We Try the Ultimate Real vs Candy Challenge #9

Yeah i don't know guys i think that might do it for me which would you rather have creamed corn or soft corn candy how about compressed tea leaves or iced tea candy let's find out on real versus candy welcome to real versus candy sloan how are you feeling well i feel like this is the only game where we get to eat something that's .

Either real or real and also candy i'm reeling your candy let's get going i mean you've got to be candy at this point you're probably made out of gummy right i don't know if i can handle this much gen z energy but let's do this this is dylan's first one this is kind of like you know when they like introduce that child actor in the oscar movies and .

Introducing dylan yeah and then they do a cool pose and this time we're introducing back the wheel of chance oh it's not there there's the wheel of chance i want that pizza give me the pizza .

Pizza a slice of pizza and pizza hard candy no no wait a minute i thought it was gonna be the gummy pizza which is delicious oh you screwed me let me just get a little comparison bite just to make sure it actually tastes like pizza no i'm good do i have to eat it yeah um .

Seasoned to perfection it's like they were making old lady candies at the factory and then they dropped a pizza in it and then they left it on the shelf for a year and they were like let's sell this i like their crust the crust is good yeah oh great spinach habanero pepper how'd you do that a habanero pepper and .

Habanero jelly beans so in real versus candy whenever we get a koi you need to really rub it oh like for good luck then you give it a little slack yep i got the habanero beef chicken jelly beans i have had these before there's like .

Really like flakes of habanero in these jelly beans they're not too spicy but they got a nice kick nice kick there we go cheers we got a nice spice to mine yeah really spicy yeah yeah that's really good spiced out oh you can spit in it you gotta spit it i'm not even spicy .

Wait what it wasn't even hot i wanted to kind of try another one oh ah it's good though mmm spicy but you won't you're not going to ah feed this to you i like it strongest we got that pepto on crypto .

Yeah it's fine a pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin spice cotton candy yes oh this looks like a latte i do not drink coffee oh thanks eric well for me a little something thank you i have our pumpkin spice cotton candy oh that stuff's good so we have a bunch of .

Wacky cotton candies this one's delicious hello whipped cream always jealous of people like they look so contemplative all their sippy coffee that's how i feel about people eating cotton candy what is the meaning of life .

Pumpkin spice cotton candy better than pumpkin spice coffee i said it and that's a knife how do we what is a knife iron fillings and swiss army knife chocolate good luck and if you want uh no give it the good luck oh rub three two .

One oh oh so i've just been informed from our producer this is total cereal and a magnet and apparently if you get total cereal and a really strong magnet you can get the iron out of the cereal and eat raw iron not a knife but what a knife would be made out of oh .

As i got a decent amount of uh iron out of there uh so i got a swiss army knife chocolate it's even nicer though that is concentrated metal this chocolate is some of the softest chocolate it's almost melted yeah super nice there's no way it can be bad real cherry .

Pie and a gummy pie slice oh we're both winners oh yummy you got like a real cherry pie yeah the whipped cream is a nice touch this is a gummy pie i think the crust is strawberry banana the whipped cream is also strawberry banana and then this is obviously cherry well you can think all you want but why don't you taste it oh i'm just going to do the .

Crust first man this is a very happy ending for me i could eat this whole slice can you eat it in one bite though no just unhinge my jaw real quick like a snake i'm really scared of my boss now dylan how are your uh spin muscles these .

Days yeah arm wrestle for it oh you get oh come on he gave up look at this oh god beans eric do you get gassy when you eat beans i usually have them for dinner so at that point i'm going to bed i'm under the covers i'm filling up those sheets with juicy farts my problem is that it's .

Sometimes it sticks to your clothes your farts stick to your clothes and that's poop dude you're pooping yourself baked beans and boston baked beans one two three reveal beans oh look at those this is baked beans i got bacon in there so those are boston baked beans right what are boston baked beans i don't know good question .

All right oh you know what this reminds me of what camping you take the can of baked beans put their right on their uh their fire where do you go camping eric oh the forest generally these are actually uh really tasty they taste like harder versions of the peanut m m's tea tea tea's .

Compressed tea leaves and iced tea candy three two one let's go tea candy classic iced tea flavor that is really good what are the folks think i'm gonna do with this you just threw some powder on a plate for me this is what you like put a dash of into a soup or something you do the salt bae that guy's name but um .

This tastes just like a nice refreshing cup of iced tea ah i'm unhappy with this i love bananas potassium a banana and sugar banana gummy candy i think i got real i'm wrong that's on me i do love me a banana i have one every day oh wow it's that um .

Delightful rumps banana flavor oh i love brown banana i don't like fish hey corn canned cream corn and soft corn candy right one two three what the heck is that i kind of like your smell there yeah it's delicious that great like salt and pepper smell .

Now are you sad that i got the candy on the cob and you got creamed a little bit looks good we're doing a swap cheer so who thought to cream this creamed cream cream cream creamed i'm not kidding you when i say this but you gotta try this with it i don't know what you're seeing dylan .

That candy candy gets more stuck on my teeth than the actual corn does i know i have it too here i go yeah all right man that really swings we making a bad thing let's get that in the comments trending yes .

A chocolate donut and a rice krispie treat donut i got the rice krispie treat donut and i got a donut oh it's got frosting and sprinkles and rice krispies oh is that marshmallow i think it's frosting cheers cheers folks what do you what these are good .

Donuts in general yes bye john okay she's slightly less annoying than sloane so that's a upgrade it's the nicest thing anyone's ever said about me pickles a real pickle and a pickle lollipop look what i got pickle on a stick i got pickle off a stick oh sounded like a pickle very sour .

Coating to begin with once you get through that it's a nice sweet flavor with just a good hint of pickle but it's not over the top subtle oh worm no cool a live earthworm and sour edible worms i don't want to eat a worm i don't either unless it's those candy sour worms we .

Sell which are honestly very good those are not bad what's under that close oh no it's a lie oh no oh folks that oh that you could catch a fish with that it's a live wriggling worm oh it poked just the worm just .

Pooped on the other hand these are real worms so they are also real and candy but they're covered in um like sour powder yep we are both eating cheers man you're good i'm happy for you i would go with the end it didn't poop out of but like it's a matter of preference i'm sure i'm gathering my nerve a bit here .

We really ramped up from banana by the way yeah wow zero to sixty yeah i don't know guys i think that might do it for me those in my mouth i'm just gonna count on back to the wheel of chance please all right remember you can find tons of awesome products candies and gummies at bat 19 and all of our gifts really swings .

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