The Lockheed Martin f-22 Raptor is the USmilitary's crown jewel when it comes to air superiority so are there any other aircraftthat could give it a run for its money what about the Eurofighter Typhoon glad you mentionthat maybe that seems like a silly comparison given the Raptor is a fifth-generation fighter andthe typhoon is only a 4.5 gen aircraft surely with stealth the u.s. bill f-22 should best anythingin the sky right but generation designation isn't everything and comparing these two planes is notall that crazy and our conclusion on which is the winning aircraft may surprise you but before wetalk about combat scenarios between these two birds and declare a winner let's take a look atsome of their impressive features and tech specs the typhoon has a wingspan of 36 feet and it's52 feet long the Raptors wingspan is 44 feet .

And is 62 feet long the Eurofighter sports 2 gyrojet ej200 engines capable of 60 kilonewtons each and 90 kilonewtons in afterburner mode the f-22is powered by two pratt & whitney f119 engines that provide 116 kilonewtons each and a hundredand fifty-six kilonewtons in afterburner mode at altitude the typhoon is able to reach speeds of upto fifteen hundred and 50 miles per hour and super cruise at speeds of up to Mach 1.5 the Raptorcomes in at 1500 miles per hour and a super cruise of mach 1.8 the Eurofighter can climb 62,000 feetper minute with a service ceiling of 65,000 feet and a combat radius of about 850 miles the f-22can climb 69 thousand feet per minute also with the service ceiling of 65,000 feet and a combatradius of around 500 miles the typhoon has a 27 millimeter mauser cannon that can fire up to 1,700rounds per minute and carries 150 rounds where the .

Raptor has a 20 millimeter vulcan cannon that canfire at up to 6,000 rounds per minute and carries 480 rounds the Eurofighter can carry several airedair and surface missiles which are externally mounted such as the iris tea and the brimstonesince the f-22 does not mount its weapons externally it would typically carry six M Rams andtwo Sidewinders for an air mission and in a ground attack scenario just two of each along with twoprecision guided bombs the Typhoon's most notable avionics feature is called pirate or infraredsearch and track technology that can detect low-observable aircraft up to 50 kilometres awayand carries chaff to thwart radar guided missiles the Raptors radar system can detect aircraftnearly 200 kilometers away and uses flares to defend against heat-seeking missiles alright sodown to brass tacks who would win the Raptor or .

The typhoon well the answer depends on whether weare talking about a combat that is within visual range or beyond visual range in the case of adogfight scenario the Eurofighter is impressive once in the merge although the f-22 has thrustvectoring and a higher angle of attack tolerance the typhoon is able to conserve its energy bettera significant dogfighting advantage when climbing turning and diving are crucial to attaining akill position so for the wvr scenario we would give our nod to the typhoon so now let's talkstealthy attack this is where the Raptor brings its a game take it stealthy design combined withAmram missiles that have a 100 kilometer range and a radar that can detect enemy aircraft nearly200 kilometers away and its deadly advantages are clear even with the typhoons pirate we thinkmost days the Raptor would take out a typhoon .

Before even knew the Raptor was there howeversoon the impressive meteor air-to-air missiles may be carried by the typhoon and with its 300kilometer range we will be watching to see how that plays out but what are the chances these twoaircraft would actually meet one another in the skies well only the US military has f-22 Raptorsin service and is not sold to other countries or militaries the Eurofighter Typhoon on the otherhand has more than 500 planes currently in use by Austria Germany Italy Oman Saudi Arabia Spain andthe UK Kuwait and Qatar have more than 50 on order and while it's unlikely the f-22 would encountera typhoon in actual combat it is possible in the future particularly if one of the countrieswith typhoons no longer has a good relationship with the US we saw it when the u.s. sold f-14Tomcats to Iran and it could happen again with .

The Eurofighter ultimately the success of combatbetween these two powerhouses comes down to a combination of the plane's capabilities and theskill of the pilot whether we are talking about a good old-fashioned dogfight or a stealthyattack it would be a close fight if these two were ever to meet for real so who do you thinkwould win and what would you like to see from us in future aviation videos let us know in thecomments below and if you enjoyed this video we would be honored to have your subscriptionwe're two-bit aviation thank you for watching