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Friends, all of us want to be successful in life. And also want to earn lot of fame and money. We want people to appreciate us for what we are. But you have to pay the price for everything. Today we will discuss about Multi Level Marketing, the industry which promises you all these things; which is also known as Network Marketing where you can earn money by making many distributors. Forever living products, QNET, Oriflame, .

Herbalife and Vestige, all these are trending big companies today; and you will find many people approaching you from these companies. So today I will give you 5 such bitter truths about MLM which will not be told by any person doing MLM. And all the points I am going to share, all of them are based on research and experience. Nothing is said without proper research. .

First point is Fake Lifestyle. Means their lifestyle is not real, actually. See, you must have observed that these people always wear the suit, they will show you that they have lot of money; but that is not reality. If you look at their actual wealth then it is not even the 10% of the wealth that they pretend or show off. Now, why do these people do it? .

See, you can earn money in life only when you provide value. Money is a by product of value creation. But these people can't provide the value, so they do 2 things; they target your insecurities so that they can earn the money and they also try to trigger your dreams and ambitions a lot. They will always say you that come we will make you rich, you won't have to do much, you will be rich .

Very soon through MLM. All these points are only to grip you, the fact is their lifestyle is not at all like they pretend. But we have a habit which is called as Shiny Object Syndrome. We feel whatever shines is a gold. But that is not the reality in actual life. And I am telling all this with a personal experience. .

Now you must be thinking, why do they do like this? Why do they show the fake lifestyle? Answer is, you just think, if someone say to you that you will have to work very hard, put in huge efforts, you will have lot of frustration, you will have to work for 8-10 hours daily and work hard, you will have to attend meetings day and night. Even after doing all these things you will have 1 or 2% chances of earning money. .

Just tell me, will you do such work? No, you won't do it. And this is how the 90% of the population is. So they show off the fake lifestyle, cars, bungalows which are actually not there, but they do show you cars to attract. Bungalows are quite costly, buddy. Just think, you feel that they have great life looking at all these things on social media. .

If you look at their assets in reality means if you calculate their actual net worth then you will laugh as well. And you will understand that actually they don't even have 10% of what they are pretending; and you will cry as well, as you are in the trap now. And they do one more thing to keep you with them which we call as double show off. I will tell you, how is it? .

They will show you big amount cheques, see how much we or our seniors are earning. So that you should stay with them and looking at their big cheques and payouts, you would also feel wow buddy! they are earning so much of money. But the reality is, have you ever asked them that what is their net income? Now let me tell you what net income actually is. Net income means the total revenue minus all your .

Expenses; and they have lot of expenses, that you will come to know later. When you will find out their net income then you will feel so bad, you will feel that you are in a bad trap. But they will still make you stay with them and they will do this with extreme motivation. You will be given motivational speeches, which mainly comes from these four books. .

Rich dad poor dad, Copy cat marketing, Think and grow rich, Business school. I can tell you because I have read all these books. Next lie to you is that this will make passive income for you. Now you must be thinking, buddy, why do they lie about the passive income? I will tell you the reason. Passive income is considered as easy money. .

But there is nothing like that, in real life passive income do not exist. I will tell you right now what the truth and lie is. The truth is, there is nothing like sleep and earn. You can't earn money lifetime while relaxing. This is a myth. The fact is that you can leverage and can earn income and you should have financial confidence; just consider a scenario, Imagine you have a house, a real estate property, .

Which you have given on rent and you are earning monthly rent; just think for a moment that your tenants leave the house then will you get the rent? No, when there is no guarantee on such a big property that it will make money while you sleep then can this MLM with 2 plus 2 member scheme pay you for lifetime, without even working? Do you really think so? Was it an eye opener for you? I think, after knowing this you would have .

Understood the fact that there is nothing like passive income, especially through MLM. Next point is The no friends group. Now you would think what is this brother? See the no friends group means you have very less or no friends. And this is very much a true fact. I am telling with personal experience and you can ask to many people. .

Now you would think why am I saying like this? Why is it so? That you won't have friends if you do MLM. When you do MLM then you will ask your friends to join it with you. Because that is what is taught to you that you should invite your friends. Then your friend will deny and say that he will not do it at all. What happens after that is you push from your side, that no buddy .

