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Good morning good afternoon and goodevening welcome to smashing english before we start this video be sure tosubscribe because we make new videos all the time and i don't want you to miss anyso with that said let's get on with the video happy valentine's day a day that can go one oftwo ways it's either a day of romance chocolates love or it's a day of crying stalking yourex-partners on social media and waiting for the whole day to end whatever your situation is iwish you a very lovely valentine's day now because it's a day of love i thought we could look at oneof my favorite romantic comedies love actually written by richard curtis this film is one of myfavorite films of all time it's mainly a christmas film but obviously it's also very centered aroundlove now i know what you're thinking laura why is .

Looking at love actually going to help me learnenglish let me tell you i think that this film does a really good job of showing british peoplemainly british people there is one american person in it but mainly british people talking in quitea normal way sometimes with british media like downton abbey or peaky blinders you knowperiod pieces they don't really show british people talking how we really talk whereas in loveactually there are so many british slang words and phrases that we really use every day so i am goingto teach you some british slang words and phrases that can be found in the film love actuallyjust a little warning there might be a few teeny little swear words in this because inbritain we do use teeny little swear words quite a lot and also quite big swear words quite a lot buttoday they'll only be little teeny ones in so if .

You've got any little teeny people watching maybesay bye-bye if you don't want them hearing teeny tiny swear words okay that's my disclaimer doneokay first off we have pop it's a great word pop and in one particular scene in this film we hearit used twice so we have the character jamie he comes home to find his brother chris in his houseand he says what are you doing here and chris says oh i just popped over to borrow some old cds andthen a couple of lines later jamie says i thought i'd pop back before the reception so what theymean by pop is just to go somewhere quickly so popping back somewhere is to go back somewhere butdo it quickly i'm not going to stay there for a long time just popping back i'll be in there forabout five minutes or you might hear someone say um can you pop to the shops and get me some breadjust pop to the shops just go to the shops quickly .

Don't spend a long time there just a fiveminute job so in britain if you hear the word pop used in a situation like this it meansto go somewhere quickly next up we have a word that appears multiple times in this film but indifferent situations and in different contexts and the word is bugger what a great word buggeroh bugger so the first time we hear it is when the prime minister realizes that there is a gorgeouswoman called natalie working for him and he's just started being the prime minister and he's thinkingoh no why is there a woman that i'm probably going to fall in love with working for me that's goingto distract me it's going to be horrific and he says bugger that is genuinely bad timing so whenyou hear bugger used like this it's an exclamation it's a sign of frustration it's something yousay if something's gone wrong if you're annoyed .

But then later on in the film we also hear buggerused like this bugger off bother off and that just means go away get out of here it's like a playfulfriendly banter way of saying go away you wouldn't say it to your boss you probably wouldn't sayit to your grandmother but you might say it to a friend if you were just teasing them buggercould be considered as like a tiny swear word i don't think many people in britain would beoffended if you said the word bugger it's not like the f word or anything it's like a tiniestwhite word a little one i'd say bugger off isn't used so much anymore i think nowbugger off has been replaced by piss off now piss off i think would be considered asmaybe a next level up swear word it probably it's a bit more aggressive i'd sayyou know if i told someone to piss off .

That's normally not a playful thing it's normallyan angry thing you know i hate you go away piss off you know if i say that to you means i don'tlike you so say bugger off is a bit more friendly piss off is a bit more get out the next word wehave is dodgy and we hear the word dodgy when colin is talking about some weird looking food hesays yeah a bit dodgy isn't it dodgy just means weird suspicious something that you can't trustyou know if your food looks dodgy maybe it looks like it's rotten or looks like it might giveyou food poisoning or it just looks a bit um a bit weird i'm not i'm not confident in thatnatalie talks about where she lives she says i'm from wandsworth the dodgy end so the dodgyend of wandsworth the dodgy end of a place is the the bad end the end where you know if youlive there you might get robbed you might um .

