Friday, September 30, 2022

Use These WORDS To 10X Your Business!

There's a category of words used in sales and marketing known as god terms words that are so good and so powerful that it's hard for someone to say no to them these are terms like equality justice freedom friendship love and our core human values that are basically impossible to disagree with i mean would you really be against something that was .

Against freedom or democracy or progress because most people wouldn't and you can use these words in your business to immediately make whatever you're selling more attractive dannon the yogurt company did this exact same thing with this ad here for daniel where they use terms like taste life and to the full all god terms that reflect our desires .

To get everything we can out of life to go for it and to walk our own unique path even the model that they chose to use in this ad reflects the god term of individuality which is visually represented by this full-on beard


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