I want joining, and your friend resists it. And when there are clashes, then conflicts also occur and there is rift in your friendship. But you will be given a motivation mindset in this entire scenario and you will be told, you will be brain washed regularly and you will be told about so many motivation things that friends and all that doesn't matter at all, nothing like that matters. Your seniors will .

Always tell you that if you hang out with unsuccessful people you will also become one. You'll be told that you have very frivolous thinking. They will say you that your friends are losers and they can't do anything, they don't know anything and you should not stay with such losers at all. Many such things will be told to you by your seniors. And the fevicol like bond that you had with your friends will be totally deteriorated. .

Why? Only because you try to join your friends in MLM and they deny you. The maths shown to you on paper is not at all correct. Now you would ask me, how can I say like this? See, I will give you a mathematical logic behind this and will also share a experience. You must have been taught power of compounding you would have been told the same thing in plan, that how you can grow with 2 or 3, exponentially. .

You will join two members initially then they will bring 2 members, and then they will bring 2 more and how you will start earning money. Actually this is not true at all, it doesn't work like this; why? Because those who will join under you, it is not necessary that they will work, If you have, 2 raise to power 39, then you will get this number, which is much more than population of the world. .

So your maths is spoiled. Now they will counterfeit this thing. How? They will say you that everyone will not do it. With this you will have a big doubt in mind. You will think, yes buddy, everyone will not do it so we will earn money. You will ask whether every person earns money, the answer would be no. Then you may think that we will be Millionaire, which is also not going to .

Happen. Now you will also ask this that what is the truth, brother? Tell me the truth. See the truth is that everyone does not earn money in MLM. Hardly anyone earns, I will also give the figure of how many people earn through it. Only top 3% people make enough money. 7% people get average amount of money, and 90% people don't get any money. .

Next lie to you will be that this is a part time work and you have nothing to loose. The real fact is that you will badly loose 2 things which are money and time. Now you may ask how will we loose money and time? See, you will be told at the start that this is zero investment business, no investment required. Just think yourself, is there any business which starts without any investment? .

They will say one thing to you for targeting this that we will give you products, you can use those products so it is zero investment. Firstly 90% of the products are useless. And also when you invest in any business then you don't get consumable products you get assets, which are those that literally earns money for you and have potential to do that. But that is not the case with the products. .

Plus, when you will have meeting with anyone you will show them the plan, you will talk to them so firstly you will have transportation cost and then you will have food cost, so brother you'll need money. One more thing is there, called as Opportunity cost the businessmen understand this term. Opportunity cost means Next best alternative forgone, means what are you losing to earn .

Something; here you will loose both money & time to earn some extra money. Now you may ask, how is it so? See, once you loose time it will not come back. And you will have to invest a lot of time for MLM. You won't be able to do anything without time. The real fact is that you could have developed new skills in that time, you could have earned some money by building good expertise. .

And the relationships that you have spoiled don't even count them, you can't measure that with money. The lie about the part time work will be given to you when you join this business at start. See, this is not a truth. Nothing works in part time. Those who have worked in MLM, they know this that nothing works in part time. Have you seen a part time millionaire in life? .

Means at least I have not seen it. If you have seen then do let him meet me. But you must have seen part time idiots. And you become one, because they make you, its not your fault. But it is very big lie that you will earn money while working part time, very big lie. I am not saying that no one earns money, people do earn money, definitely earn it. .

But you understand one thing that you have to do lot of work for that money, its not for free. You will have to suffer through lot of frustration. You can't relax and do this business. If it is said to you then it is a lie as well. A lot of time and effort will be required then there are chances of earning some money. And when you put in lot of efforts then there are only 1 or 2% chances of earning money. .

I am not at all saying that no one will earn money or no one earns money, 2 to 3% chances are there. People do earn money, definitely earn it. but majority of the people can't earn. 90 to 95% people can't earn money. And 90% people will always stay away from you if you work in MLM industry. Those who are doing it, they have experienced this and those who are going to work, they will have it. .

Friends I am not against this industry at all. But there is a dark side of this industry which I presented. Do let me know your thoughts about this video. Also let me know, if anything like this has happened with you. Like the video if you really like it. Subscribe the channel, I will see you in next video. By that time, take care of yourself. .