youare very relaxed on the other hand we have tense tense this means you are nervous or worried andunable to relax we also have laid back laid back this means you're calm and relaxed and never seemto worry about anything on the other hand we have up tight up tight which means you are anxiousor upset about something we also have optimistic optimistic which means you are positive and expectgood things to happen we also have pessimistic which means you expect bad things to happenright your homework for today is to include five of these adjectives in a comment down belowand use them to describe yourself so i want maybe three to four sentences about yourself using someof the adjectives that we've learned today and if you can include any others that would be reallyreally good today oh today i'm so excited about .

This lesson i've been excited since i wrotethis lesson a couple of days ago today i am going to teach you 16 spiffing old-fashionedbritish idioms that are going to make you sound oh so fancy i think they make you sound reallyintelligent educated and well-read when you say them so learning them and saying them is no badthing you'll also be able to understand them more when you hear them in old-fashioned movies ortv series that are set in the past number one is a little birdie told me or should be a littlebird told me but my grandad always says a little birdie told me so that's what i say too and ithink you should also a little birdie told me means a secret informant has told me someonehas told me something but i don't want to say who that person is i'm protecting their identitythis phrase is thought to originate from the bible .

An example a little birdie told me that youwent for afternoon tea with a mystery suitor number two oh this is a gorgeous one ilove this one a fly in the ointment a fly in the ointment it's so expressivea fly in the ointment is a single thing or a person that is spoiling something thatcould have been very positive or enjoyable for example i'm looking forward to tomorrowthe only fly in the ointment being that i'll have to sit next to my dreadful brother-in-lawdisclaimer both of my brother-in-laws to be are lovely and i would happily sit next to themtomorrow if there were an event number three oh i know i'm saying everyone is great butthey are all really great because i pick them number three is as keen as mustard as keen asmustard if you are as keen as mustard it means you .

Are very eager or very enthusiastic and interestedin something for example she is as keen as mustard to get her hands on that tea set her motherpromised her number four is to eat humble pie to eat humble pie this means to admit that you arewrong and apologize especially in situations where this is very embarrassing or humiliating for youfor example i had to eat humble pie and publicly apologize for spreading vicious rumors about hergap year i made that up i don't spread rumors very often number five is pardon my french pardon myfrench this means oh please forgive my swearing basically the person who said a swear word isattempting to pass it off as french for example oh pardon my french i don't know what cameover me number six another personal favorite of mine it is hanky panky hanky-panky this isunethical behaviour deceit or illicit relations .

Make of that what you will for example i amcertain that a bit of hanky-panky went on at the wedding reception number seven this is aphrase i've used quite frequently actually it is to see a man about a dog this is a phrase that isused to apologize for one's imminent departure or absence especially if you're trying to concealwhere you are going or what you're going to do for example i'm so sorry that i'm going tomiss the rest of this delightful christening i have to go and see a man about a dog this wouldbe me expressing to my friend that i cannot spend another minute at this dreadful event and i mustgo and go for a drink or go out somewhere number eight is neither here nor there neither herenor there this means that's not relevant to the point or it doesn't matter for example yes it wasour first date but that's neither here nor there .

Number nine this is a phrase used by my grandmaa lot not because she sleeps loads just it's something she's always said to go for 14 winks isto go for a short sleep or a nap without actually saying it because we're british and we don't liketo say things directly for example i'm just going to retire to the sitting room and go for 40 wingsit's not a sleep it's 40 weeks number 10 is to turn a blind eye to turn a blind eye this means topretend not to have noticed something for example i saw her take the last scone but i decided toturn a blind eye also yes i pronounced it as scone if you think it's scone you can go nuts inthe comments section i'm not willing to have an argument on this it's scone in my family number11 is pot calling the kettle black pot calling the kettle black this means hypocrite this hasbeen used since the 1600s and back in those days .

Pots and kettles were both made out of iron andthey were both covered in soot and they were always black so if a pot that is black is alsocalling a kettle black it's quite hypocritical for example you think i'm stuck up pot callingkettle black you're stuck up too number 12 i can't do something to save my life i can't do itto save my life this is a hyperbolic way of saying that you are incredibly inept at something you areunable to do it well it's often used to express reluctancy and unwillingness to do somethingand it's used in a self-deprecating way very typically british for example if somebody asked meto make a victoria sponge which happens to me most frequently but i didn't want to make it i mightsay i can't make victoria sponges to save my life maybe your mum could make one done i don't haveto make a victoria sponge they think i can't make .

