Titans Vs The Calculator | Episode Belly Math | Teen Titans GO! | Season 07 Full New HD of 2022

your number is up calculator oh good you titans have arrived just in time for the unveiling of my master plan behold the earthquake with this device i will stop the earth from rotating causing the sun to shine endlessly on jump city making my solar-powered suit unstoppable but if you do that temperatures will .

Skyrocket like and um half of the earth will be the covered in the darkness those are calculated risks i'm willing to take well you can forget it please you zeros couldn't stop me before what makes you think you can stop me now because now we got some good six-year-old brains .

Which have totally made us hardcore for the common core titans go calculate our attack okay okay first i'll measure the wind speed so i can distract him with a spitball and then i shall calculate his action time so i can find him with the stickers .

and i'll determine the force i need to trip him with my toy car finally i'll finish him off with a perfectly timed flying kick nice try but you're going to have to do better than that to defeat me those .

Moves weren't meant to defeat you nope they were only meant to get you in the shade to power down your solar suit huh what no so what do we do with him now oh i know look look he's a bozo .

It's not funny