AEW Dynamite 2/16/22 Review! Wardlow vs. Max Caster (Face of the Revolution) Review! #shorts

Our next match in a face of the revolutionqualifying match between wardlow and max castor i love max caster's rap before he came out it wasjust great but that's nothing new maxcaster is so great a freestyle it was really compelling alsoreally insulting and i just smiled the entire time but obviously ward low you know warlow actuallydid not just run through max caster max caster did a couple of things and i was like wow there couldbe something there we actually saw more of wardlow in his ability and max castro really showcased itand really helped him through it and it really is a dance between competitors because wordle couldhave fell flat if it was anybody else but max caster but warlow won with powerbomb symphony itwas a fine match i really enjoyed it i'm excited for him to be in the face of the revolutionmatch i'll give this an orange cassidy thumbs up .

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