Them to save my life number 13 is to get someone'sgoat to get someone's goat this means to irritate someone and the origins of this phrase are quiteinteresting they're to do with horse racing in the 19th century supposedly nervous racehorseswould be calmed down by placing a goat in their stable with them but rivals would take or steal orget the goat thus making the horse nervous again and then hopefully the rival's horse would win therace for example you know who really gets my goat actually i'm trying to think of who i can say getsmy goat on here really i'm perpetually scared of offending people there are so many peoplewho get my goat but none of them are worth drama number 14 is to kick the bucket to kick thebucket this means to die in britain we don't like saying that someone has died we like to say theyhave passed away or they have popped their clogs .

Or they have kicked the bucket for exampleunfortunately my great uncle arthur kicked the bucket last year number 15 is the apple of myeye the apple of my eye this is one you may have heard before it's very commonly used in americathe apple of one's eye is something that one cherishes above all others the phrase was used ina midsummer's night dream and it refers to a time when people thought that the pupil of theeye was a solid object the actual apple of your eye for example my william is the appleof my eye oh that's so romantic i wonder if he'll see this he claims to watch all of my videosi don't ask him to he claims to but um let's see if he notices apple in my eye or youmight not be after this number 16 i've saved the best till last and yes i have mentioned this ina video before but it was a very long time ago .

Three years ago i'm so old uh it is bob's youruncle bob's your uncle and this means as simple as that i'll use it all the time as simple asthat well bob's your uncle there you have it easy as that for example boil the kettle placea tea bag in the cup fill it up with water let it rest for 2.5 minutes maybe three but nolonger take it out dash of skimmed milk bob's your uncle cup of tea right that's it for my spiffinglyfancy video today i hope you enjoyed it i hope you learned something if you would like to learn aboutmore old-fashioned phrases i was thinking about doing one on old-fashioned insults but um youknow maybe that's not something you'd like to see you can always recommend what you'd like to see inthe description box no not in the description box you don't touch that i touch that in the commentsection down below today i am going to teach you .

50 advanced verbs that are going to make you soundmore intelligent when you speak and they're going to dramatically increase your vocabulary pleasenote that lots of these verbs have multiple meanings i'm focusing on one meaning per verband i'm using them in a more advanced context number one is to alter to alter this means tomake somebody or something different for example you shouldn't feel the need to alteryour appearance number two is to amend to amend this means to change a law documentor statement slightly in order to correct a mistake or to improve it for example wouldyou mind amending those documents i sent you number three is to amplify to amplify thismeans to add details to a story or a statement for example she refused to amplify furthershe refused to tell us any more details .

Number four is to balloon to balloon this meansto suddenly swell out or to get bigger for example employment rates ballooned to 90 percent numberfive is to blab to blab this means to tell someone information that should be kept secret forexample someone must have blabbed to the police number six is to brief to brief this meansto give someone information about something so that they are prepared to deal with it forexample the officer briefed her on what to expect number seven is to capture to capture this meansto film record or paint somebody or something this is usually used in the passive form for examplethe robbery was captured on film by the security cameras number eight is to clasp to clasp thismeans to hold something tightly in your hand for example she clasped her hands together as shewaited number nine is to clutch to clutch this .

Means to hold somebody or something tightly forexample i clutched onto his shoulder for support number nine is to collide to collide thismeans to disagree strongly for example my partner and i often collide over politicaldifferences number 11 is to command to command this means to tell somebody what to do forexample she commanded the release of the prisoners number 12 is takawa takawa this means to bend lowand or move backwards because you're frightened for example the dog whimperedand cowered at his feet number 13 is to crave to crave this meansto have a very strong desire for something for example i've always cravedexcitement number 14 is to dash to dash this means to go somewhere very quickly forexample a mustache it was lovely to see you .

It's a good one to use if you're trying to escapean unwanted conversation number 15 is to detect to detect this is to discover or notice somethingespecially if that something isn't easy to see or hear for example the tests are designed to detectthe disease this is impossible i need to include this in a tongue twister video for examplethe tests are designed to detect bacteria number 16 is to deviate to deviate this is to dosomething in a different way from what is usual or expected or to be different from something forexample let's not deviate from the original idea number 17 is to discern to discern this is tosee or hear something usually with difficulty for example i quickly discerned that something waswrong number 18 is to dismantle to dismantle this is to take something apart usually a machineor a structure so that it's in separate pieces .

