Toronto Raptors vs Cleveland Cavaliers – Full Game Highlights | March 6, 2022 | 2021-22 NBA Season

Lovely and barnes the rookies on each other garland oh what a fine mark and he knocks down the three there's ciaco guarded by garland ciaco with length on garland ciaco dips inside finishes plus out of the all-star break garland nearly had it stripped by barn shot clock down to six .

Garland hooks it over to allen for the slam and he can feast in the second half in the fourth quarter jb vicar staff was just raving to us about garland before the game is trent stone here in the corner boucher can't knock down the three .

Boucher on the follow flushes it down luche doesn't shoot at a great clip but he is very capable three-point shooter when he can make that stretch to defense that's another great way to another chance marketing can't knock it down mobley another offensive rebound he'll go up and in here's garland .

Zipping dishing with the hammer and they have a great understanding you can tell that good action early cavs a 15-12 lead on the raptors cleveland a two-game lead in the standings over toronto is trent final you hope for a wide open jump shot to get to to make to get yourself going instead no you get what we call a time .

Bomb with a contest one of six from three i mean great activity on both offensive glass for both teams i mean all the bigs are really hitting the glass the effect you know of someone like a tumble for me when i was driving yes i would try to attack the rim but you still have to account for jared allen somewhere .

J76 for allen love ball fake set up three money tonight with no malachi flynn in addition to know fred van vlee garland no look marking him finishes plus incredibly effective his numbers have exploded .

Here's achua putting it on the deck how about the spin and the finish at that time mowgli the box out the board his seventh of the quarter love steps into a triple and knocks it down being aware of what's on the floor shooters around him and you see there in transition he .

Oh great pass lead by the way jared allen still not back out on the bench for cleveland as osmond knocks down another another offensive rebound achua no that one ends up with goodwin love basket hanging .

Eating up the space by just driving creating easy opportunities for his team osman can't cut it but the follow on home love secures it osman trying to beat trent osmond soars in rejected by bert osman marking in a deep one he's good .

Oh mowgli outstanding hands the get ahead mobley to the rim from toronto ziacom spins beautiful finish barnes will flag it down 10th offensive rebound of the half for toronto .

Siakkum gets to the cup again also said the player's favorite words you know making sure he gets the off days again barnes hooks it up and in that's what nick nurse was here's trent dishes out ciaco on the attack meeting plenty of bodies .

And then a rejection from marketing you know if you can turn the ball over get to the free throw line you close this gap oh my goodness oh my goodness kicks corner three no good for okoro but it's just like we talked about in .

That video they're just creates meanwhile the cavs are out of sorts here in this third boucher will fire and hit from three and that's what you know we saw that shot in the first half go down now finish over mobley .

And his 7-4 wingspan garland hops into the paint and scoops it in barns a three no love the rebound toronto does force more turnovers than anyone in the nba it's mobley his impact as a rookie has it's just been incredible garland step back .

Cash probably there to contest it toronto is shooting under 32 percent from the floor as a team love you bit mature dishes away to goodwin here's goodwin in transition finds the cutter which line are you referring to because .

The three-point line numbers don't look that good either buddy having ciaco in foul trouble and you he fouls out it's definitely an uphill battle as well there's not much you can do outside of hoping he misses barnes .

Surrounded was able to bank at home plus double digits points rebounds as well so obviously kevin love is is proven oh how about mowgli and altering shots and mowgli obviously doing the same marking in attacking the bucket plus the foul a chance for .

Three six percent from the floor good company they just took the assist away from garland as trans gives it back okoro gets denied by ciaco mocoro keeps it alive and slinks it in loose ball toronto has it burch finds ciaco .

Back to birch able to finish through the contact away from his 18th rebound barnes methodical flips it in plus the back in your paint and getting an offensive rebound for a scored bucket scottie barnes again that quirky game is nick nurse should be the 10th assist for garland and it is he got it he got it .

Oh what a finish trent's able to finish around the raptors are doing the right thing after a mate basket you have to get up and step up the pressure don't allow garland or the caps letting clock osmond evading osmond evading again around and goes and now will toronto .

Back off and just let it go now they're going to foul we'll do it the cavs hold off the raptors 104 96 the final so so .

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