Run into some criminals so dodgy basically issuspicious not very good a bit untrustworthy you can't trust it then the character colin is talkingabout why british girls don't like him he's saying you know this is the reason i don't have agirlfriend it's because british girls they they don't understand me he says that the girlswho would be most suited to him are the girls who are game for a laugh now i think it's much morecommon nowadays to say up for a laugh but it means the same thing so if you are up for a laugh youare someone who enjoys a joke you're someone who enjoys a laugh you are someone who doesn't takeyourself very seriously you're fun to be around you're up for a laugh the next word i want totell you about is sack to sack to sack someone the prime minister talks about wanting to sack someoneif you want to sack someone you want to fire them .

So we might say george sacked lisa earlier onwhich just means george fired lisa or we might say lisa got the sack so sack can also be a nounthe sack lisa got the sack lose your job bye the next thing i want to draw your attention to is aphrase so natalie is talking to the prime minister and she is talking about her old boyfriendshe's saying she used to have a boyfriend who wasn't very nice and the prime minister saysoh i'm sorry about that and then natalie says i'm well shot of him i'm well shot of him to beshot to be shot of something means that you are far away from something you've taken yourselfaway from someone or something but it usually means that you are much better without that thingor that person it's better that i'm away from them i'm well shot of him so i'm far away from him i'mdistanced from him but also it's a good thing so .

It's fine then of course it wouldn't be a britishfilm if some people did not talk about the traffic we love talking about the traffic in britainit's all we talk about traffic and weather that's it the character john starts talking about thetraffic and he calls it murder he says junction 13 that's just murder so obviously murder meansvery very bad bad traffic next up we have sodding what a great word the prime minister says atone point so much sodding money ask him why he's spending so much sodding money sodding is just aword that you might hear to emphasize something it's like so much bloody money it's just anotherteeny tiny swear word that you might put in front of something if you want to emphasize it next upwe have a scene between daniel and sam and sam is a little boy and he's very very in love with thislittle girl and it's very sweet and he's talking .

About the fact that this girl is the only girl forhim there's only one person for him and she is it and then daniel says fair point and if you hearfair point it just means yeah okay i understand that's a good point you you make sense therethat's a good point but some people nowadays just say fair instead of fair point they might justsay yeah fair next up we have the scene that is probably my favorite scene in the whole movie theprime minister realizes he's in love with natalie so he goes down the street that he knows she liveson and he knocks on every door to try and find natalie and the woman who opens one of the doorsthat he knocks on says you're not who i think you are are you and he says yes fred so afraid so isjust a phrase that i think sums up british people because we're always afraid we're always afraidof offending people i think so we would use afraid .

So if you are giving some negative news somebad news something that maybe the person might not want to hear so obviously in this contexthe's using it as a joke so the person's saying are you the prime minister and he says yes i'mafraid so like sorry about that you know a bit of self-referential humor now we come to our finalphrase so towards the end of the movie everyone is at the airport and we hear one character sayingto the other what are you doing here he doesn't say what are you doing here he says what areyou doing here this is quite common in a lot of people from london they might just take outwords like r so like what are you doing here or instead of what are you saying they might saywhat you're saying again quite common with some people not for everyone but sometimes you mighthear that are dropped and that's about it i hope .

You learned some new words and phrases from thisfilm script i highly recommend the film if you want to watch the film it's a bit rude so checkthe um classification don't watch it with your five-year-old children maybe just a warning butit's a lovely lovely film i love it so much if you have any questions leave them down in the commentsbelow and i will try to get to as many as i can if you want to follow us on instagram you can doso there if you want an online one-to-one english lesson with me or my partner the link for thatis down below and i want to say a massive massive thank you to our patrons who they are aren't theybeautiful these people are currently receiving extra learning material for every single video sowhen i post a video i make a pdf with questions and more things to learn based around the theme ofthe video so they're getting extra stuff and they .

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