Why is Elon Musk and Space X Keeping this a Secret

We are quickly approaching half a century sincethe heady days of humans walking on the moon and gene cernan remains the last person toleave a footprint on another celestial body for a while it appeared that manned exploration ofour cosmic neighborhood was generations away from returning but that has dramatically changed partof the reason is the beginning of a new space race between the united states and china but gainingground meteorically is the wonder that is spacex elon musk's private playground that successfullylaunched all 31 scheduled flights in 2021 what's in store for 2022 a launch aweek and already two within less than 24 hours including a top secret payload that thenational reconnaissance office describes as a single payload in orbit to save lives welcome theFactnomenal in today's video we reveal the latest .

Milestone reached by spacex and how diametricallyopposed the two newest missions are as well as the crowded cosmic freeway that now surroundsearth and is about to get even more crowded on wednesday february 2nd 2022 at 12 27 pm pacifictime falcon 9 launched the n roll 87 mission from space launch complex 4 east at vandenberg spaceforce base in california with these words the successful launch of a highly classified payloadinto space was announced this followed a falcon 9 mission from cape canaveral space station justtwo days earlier with an italian radar satellite and preceded by less than 24 hours yet anotherfalcon 9 rocket launch from kennedy space center it was a perfect launch for the 229 foot tall or70 meter rocket with its 9 merlin engines lifting the payload into orbit the first stage fired foralmost two and a half minutes before shutting .

Down and separating and three of the boostersmerlin engines ignited to point the rocket back towards vandenberg which is on the pacificcoast between los angeles and san francisco the falcon 9 second stage engine then tookover reaching a peak altitude of 89 miles before returning to terra firma and touching downsofter than a feather pillow onto landing zone 4. another successful trip into space chronicledin great detail on spacex's live webcast as for the upper stage the falcon 9 delivereda national security payload to orbit before the reusable rocket booster safely landed at landingzone 4. the nro press release exclaimed enroll 87 is designed built and operated by the nroto support its overhead reconnaissance mission colonel chad davis director ofthe nro's office of space launch .

Could not hide his satisfaction with the missioneven though he was unable to reveal anything about its purpose i cannot provide unfortunately reallyany details whatsoever which is really frustrating to me in one regard because then i'm not able toaccurately communicate the kind of capability this is going to deliver in orbit if it's not alreadyobvious nro is much like fight club in that you do not talk about either organization you donot talk about fight club well maybe a little u.s spy satellites have an astoundingcapability for capturing sharp images and some are equipped with mirrorscomparable to hubble only pointed downward in fact the national reconnaissance officein 2012 donated two telescope units to nasa and just recently the space agency formalizedplans to repurpose them to look outward away .

From us one of them is now tabbed for the nancyroman space telescope or roman to be launched in 2027 according to the latest plants and the spytelescope donated comes with an amazing bonus jason kelleri astronomer at the spacetelescope science institute had this to say telescopes generally come in two flavors reallypowerful big telescopes that can see a tiny part of the sky or telescopes that are smaller so theylack power but they can see big parts of the sky roman is the best of both worlds how much betterits field of vision is 100 times that of hubble the payload of the spacex launch went to an orbitof about 310 miles or 500 kilometers in altitude consistent with an imaging satellite with a budgetthat is classified but reported in the last decade to top 10 billion dollars the nro's self-describedmission is to foster innovative overhead systems .

For national security formed under a strict cloakof secrecy on september 6 1961 in response to the soviet's alarming launch of sputnik the agencywas charged with overseeing all satellite and over-flight reconnaissance projects whether overtor covert of course it's no longer classified or we'd be talking about something else right nowdavis did confirm that the nro puts capabilities on orbit to save lives and spoke of a flurry oflaunches by the space agency in coming months seven of them headed into orbit this yearhe confirmed with a mystery alluded to that is very out of character for nro the spy agencyhistorically has launched from cape canaveral in florida and vandenberg in california and in 2020it put a satellite into space from new zealand's majia peninsula but davis dangled an unexpectedcarrot for speculation before the latest launch .

If i take a snapshot today that numberis seven launches in eight months from three different continents we have alreadyaccounted for north america and oceania so who's the third best location guests theunited kingdom three commercial spaceports are set to begin operations in 2022 inthe uk and all three are built to launch small to mid-sized satellites to leo low earthorbit space is crowded and getting more crowd on thursday february 4th 2022 at 1 13p.m eastern and after several delays spacex put its latest starlink missioninto space as the falcon 9 rocket lifted off from cape canaveral with 49 satelliteson board in a nutshell unless you are santa claus or a penguin at either pole starlinkplans to beam down internet access to you .

Over 2 000 starlink satellites have been launchedinto orbit and that's only the beginning spacex is authorized for 12 000 satellites at anorbit of around 340 miles or 550 kilometers and is now seeking a federal communicationscommission license for its second generation starling broadband constellation featuring nearly30 000 satellites across 9 orbital patterns spacex has asked the fcc to expedite approvalof the gen 2 system which is to be launched with its upcoming starship vehicle this fully reusableand potentially less expensive rocket has already been awarded a 2.9 billion dollar nasa contract tocarry its astronauts to the moon space is crowded a study just published in astrophysical journalletters reveals a 35-fold increase in zwicky transient facility images taken at twilight thatare corrupted by streaks in less than two years .

Ztf is an innovative mosaic camera at palomarobservatory near san diego being used for a systematic study of the optical night sky foreverything from near-earth asteroids to supernovae images are being corrupted by streaks of sunlightreflected off spacex satellites the study found researchers had a less than 0.5 percentchance of getting photobombed from space in late 2019 but by august 2021 that number soaredto an 18 probability they estimate that once the size of the starlink constellation reaches 10000 essentially all ztf images taken during twilight will be affected a particular concern isinterference with detecting dangerous asteroids and while the researchers say the chances ofthe unwanted streaks interfering with locating hazardous asteroids is small the number of imagesaffected by satellite trails is alarmingly growing .

As more and more starling satellites arebeing deployed in orbit space is crowded so what do you think about Spacex and theincredibly ambitious era of space launches we are in the midst of spy satellites and space internetare we creating a dystopian ring around our earth tell us in the comments and as alwaysthank you for watching Factnomenal
SpaceX has made history again with a successful double launch, one of which was a top secret payload for the National Reconnaissance Office. We are quickly approaching half a century since the heady days of humans walking on the Moon, and Gene Cernan remains the last person to leave a footprint on another celestial body. For a while it appeared that manned exploration of our cosmic neighborhood was generations away from returning, but that has dramatically changed. Part of the reason is the beginning of a new “Space Race” between the United States and China, but gaining ground meteorically is the wonder that is SpaceX, Elon Musk’s private playground that successfully launched all 31 scheduled flights in 2021. What’s in store for 2022? A launch a week and already two within less than 24 hours, including a top-secret payload that the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) describes as a “single payload” in orbit “to save lives.” Welcome to Factnomenal! In today’s video we reveal the latest milestone reached by SpaceX and how diametrically opposed the two newest missions are—as well as the crowded cosmic freeway that now surrounds Earth and is about to get even more crowded. Buy us a coffee to show your support! https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Factnomenal DON’T CLICK THIS LINK: https://tinyurl.com/357shs3j Thanks for watching Factnomenal! 🌎 Subscribe for more space discoveries, space facts, and space in general! 🔔 Hit the bell next to subscribe so you never miss a video! ► For copyright matters, make sure to send us an email to Adam@trustedmiddle.com #spacex #elonmusk #factnomenal