For example i had to dismantle the printer inorder to repair it number 19 this is a lovely one it's to eavesdrop to eavesdrop this means tolisten secretly to what other people are saying for example we caught her eavesdropping outsidethe window number 20 is to escort to escort this is to go with somebody either to protect themor to show them the way for example let me escort you to your room number 21 is to expose to exposethis is to tell the true facts about a person or a situation and show it or them to be illegalor immoral for example she was exposed as a liar and a fraud number 22 is to glare to glare this isto look at somebody or something in an angry way for example she didn't shout she just glaredat me number 23 is to gravitate to gravitate this is to move towards something or someonethat you are attracted to for example .

Many young people gravitate towards london insearch of work number 24 is to gush to gush this is to express so much praise for someone orsomething that it doesn't seem sincere for example rachel is always gushing about how much she valuesperu's friendship number 25 is tobble to hobble this means to walk with difficulty especiallybecause your legs or your feet hurt for example she was hobblingaround on crutches yesterday number 26 is to hover to hover this meansto wait somewhere especially near someone in an uncertain or shy manner for examplehe hovered over her waiting for an answer number 27 is to ignite to ignite this means tostart to burn or to make something start to burn for example tempers ignited when the redundancypackages were announced number 28 is to intertwine .

To intertwine this means to become very closelyconnected with somebody or something for example their political careers became very closelyintertwined number 29 is to lurk to lurk this means to wait somewhere secretly especiallybecause you're going to do something illegal or bad for example she saw someone lurking inthe doorway and decided to leave immediately number 30 is to mimic to mimic this means tolook or behave like someone or something else for example his behavior mimicked thatof his mother number 31 is to oppress to oppress this means to make someone onlyable to think about worrying or sad things for example he was beginning to feel oppressedby his surroundings number 32 is to peer to peer this is to look closely at somethingespecially if you can't see it properly .

For example he peered closely at thephotograph number 33 is to pinpoint to pinpoint this means to be able to give theexact reason for something or to be able to describe something exactly for example the reportpinpointed the areas most in need of development number 34 is to prune to prune this meansto make something smaller by removing parts for example please could you go through thereport and prune out any unnecessary details number 35 is to recoil to recoil this means tomove your body quickly away from something or someone because you find it or them frighteningor unpleasant for example she recoiled in horror after he tried to kiss her number36 is to reverberate to reverberate this means to have a strong effect onpeople for a long time or over a large area .

For example repercussions of the case continue toreverberate through the financial world number 37 is to saunter to saunter this means to walk ina slow relaxed way for example she's sauntered down the corridor looking as if she had allthe time in the world 38 is to seize to seize this means to take someone or something suddenlyusing force for example he seized hold of my hand and led me to the exit number 39 is to shatter toshatter this means to destroy something completely especially someone's hopes dreams or expectationsfor example he shattered her confidence when he told her how he really felt about her singingvoice number 40 is to shrivel to shrivel i love saying that one to shrivel this means to makesomething become dry and wrinkled as a result of heat cold or being old for example the long bathhad shriveled my fingers and toes number 41 is to .

Slump to slump this means to fall in value priceor number suddenly by a large amount for example profits have slumped by over 12 percent thisquarter number 42 is to struggle to struggle this means to try very hard to do something whenit's very difficult or there are a lot of problems for example i'm really struggling to pay all of mybills on time number 43 is to stumble to stumble this means to walk or move in an unsteady way forexample we stumbled around in the dark trying to find the light switch number 44 is to trim to trimthis is to make something better smaller or neater by cutting parts away from it for examplestaff numbers have just been trimmed to 15. number 45 is to upstage to upstage this is to sayor do something that makes people notice you more than the person they should be interested infor example how dare you upstage me at my own .

Wedding number 46 is to withdraw to withdrawthis is to stop giving or offering something to someone for example unless you sign the contractwithin seven days the offer will be withdrawn number 47 is to wrestle to wrestle this means tostruggle to deal with something that is difficult for example we wrestled for hours with theproblem of which task to start first number 48 is to yank to yank this means to pullsomething or someone hard and suddenly for example i yanked the door open and ran outside someone's dog's barking number 49 is toyearn to yearn this means to want something very much especially when it'svery difficult to get or achieve for example i've always yearned to escape fromoffice life and number 50 is to zap to zap .

