Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Showed His Class Vs Valencia 🔥

So barcelona at mistaya to take on valencia it was mentioned there by the assistant managers that barcelona were in action midweek on thursday night in the europa league again good afternoon is a a huge game uh well with two huge steam and torres is getting uh .

hold on they want to wait for barcelona to lose the ball plays it inside to alabama yeah it's a good cross in two appeals for handball .

against alabama yen it's a decent ball and so close to making it one nil on the far post alabama yang nice ball and valencia after move across there's always a space at the top aubameyang brings it under control and it's an absolutely fabulous finish .

There's the celebration halfway through the first half barcelona take the lead and a bit of a smile for chaby there finds out yang on the edge of the box goals um yeah one closer to the goal than this in the game if we follow have they predicted to follow frank barcelona who appeals for a foul by .

Barcelona playing snappy first time passes now and it's alabama yang second and that's an absolutely fabulous goal from barcelona first time passing that maxi uh will play by fellain torres who started the first half of the second half on the right side of attack .

And guess and problems for alabama yang i seem to recall scored uh patrick pedley but uh there's no doubting the fact that that straight at uh .

nearly fell nicely for alabama yang we've got a shot on you
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