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Whether we agree or not, but we somewhere have huge amount of male dominance in our country. And it has increased so much that all the females are dragged backwards. Whenever a female wants to do something when girls want to be career focused, their ambitions are always neglected and are always discouraged. Which is very wrong, it should not be like this. Because of this there are very less female .

Entrepreneurs in our country. Whenever someone talks about selling lingerie in our country India then people have negative mindset about them. Just think, if a girl says that I will sell lingerie in a country like this then what people would have thought; people would have created chaos, just imagine this. Friends today's video is going to be very inspiring .

For all the girls, because today I have brought a case study of Zivame.com which is India's biggest lingerie selling brand; and yes this was started by a lady, a normal lady who was just 31 years old then, from a very small space. And we will understand how it started from small place and today its a big company of crore of rupees; today's turnover of this company is more than Rs. 340 Crore & valuation of this company .

Has crossed Rs. 700 Crore. Zivame.com, India's largest female lingerie brand its founder's name is Richa Kar, she is a sweet lady, a humble lady; she started this business in 2011. Yes, its been quite a while now. Today this business is flourishing and earning lot of money. This business received a total funding of around $46 Million till date. Let us talk about the background of founder. .

Richa Kar was born in Jamshedpur in a very normal, humble family. Her family was quiet simple and middle class. Her father had been a hard working employee in TATA steel; if we talk about the background of Richa Kar, what was her education? She has done B.Tech from BITS Pillani which is very reputed college, after which she completed her MBA from NMIMS – Narsee Monjee Institute of Management .

Studies and then also worked with Spencer retail for long time. So the first reason behind their success is Problem Solving Product They have built a problem solving product. They found the problems in the market that what are the problems faced by women, and developed its entire business around it. What are the major problems in lingerie industry? .

First and the biggest problem is male salesmen. Yes, almost all, around 95% shops have male salesmen. And women feel really uncomfortable when they go for lingerie shopping. What was the second problem? It was Negligence of Taste and Preferences. Yes, every woman has her own preference when she purchases the lingerie. And this thing is completely neglected because .

They can't express freely about what they like. Third problem is Judgment. This happens quite a lot, today all of us judge every other person because of some reason. In our society people still judge others based on their looks that this person doesn't look good. People also judge you based on taste & preferences. Moreover people also judge based on intimacy. And that's why women couldn't spend more time .

In lingerie stores. How did Zivame solved this? See, Zivame has brought everything online. Now women don't have to deal with all this. Neither they need to deal with salesman nor they need to deal with their vulgar comments. And now every woman can freely and comfortable purchase their lingerie. Next principle is Transformational Unique .

Selling Proposition; they have nicely built their USP; 90% of the lingerie products are of cheap quality and remaining 10% good quality products are so expensive that everyone can't afford them. This whole problem was fixed very nicely by Richa Kar; how did she fix it? She worked really hard and developed a five point value chain in her company. Now what is this five point value chain? .

What is the first value chain point? Firstly they focused on sizes and variety. Today Zivame offers more than 5000 varieties to all of its customers. And as the size of each customer is different so they have more than 100 sizes available. Second value chain is Unconventional Packaging. If you look at their packaging then you would not believe that they are selling lingerie. .

They have provided such a nice packaging to their customers that all the women can purchase lingerie without letting anyone know what they have ordered. Third point which is very strong, and it is Consultative Selling. The salesman who sells all the products is not a good salesman but he is the one who sells right products to the right customer. They have .

Consultants in their offline stores who guides you on products so that you can buy the best. Next point, they have very carefully targeted all the customers through blogging. Yes they write blogs on women lingerie so that customers can properly engage with them, and can trust their brand. Next point is No Questions Asked Return Policy. and all the customers are mad about this policy. .

Brother, I didn't like the product so please refund my money and they will quickly pick up your product and refund it without a question asked. Because of this, their customer satisfaction rate is very high. Scalable Business Model They have made their business model very scalable. Now how did they do this? They already have the online store Zivame.com .

Where you can order your products but apart from that they have opened more than 60 offline stores where ladies can go and purchase lingerie. To boost their sales and for business growth they have introduced commission sellers. Now what is this? See commission sellers are those people who can sell Zivame products from anywhere and can earn money. .

Company is benefited from this as well. If you sell the products worth Rs. 7000 then you earn a commission of 15%, if you sell between Rs. 7000 to Rs. 1 Lakh then you earn good commission which is around 35%. If you sell products worth Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs. 3 Lakh you earn 37% commission and if you sell above Rs. 3 Lakh then it will be fantastic because the commission is 39%. .

Today they have more than 800 partners who sell their products and earn. Apart from that they have provided Delivery Support System to customers, their delivery management is very strong so that deliveries are on time; they also provide marketing support to partners so that partners don't face any problem with lead generation & lead conversion and business continues. .

They have helped a lot to their sellers, so that sellers grow and earn money because of which this brand is all over the country. Powerful Marketing Campaigns There marketing campaigns were very powerful. First campaign was BYOB means Bring Your Old Bra. with which you can exchange your old bra and you will earn Rs. 100 cash back. And this campaign was a big hit. .

This campaign created so much of customer delight in people's mind that now they prefer to purchase through Zivame only. They also launched Fit For All campaign. Earlier girls were not getting the proper size for their lingerie, so they launched more than 100 sizes for their customers. And the girls were able to shop their lingerie so confidently that their business sky rocketed. .

One thing is quite simple 'Understand your customer more than him'. How are you benefited from this? You can serve better after understanding your customer properly; and that was the reason that a lady have created such a big fortune and achieved such a big success in such an industry which is taboo in India. But the thing to learn is 'Never give up'. .

Friends never give up. I have learned from Richa Karji that you should never give up and should keep it up. People denied her, demotivated her, discouraged her, criticized her, but she never stopped; she just continued with her mission, with her organization. And buddy see, when a girl in India says that she want to be an entrepreneur and when a boy says .

That he wants to be an entrepreneur then boys are supported by most of the people but it does not happen with girls people don't support them. You can learn from Richa Kar that If you don't quit you will never lose. Yes, you just keep it up, if you are working hard daily and its not your time then your time will definitely come. Everyone have their time. .

And people stop commenting when its your time. I hope you would have enjoyed today's video. you must have learned many thing today. People have asked about mic, I use Boya mic which is very good, you can hear the audio quality. It feels fantastic. I have given the link in the description, buddy you can go and purchase it from there. Do tell me in the comment section, friends .

Which part of the video you liked the most. And what you have learned from this video. Please let me know in the comments. I will see you in the next video.