So there's a new glitch in the instagram algorithm that anyone can take advantage of to increase their reach by 500 to a thousand percent maybe even more but be warned this will not last forever and chances are within the next week or two maybe couple months at the most this hack will be covered up and no longer effective so watch this video to the end .

So you fully understand it and how to take advantage of it whilst you can now if you've spent a bit of time on instagram over the past couple of weeks you've probably noticed that there's a lot of large pages posting quotes memes or text heavy content on the platform but instead of them uploading these as a regular image like a normal person would .

They've been turning them into one second long videos and posting them as reels which means when that content gets shared to a story it's really annoying to watch because it's there for like a second and then it's gone um and so that's how i actually originally first noticed this i was watching people's stories and i saw these quotes that were .

Disappearing after a second then i realized they were videos but what's actually happening behind the scenes with this is because it's a quote or a meme that people might spend five to ten seconds consuming reading understanding etc yet it's only one second long people are often watching this for five seconds ten seconds which means the watch time .

On it is 500 to a thousand percent now this algorithm is normally really good it's a really effective way of instagram understanding what content is good what content is engaging and what content is not because you can like a piece of content without spending much time on it but you're only going to spend a lot of time on content that is engaging and .

Relevant to you and therefore instagram rank content based on how much time people spend on it in relation to how long the content is watch time percentage so this is sort of a way that people are hacking that and you know taking advantage of it now some of you who have been watching my videos for a while may have seen me make the video .

Where i went over instagram's guide to the do's and don'ts of creating reels and in this video i was referencing a post made by instagram themselves in which they said content that is text heavy or has text covering the whole screen will not be pushed and reels to people who do not follow the account as they see it as spammy content now i .

Think the reason that this is working so effectively still even though it's text heavy content being posted as a real is because it's not text that is added in the editing process and it doesn't look like too spammy or out of place because the background background's often just a normal background so it's something people are .

Used to seeing and therefore the classifiers are not picking it up people are not reacting to it any differently and therefore nothing has been done about it yet however very very soon instagram will make a change which pretty much closes up this loophole i'm almost completely certain that instagram are fully aware of this happening and .

Have seen this sort of loophole in the system and they'll just be working on a way that they can adjust the algorithm slightly to stop this content being pushed more than it should be and have people post memes as memes as images sorry um and and quotes as quotes rather than as one second long reels but they need to find a way to do it within .

The algorithm without penalizing other content now this is known as a balancing feedback loop instagram create a new format of content reels they have an algorithm for it and then people find a way around it some sort of loophole and then instagram go and adjust uh what they're doing so that that loophole is gone people find a new loophole .

Instagram cover it up and it sort of goes back and forth but what are the actual results from this because i at the start of the video i said so there's a new glitch in the instagram algorithm that anyone can take advantage of to increase their reach by 500 to a thousand percent maybe even more a 500 to 1 000 increase so a five to ten times .

Increase in reach and that wasn't over exaggeration by any means so this is an account called success owner which i've noticed has done this a lot so we're just going to take a quick look at their engagement uh now this was the recent few posts so we'll scroll down so we get to the the more you know posts that have had time to get engagement so if we look .

At this image quote that he's posted 5.5 k 5 500 likes 9 000 likes 7 000 likes 10 000 likes 15 000 ten thousand ten thousand uh forty six thousand nine thousand so that one's done really well but um aside from a few anomalies .

Like on the low end he's getting about 8 000 likes on the high end he's getting close to 20. that one was a bit of an anomaly but we're seeing sort of yeah sort of like 10 to 20 000 likes on his content some a little bit lower some a little bit higher but if we look at what he's doing with .

These one minute long videos uh sorry not one minute one second long videos you can see here this is um one second long and this is only 18 hours old 28 800 likes but maybe that's just a good post let's take a look at this one this one is a day old .

30 000 likes uh and then if we scroll down a little bit and we start to get content that's a little bit older let's take a look at these 42 000 likes what's this one here waiting for it to load 60 000 likes uh and if we go across to .

The reals tab actually we can just see all of these together and we see the view counts and the likes counts sorry um not on he's not got them on the real step but yeah come down to this one how many likes have you got in a week 70 000 likes and you can see all the content around .

This like the exact same content posted as an image is getting seven to twenty thousand and then any time you post it as a one second video it goes up and generates on the low end forty thousand on the high end 70 to 80 000. um let's see what this one here has done like all of these pieces of content are .

Just getting absurdly 93 000 likes it's just absurd let's see this i bet you this one's got over a hundred thousand likes 99 832 close um but yeah we can see all any time that he posted the post this content as a video his likes like go from an average of eight thousand to twenty thousand to an .

Average of fifty to a hundred thousand so he's getting about a five times increase on the exact same content by turning it into a one second video as opposed to posting it as an image so depending on your style of content this can be an incredible way to grow your reach and audience because when your content is getting five to ten times as .

Much likes chances are it's reaching a lot more people and growing your audience much faster however do not rely on this as your one and only strategy to build your audience focus on knowing your niche creating great content that they enjoy cultivating your audience being better than your competition and striving to improve the content and the .

Stuff that you put out into this world then when hacks like this come along you can use them to improve what you're doing this account here already had a million followers they already knew the exact content to post and they simply use this strategy to increase what they're doing by five to ten times it wasn't like they had like just average .

Stuff boring stuff and then threw up their strategy and things exploded overnight because these trends will come and go you want to have a solid strategy in place that allows you to build your audience generate customers and then in the long term as these different things come and go you throw them in there to give you a .

Boost but you're always building now if you need a strategy to build your audience consistently and generate customers with instagram without relying on hacks in send me a dm on instagram at josh ryan and i'll see how we can help or if we can help now if you've tried this strategy let me know uh down in the comments with what sort of results and .

Experiences you have had with it uh and if you want to go out there and try it let me know as well although this is pretty annoying as a consumer you see a lot of people in the comments of these asking why they're being posted as videos and saying it's really annoying so just be careful with it great way to increase reach might piss off your .

Audience if you want more free content from me join my weekly email newsletter there is a link in the top of the description down below i've also added free instagram marketing courses to skillshare and like i said if you want more in-depth one-on-one help to getting results on instagram flip me a dm josh ryan and give me a follow there that's .

It for me see you all in the next one
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