This means to do something very quicklyit's often used to replace the word to read for example i'll zap through this reportand i'll get back to you in the morning right that was my lesson on 50 advanced verbsthat you can now use and impress people with today i have a vocabulary lesson we aregoing to talk about clothes vocabulary but not just the basic clothes vocabulary we'regoing to go into detail when you start learning english one of the first things that you learn issocks t-shirt shoes hat but there is so much more than that there's so much more advanced vocabularywhat's the difference between a t-shirt bra and a push-up bra or boxers and briefs whatwould you call this neckline style on a t-shirt i'm going to tell you all of this i think weshould start with underwear because hopefully .

That's what you put on first now i am going tobe talking about menswear and women's wear but i completely understand that you can wear whateveryou want regardless of gender we're just going from a vocabulary standpoint here let's start withmen's underwear in british english we call men's underwear pants now in american english pants iswhat we call trousers so if someone from the u.s says take off your pants it means take off yourtrousers but if a british girl says take off your pants she might be flirting with you now pants isa very general term but we can be more specific we have boxer shorts or boxers and these tend tohave an elastic waist and baggy legs baggy means loose or not tight briefs which are also knownas y fronts are shorter and tighter they're often referred to as snug which means tight and closefitting we also have boxer briefs which have that .

Same elasticated waist and they have long legswhich are tight-fitting now let's talk about the women's wear equivalent in american english theycall women's underwear panties now we don't tend to say this in british english panties almostsounds like something you'd say to a child it sounds quite childish which obviously when you'retalking about underwear doesn't sit well with me in british english we say pants or knickers sothat pants word is a really general unisex term knickers is generally referring to women's wearnow we also have lots and lots of different types of knickers we have briefs now these areoften rudely referred to as granny pants because they're bigger and they're not deemed tobe attractive but i can think of many occasions where having attractive underwear is not yournumber one priority so briefs can be very very .

Comfortable and convenient these cover you wellthey are triangular and they come up high and they finish low if you want underwear that holdsyou in and slims you and smooths your silhouette then you have the option of control pantsor spanx which is actually a brand name but because they were sort of the pioneers like thehoover spanx they were the first in the market so their brand name has actually becomesomething that we use for any brand we also have boy shorts these are basically thewomen's wear version of boxer shorts we also have knickers with just a thin strip at the backthese have many names you can call them a g-string i grew up playing the violin and i alwaysfound it so funny when my g-string broke tell everyone oh no i've broken my g-string youcan also call them thongs or brazilians thongs .

Seems to be a really thin strip at the back andbrazilians are slightly thicker at the back now some important vocabulary vpl lots of women chooseto wear thongs and brazilians and g-strings to avoid the vpl which means visible panty line thisis where the edge of your underwear can dig into your skin and be visible through clothes i know imuch prefer a seamless look seamless means smooth without any joins a seam in clothing is wheretwo pieces of fabric have been sewn together that's the scene there let's also talk about brasthese are very very important or not so important nowadays it seems to be quite in fashion to notwear a bra bra is short for frazier but hardly anyone says that anymore we just say bra there arelots of different styles we have a triangle bra which is of course in a triangle sort of moreof a bikini shape we have a t-shirt bra which .

Is a bra that's intended to be invisibleunder your t-shirt a sports bra this has lots of control so there's minimal movement whendoing exercise and running we have a strapless bra with no straps straps other pieces of materialthat go over your shoulder we have a push-up bra sometimes referred to as a wonder bra but againwonder bra is a brand but because they were one of the early ones on the market lots of peoplegot used to saying wonder bra for every brand the correct brandless term is a push-up bra andthis is where you have extra sponge or filling to push up your cleavage and create a bustierlook one last one we have is a bandeau this is a strapless piece of material normally withouttoo much structure there are two adjectives that you need to know when it comes to bras padded andunderwired if a bra is padded it means it has an .

Extra layer of material this helps you have extrashape if a bra is underwired it means it has some wiring below the cup again to give extra shapelots of women avoid under wiring for comfort reasons let's move on to another underwear sectionsocks and tights the things you wear on your feet and your legs let's start with socks we havetrainer socks and these are socks that finish just below your ankles so technically they shouldbe invisible when you wear trainers we also have pop socks and these just cover the outer partof your feet so that they are invisible in most shoes we also have ankle socks that come upto the ankles mid calf over the calf knee high over the knee and thigh high we also havewhat are called tights in british english or pantyhose in american english these are likelong socks that come all the way up to your waist .

