DeMarcus Cousins Talks about 31-Point Performance, Postgame Inteview vs Rockets

Well let's hear from the man 31 9 and 4. scottie hastings with our player of the game all right kyle thanks a lot uh first of all you think this crowd likes you just a little bit so a little bit i think i think i'm .

Going on is it amazing to you how this crowd has really accepted you and how you're part of this team now absolutely since day one uh i don't know they just kind of gravitated to me i'm extremely grateful for it and uh i'm gonna come out here and play my butt off every night for you had no joker tonight so you know the .

Pressure for everybody did you come back for 31 and nine you you knew what you had to do tonight absolutely just go out there and play the game i mean i've been doing this a long time i know how to play the game obviously so just play the ball and play play ball rest to come to you you know you and i talked the other day and surprised me .

You're not afraid to make the pass too you you do understand how to play the game and understand how the nuggets want to play absolutely uh i mean it's it's a pretty it's a pretty simple system if you know what you're doing uh guys always in the right spots it's just about making that extra pass now you know the fans like .

You so much you got guys making songs about you now play the fish that's pretty cool all right so you got one you got new orleans coming up on sunday uh what you guys got to do what are you gonna do because a lot of minutes tonight too oh i'm gonna go hit this ice tub right now i'm gonna soak in there for a little bit .

But uh we just gotta keep uh growing as a team uh keep building winning habits lose the bad habits that we do have come out get the strong starts like we did tonight and just keep growing as a team ice tub's a lifesaver oh man i love it all right we'll get cousin everybody vic you scotty .

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