NHL Highlights | Penguins vs. Maple Leafs – Feb. 17, 2022

You love the fact that the coaches give us a great match up to start you got two of the hottest lines as matthews squares off against crosby should be a great one brian rushed on a tear and for the leaf michael bunting tight or in the lead in goals by rookies and russ nearly knocked that down but tj brodie's got matthews on the break to .

Tie the goal record and he scores and austin matthews is tied for the league lead in goals 21 seconds in you've got full speed of matthews and he takes it from his backhand and about three feet across mike sullivan comes right back to the crosby line and an odd man rush here comes curb foot and a club stopped by .

Jari as the leafs have come out of the gate flying her foot also on this line and there's justin hall elliott mentioned the revamp pairings with paul and dermott then jari tested again by kerr foot hot early on and mike sullivan i'm sure will be looking at his team they haven't been able to handle .

That pressure well jack campbell falls in trouble and got back to make a stop off again putting it across the front of the net and mulkin sends away dan hyman here's haydn to carter break away and campbell with the stop lost his stick as it ends up behind the leaf net works along the end .

Boards against brian dublin and nylander prevails good battle put it in front but it comes to riley and he swung it wide couldn't get the backhand through now out comes kinsel along with crosby gets a lynn stopped by campbell and that's at least three big stops for campbell here in this first period .

Barnard in to help out and a stick came up might have been marner's stick on bunting who walks out in front stopped by jarry buck still loose justin hall in a leg and that cuts down mcginn back to hall and he fired it high travis durbin moves up .

Michael bunting looking to get it back it comes to the line for riley ball up high that one got through to the net rebound comes loose for kosha centered and without a stick a stop there by jerry third foot with a steal here up ahead .

Mccabe one on one against letang a toe stop by jarry on a dangerous short hit a chance for ilya mccabe across it goes kaepernick gets it back from mourinho through the seam shot at a club stop by jack campbell dumalin did a nice job taking away marner there marner tapped his stick .

Wanted to just shuttle past that one right to the slot to kneeland austin matthews with 22 power play points here's riley all the way stars power play goal and a beauty for market riley they were thinking everything behind him riley comes up slowly then gets his feet .

Moving look at the players behack they're waiting for this to be a drop back he shows the great speed that he has and how about that shot just perfect kept his feet moving the entire way right here he makes a split decision that i think i can get through and the d is too wide jarry's not quite out aggressively enough and a perfect .

Shot with his head up the entire way look at the flare that sticking off the posted in what a great sound for a goal scorer with crosby let it go to the point brian dublin in the slot then comes back to crosby looks in front and campbell again big stop off rust on the doorstep as that puck kind of leaked through to the .

Leaked net 6 44 into the second period another highlight reel saved for campbell along the boards rodriguez it'll come back to the line here's mourinho shooting and he rings that one up off the goal post they often do when michael bunting's in .

The middle of it he draws more penalties than any lead captain into the net and campbell hung in there and kept the skate on the post to hold it up from the draw leaps controlled and muzzled got it back in front and a tip there by matthews jari stopped that nice play by jake musson up high trying to thread that .

Through for hall broke it up and now crosby after it against marner and at the end of the shift just played it down the leap zone breakaway pass 34 and he is stopped by gerry three plus have been allowed by campbell in seven of the last nine pittsburgh hasn't solved him yet a .

Breakaway here comes morgan riley again back to camp scores and it will count and it's three nothing back-to-back short-handed goals for david camp in as many games seeing it on the power play taking control camp with the initial pressure .

Forces this bad pass with a good stick now morgan riley just times it enough the net's coming off but it was pushed off by jari so even the fact that the net isn't in right position it's that pressure by david camp the good stick by camp but an excellent read by riley showing great patience .

And camp with control of that puck knows that he's got jarry down that's clearly off but it's kicked off by jari it's been a difference maker most of the season there's another great stop gets a little sharper in focus back comes the smooth skating matheson in front the rebound jack campbell's got it even when .

Pleasant was acquired by the leaf so one of the first things he said is that he doesn't play the right side there's carter nice move and following up walking right on and they score pittsburgh on the board as vulcan and carter combined the play at the boards by the pinch on .

The side by sanding now you've got to forward back two forwards actually back there and it's just a little bit of a mix-up now you got bodies flying all around a flyby there by bunting carter with the great hands and the rebound the second one there as campbell couldn't quite corral it great performances from key ahl players there's double shot that .

Blocked as it hit marner and i think that's stung mitch marner but he picks up the puck finds matthew's in front bunting scores and a beauty and the leads have the three-goal lead back said in 18 for punting but it came off that shot almost hit him in the crest .

All they wanted he had one hand on his stick for a split second then able to make the play and how about this saucer across austin matthews with the backhand over the stick of dumoulin great timing there by bunting and another one for jarry dublin steps up in behind the net boyle centers simone and .

Jack campbell's gonna hear the suit chance again and russ missed a chance to redirect that back to crosby balkan glove stop jack campbell they got a quick goal from austin matthews and they're going to post a forward win and they've won seven .

Straight there's the goal scoring leader in the nhl and it's the 23rd win of the year you
Auston Matthews scored his 33rd goal of the season as the Toronto Maple Leafs defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins 4-1.