So they are joined together at the top like a pairof leggings the thickness of these are determined by the denier which describes the thickness ofthe yarn or material used to make them 20 denier pair of tights would be very thin and transparentand 100 denier pair of tights would be very thick and warm stockings are a sort of cross between apair of tights and socks that finish at your thigh but they're normally in that tight nylon sort ofmaterial lastly we have thermal underwear which we wear under our clothes to keep us warm we havelong johns which are thermal trousers or leggings an undershirt which is usually a long-sleevedshirt vests are sleeveless thermal tops with thin straps in general we would just refer toany piece of clothing used to keep us warm as our thermals oh i've got my thermals on oh i wish i'dput my thermals on right we're done with underwear .

Let's move on to what goes on the top half ofyour body in british english anything that goes on the top half of your body is generallycalled a top in american english generally it's a shirt but a shirt in british english wouldimply that it has a collar buttons and maybe cuffs one word that you will hear a lot when talkingabout tops is sleeves or sleeved the sleeves are the part of the garment that cover your armsif something is short sleeve and it has short pieces of material on your arm long sleeves theopposite we also mention collars which is the material that can cover your neck and the necklinewhich is essentially a hole for your head i think neckline vocabulary is very important becausedifferent necklines suit different people we have the v-neck we have this this is a boat neck thishas got a thin kind of crescent shape a polo or .

Turtle neck we have a cowl neck which has someextra material and we also have a crew neck which would be considered the most normal style oft-shirt neck a sweetheart neck forms the top shape of a love heart this is considered to be veryfeminine square neck scoop neck and a halter neck where the sleeves come up and go around your necki love halter necks in the summer a top can be sleeveless or strapless it can be strappy orhave straps i know my mum would say oh i love your strappy dress meaning your dress with strapsreally thin straps can be called spaghetti straps because they look like a strand of spaghettiwe could have short sleeves half length sleeves three quarter length sleeves or long sleeves nowin british english a top with straps is usually called a vest in american english it's usuallycalled a tank although because here in britain we .

Consume a lot of american media we do now use theword tank as well but when i was younger growing up i would always say vest top but now i'm oldertank top seems to be just as common this could be because brands are more international now so theychoose to use the american terminology something that's very popular at the moment crop tops theseare short tops that finish under your torso and they show your midriff or your stomach as isaid before shirts in british english refer to tops with buttons down the front and a collar andusually cuffs we also have blouses these are like feminine shirts they're normally more loosefitting they don't necessarily have the collar and they're considered to be more smart and formalcuffs are the end parts of shirts and to seal them we i don't know why i pinched myself just there toclose them we use cufflinks cufflinks that's the .

Accessory that many men receive on their birthdayslet's talk about the tops that keep you warm in british english we have jumpersand in american english they call them sweaters if you said to a british person cani borrow a sweater i think we would understand you but we might think maybe you're looking forsportswear we do have sweatshirts which are like hoodies but with no hood and generally nopocket on the front they're normally cotton with tight sleeves hoodies have a hood and apocket at the front we also have jumpers or knitwear there's lots of different styles cableknit or chunky knit my fiance will loves a cable knit jumper we also have fair isle print whichhave that christmassy design around the neck striped or stripey and also cardigans whichare divided down the middle and are closed .

With buttons now let's talk about some casualjackets as well we have a biker or leather jacket made out of leather denim jacketsbomber or military jackets and baseball or varsity jackets and these are an american stylejacket but they became very popular in the uk and they are what college students tend to wear wealso have formal jackets a blazer is a more casual less tailored formal jacket we have a tailoredjacket which is very close fitting a dinner jacket which has satin on the lapels they are the partsthat are folded back on a formal jacket we can have jackets and coats that are single-breastedwith one row of buttons or double-breasted with two rows of buttons we also have a morningcoat jacket which has long tails at the back let's talk briefly about the different styles ofcoats we have a trench coat often found in beige .

Usually tied at the waist very burberry duffelcoats which are closed using those special wooden fasteners parker jackets and rain jacketsa ski jacket a very puffy one for cold weather we also have a shooting coat which is used forbritish country sports and an overcoat as well on colder evenings women in particular may chooseto wear a poncho which is like a blanket that goes all the way around it has no sleeves a shawla big scarf that you can wrap around or a wrap as well those are alternatives to coats let's moveon to the bottom half of your body now we have jeans and we have so many different types of jeanswe can have high-rise mid-rise or low-rise they can also be called high-waisted jeans low-waistedjeans we can have skinny jeans straight leg jeans bootleg jeans which go out under the kneeflared jeans as well and mom jeans which are .

