Difference between Sappire S Tox and Velatox ~ Is there a difference? Which is a better value?

Hey crew it's molly with something roses and roses.com so what's the difference between bellatox and sapphire s talks and all of the kind of toxis that come with let's .

Show you right now they come with little vials here of your peptide mixture and solution and then this type of moisturizer anti-pigment pigment uh spray well they say they say spray or here we go can you get that spray there we go .

Anyway so what is the difference between these two bellatox and you can see i have used one of the vials or two of the files um so basically let me just explain here so philotox and sapphire s talks you can get villa talks at east cosm and you can get sapphire s talks at aesthetic bass .

On use code sun's 10 for 10 off fellow talks at ace cosm and you can use code sun's 18 for 18 off sapphire s talks at aesthetic meson and just for a limited time the sun's 18 code i'm trying to get the camera on there is uh .

Working and valid uh and it will be suns 15 when that sun's 18 code is expired so uh go ahead and try the sun's 18 coat if that does not work try sons 15 and that will get you at least 15 off but 18 code is what we have right now so that's kind of cool anyway so what exactly um .

Are these two products so it's a cell growth factor in antioxidant vitamins um that reduces wrinkles and maintains elasticity by promoting collagen elastic elastin regeneration removes active oxygen prevents skin aging through antioxidant vitamins um contains anti-pigmentation and .

Whitening elements as well as antibacterial and moisturizing components as talks let's see what they say about that contains 16 growth factors in vitamins uh promotes elastin in collagen regeneration effective for anti-wrinkles procedures and elasticity improvement .

Contains strong antioxidant vitamins helps to prevent skin aging and the s serum says it is effective for moisturizing anti-pigmentation skin whitening contains antibacterial components so you guys i'm pretty sure these are the exact same products um .

So with a lot of these korean products they are basically just white label so they're made in the same labs right or similar labs um with the same formulas they're just packaged differently and white labeled with um with the pharmaceutical company so .

Sapphire s talks um it says it's got 16 growth factors velotox says it's got 11. um but when i look at the ingredients to compare the two um it basically has like the exact same things um i i don't see any extra when i'm comparing the two i'm looking is there an extras they're an actual .

Are there five more growth factors and vitamins in sapphire talks i don't really see that i see water egf fgf igf um every single ingredient looks pretty much the same to me .

Um i'm looking for these extra ingredients here what looks different i'm comparing and i don't really see anything different if anybody can tell me the difference okay i do see something no that's the same sorry it's .

Gonna say it look different but it's not so it seems to be the exact same ingredients even in the um in the larger vial which is kind of like uh they say to use the smaller vials to um a very very very shallow mesotherapy or micro needle i would .

Suggest micro microneedling because i did mesotherapy and my skin got super super red um but let's see in the other vial water egf copper tripeptide hmm .

It's pretty much the same stuff natriotics plus multi x bsaasm plus um vitamin c b 2 b3 b12 um l-cartoning i don't see any difference you guys .

I don't know i'm trying to see if i i want to find these extra five ingredients so if anybody can find them in the cyber docs let me know but it just seems pretty much that they're the same but i will say you're going to get more product in the sapphire talks so you get five vials .

That have five mil of product in each one plus the two larger vials of 10 ml so you're going to get 25 mils of product in the smaller vials plus an additional 20 mils and the larger vials and with the velotox you're only getting three mils and five vials plus a two serums which i believe they're also 10 .

Mil so you're not getting as much product in the bellatox so sapphire tops you're gonna get more product so that is the only difference i can see here um i have not used the sapphire talks yet uh but i have used the velotox and i did .

I did mesotherapy with it and my skin was really red um afterwards and i did do a test a patch test or an injection test which is different than a patch test but i did do a test and my skin got really red um so i would not probably uh uses for mesotherapy again i will .

Only microneedle with this and i'm going to microneedle with this tonight so stay tuned um for my entire facial that i'm going to be doing with bellatox and some other products uh which i would say is pretty much the .

Same as sapphire talks except you do get more product in the sapphire tux which probably makes it a better value and i really did like the results of the velotox um so yeah if you guys are in the market for something that's got all these great .

Cell growth factors and antioxidants and vitamins and something that's great for microneedling grab this pick this up um wherever you're shopping at ace costume or at aesthetic bison and i think our other vendors uh have these as well so just go ahead and check our list of .

Trusted vendors and you guys will be happy to see that we've got these little kits anytime you see a kit that looks like i would say that looks like this that's gonna have these little growth factors with the two larger vials it's gonna be the same product probably from the same .

Lab so you just wanna check the ingredients um like i said they just white label them so they're pretty much the same product fellow talks and sour talks uh yeah so that's it if you have any questions .

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