Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Atlanta Hawks vs Boston Celtics Full Game Highlights | March 1 | 2022 NBA Season

Curtis blair and scott twardoski curtis blair puts it in the air it is controlled by boston and away we go smart comes away from the packet here come the celtics well that's exactly what boston wants robert williams being able to roam shots and then the lob at the other they have five shots in the paint tonight .

Four of them blocked here's young over tatum rattles one home in the first basket of the game young dribble that off the knee of derrick white white is in for jalen brown coming from the spurs and young takes him to the hole scores with a left hand nice finish by young and making sure they have a lot of big .

Bodies on the floor and they seem to play very well together through the celtics they've really found their roles there's white man nice feed from tatum a major concern certainly for the celtics with jalen brown as young scores again again brown .

Injured that ankle you heard stephanie mention that was last may and at this point maybe just generally speaking and i can't follow i can't on a great pass from robert williams to tatum we are awaiting a report from the celtics stephanie's on that there's a kong woo .

And he scores in a foul took the contact strong to the basket in traffic boston is over five as nice smith can't get it williams offensive rebound second chance for boston smart drops it and out of the pack delon wright let's check in with stephanie what do you have on jalen brown steph thanks a lot brian .

Unfortunately the right ankle sprain has determined that he will not return to the game jalen brown is out for the remainder of the game white trying to find horford denied by herder and the hawks tighten up defensively once again holding boston at just 19 points the lot right all the way in with the left hand .

With no john collins no lou williams young injured ankle don't know if he's coming backward pritchard nails the three as shrewder and josh richardson went out they only brought one guard back derek white and he's taking advantage a little red pelvic right there that was .

Nice action puts one in eight point game there's a steal delon right richard turns it over herder open for three down it goes kevin herner back to back and a quick five points for him use it six to shoot .

Pritchard giving up a lot of size galinari just shooting right over him dalinari doesn't have the first step baseline lays it in looking for one of the two bombers and there's galinari on the other end got his toe behind the line and the .

Three-pointer is good timeout shots he's an excellent passer and a perfect match with al horford richard comes away with a steal got positional galadari tatum goes to the basket and throws it down two-handed jam for jason tatum checking young's mobility here .

Gets smart up in the air young able to score crafty doesn't look like he's got the explosion he's only 23 years of age he's the youngest player to go three in a row to the all-star game and franchise history trey young knifes a 3m .

offensive rebound another opportunity here for boston and horford missing badly but there's robert williams to put it in there's a pick warford gets the steal looking for tatum and tatum with the left hand eric lewis was right trey young jumped .

Into marcus smart put his shoulder in as smart finishes one great call by eric lewis robert williams guarding him are they going to stay in that drop which trey killed or will they switch that i hope everyone appreciates the defense .

We just saw a 35 year old center guarding trae young and forcing him into a tough shot and he's just not been able to make shots in the nba smith in that jalen brown spot that guy could make shots trey young hits a long range missile but he made doka upset with the defense there .

Robert williams soft on the switch and even though it was deep he gave trey young step back three good for tatum over the last six weeks o'donovan gets by smart little floater is good .

Celtics cannot convert and inside capella nice look away by bogdanovic left open knocks it down so that they couldn't get help in baghdad which gets a wide open shot he's .

Got 14 very efficient tonight there's white again getting going brian you can see how hard trey young's having to work now to get shots right again white taken over here boston in front he's only missed three times white able to turn the corner gets by young and the friendly roll .

Tray young hobbled but scoring well doesn't look like he has the same burst after rolling his ankle out in concussion evaluation as mcdonald's now horford the recipient this time in the past jason tatum hold on to the ball .

For a count horford sticks the landing home teams have won all the games in this series thus far it's 2-1 atlantic ocean nice little one-footed fade away tatum for three that's good .

Atlanta's up against it now they're down eight mercadovich he's been a big part of their offense he's got 20 now o'donovich went from 27 last week against the polls here he there is white atlanta just one offensive rebound .

Zero second chance points as marcus smart gets to the basket stretches the lead to eight well they have done an outstanding job on trey young here in the second half very hard for him to get good shots no follows give him another offensive rebound for boston mcdonough .

williams and they're trying to stay in the play-in territory after a brutal start to the year as young lays it in atlanta's on their way back to atlanta they have a game thursday against chicago .

That is a makeup game chicago when they went through their covet situation had a game a stifling defensive effort in the third quarter tatum goes for 33. derek white you


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