Very popular now you can also have jeggingswhich are a cross between jeans and leggings they normally have fake pockets and i'm reallyglad that they're not that popular anymore because i didn't like them we have leggings which canbe high-waisted or regular we have joggers in british english or sweatpants in american englishthey are meant to be for athletic wear but now athletic wear is everyday wear and sometimesformal wear athleisure i think they call it harem pants which are very loose fitting they've gota very low crotch which is the piece of material between your legs wide leg trousers they'rebecoming more and more fashionable we also have corduroy trousers which are made of a specificmaterial corduroy cargo pants or cargo trousers these are sort of military inspired they'rebaggier chinos these are cotton trousers often .

Found in beige shorts which of course are shortertrousers or if you want really tiny shorts you can have short shorts in british english or hotpants in american english we also have skirts there are lots of different styles starting withlength we have mini midi maxi mini's really short midi's at your knee maxi is down to the groundskirts can be pleated meaning they have ironed folds of material they can be skater skirtswhich mean they go out like an ice skater we also have tulip skirts which mean they come inlike a tulip trumpet skirts go out at the bottom like a trumpet this is all very logical we havetiered skirts also called rara skirts they've got lots of different layers of material comingoff and my favorite a pencil skirt which is just a figure-hugging skirt that normally goesmid-thigh to the knee we have lots of different .

Types of dresses as well that go over your fullbody but one thing i want to mention before is a jumpsuit so this is a full body outfitthat has trousers as opposed to a skirt these are usually full length if you want yourtop attached your shorts this is normally called a playsuit in british english or it's called aromper in american english cute short very summery floral dresses are called tea dresses in britishenglish or sundresses in american english but there's a lot of crossover we have fit and flaredresses which are tight at the top and then go out for the skirt wrap dresses which are wrappedaround you and tied with a bow maxi dresses they go all the way down to the floor ball gownsthese are very formal dresses usually worn for evening events peplum dresses they werea big fashion weren't they they are normally .

Tight but have a bit at the waist that flares outbodycon dresses and pencil dresses are usually very figure-hugging and tight let's move on toshoes we normally talk about our flats or our heels so obviously flat shoes have no heelsand heels elevate your heel off the ground ballet flats are of course inspired by balletdancers kitten heels have a tiny little thin heel tall version of that is calledstiletto heels that's with a really thin pointy heel that is really difficult towalk on platform heels have a thick platform under the toes wedges have no individual heel it'sjust all one block at the bottom and we also have court shoes and pumps which are sort of lowerheels when we talk about flatter shoes we have trainers in the uk or sneakers in americanenglish again there's lots of crossover now .

Boots these cover your entire foot sandals theseare strappy shoes that you wear in summer and flip-flops these are also known as thongsthese are very minimal rubber shoes that you can wear in the summer and normally at thebeach we have loafers we also have boat shoes chelsea boots and brogues finally let's touch onaccessories of course we'd be nothing without our sunglasses we can also call them sunnies for shortor shades we also wear watches scarves gloves a handbag handbags or just bags in general i haveheard people refer to mail handbags as man bags i'm not sure if that's really a thing why wouldthey not just call it a bag we can also carry an umbrella and one important thing to note isneckwear especially in menswear we can have a tie or a cravat that's a different that's like sortof a silk scarf that you wear in place of a tie if .

You want a bow it's a bow tie we also have loadsand loads and loads of different types of hats a hat with a peek is called a cap you can havea visor which just goes around here there's nothing at the top a beret is french inspiredof course a panama hat very nice for holidays we also have fedoras i know there are very mixedviews on fedoras in the internet community top hats which are very tall my fiance wears a tophat once a year at the races and i can never take him seriously when he's wearing it it lookstoo ridiculous because he's already six foot six which is nearly two meters it's 198. um and soto have a top hat on as well it's just too much when we go to weddings sometimes especially womenwill wear a little decoration it's not quite a hat but it's an accessory on their head we call thisa fascinator because it just fascinates everyone .

We also have a beanie hat or a woolly hat whichis knitted and if it has a pom-pom on it we call it a bobble hat so cute right that is it fortoday's lesson i hope you learned something i have thrown a lot of vocabulary at you ifyou'd like to improve your listening skills and your vocabulary skills even further then youcan try looking at my vlogging channel where i vlog my life here in the english countrysideevery vlog is fully subtitled so you can use it as a language learning tool that is lucybella on youtube don't forget to connect with me on my social media i've got my instagram lucyand my website englishwithlucy.co.uk where i have a handmade pronunciation tool where you canclick on any phoneme and hear me pronounce it e no air it's a lot of fun and i had a lot of funmaking it i will see you soon for another lesson .