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Civil Engineering VS Computer Science, What to study in USA??

Hey guys my name is umka jagdari and i'm coming at you from detroit michigan and today i'm going to talk to you about civil engineering versus computer science and i've been getting a lot of questions from people who are in civil engineering field and even other fields like mechanical or chemical engineering and they're asking like should i do .

My field my undergrad whatever i've studied in my undergrad or should i jump into computer science because there is plenty of opportunity in computer science in us so i really wanted to break it down today and give you a perspective and give you .

My perspective and what i have learned in over the last 10 years i have been in us but a little bit background about me i've done my undergrad in u.s in civil engineering so it took me about five years to finish that and since then i've been working for over the last five years in civil engineering as an highway .

Engineer on top of that i also did my masters of science in project management uh last two years i've been studying masters of science and project management so i'm going to break down my experience and i'm going to also tell you in the end what i would do if i had to do all of .

This all over again would i change my decision of being a civil engineer or and where i do computer science so civil engineering is less competitive compared to computer science the reason is because the number of people graduating as civil engineers are less compared to a number of people graduate from computer science degrees or i.t or you .

Know those kind of fields so the number of people graduating are less here and here are more and i feel like that's why there is more competition there there are more people applying for same jobs in civil whereas i feel from my experience there are less number of people applying for same number of jobs the reason is like for .

Example in my own company we have so many positions open and at times we don't even have people applying for those positions um i'm not talking about just plain civil engineering they're they're like you know under civil engineer like environmental engineering there are transportation engineering there is geo .

Technical engineering so there are a lot of positions where we are not able to find good people even at times people will apply but we may not be able to find a good candidate who we are looking for who may be able to do the work they are saying there they will be able to do it at times it's hard to find that .

So i would say there is less competition in civil engineering compared to computer science now but here is also you have to also understand second point i want to come at like because there is more competition in computer science you also have to understand there are more opportunities .

There so what do i mean by that is like there are more companies who use computer science people like tech companies microsoft google all these huge companies but not only that like for example ford even though it's an automotive company they need computer science people there is a company called bedrock in detroit which is a .

Construction company but they need people who are in computer science there's quicken loans in detroit area which is a loan company which is a finance company but they need computer science people so all these companies like ally it's a loan company they need computer science people so what happens is every .

Single company if you look at they need computer science people every single company doesn't need civil engineers that's the difference you have to understand so i would say computer science has more opportunities compared to civil engineering as a matter of fact you know when i was i started applying for jobs in detroit .

Area there were only about 200 to 300 companies in detroit area where i would i was able to apply for jobs in civil engineering and as a matter of fact i had applied all of them but here is a difference out of those 300 companies only maybe 20 to 30 actually sponsored h1b people now you don't have to go through that .

Kind of fights when you are in computer science as a matter of fact in computer science there are consultancies there are i.t consultancies there are like so many different ways you can get your h1b so many different ways you can be placed into a company so you have more opportunities in computer science than compared to civil engineering okay now .

Let me take a step back and tell you that hey guys i'm not putting civil engineering down here i'm showing you the reality of life in the us the and i i'm also telling you from my experience and what i have known so i may be wrong i may be looking at computer science as this fancy thing which other people are doing .

Where things are really great okay i'm not saying that it's going to be difficult in there as well now all right so let's take a step back and talk about other things so here's one more thing i have to understand i don't see computer science people quitting their jobs and getting into civil .

Engineering but i know a lot of people quitting civil engineering and getting into computer science i.t business analytics so that they can make more income okay so saying that that means there's more income in computer science compared to civil engineering .

Most of the friends i know in computer science usually make twenty thirty thousand dollars more than at my level so within graduates who are in detroit area for example you know they have two to three years of experience and they are already making nineteen ninety five thousand dollars in computer science whereas if you're in civil engineering .

It might take you four or five years and a pe license an fv and pe license you have to give for you to make 75 to 80 000 now if you are you know maybe states which are highly paid like florida texas california the incomes may be a little bit higher new york new jersey they may be higher i'm talking .

About states which are not highly paid which are average paid okay delaware uh new york so like normal states you know new connecticut wisconsin michigan indiana ohio these kind of states i'm talking about okay now let's jump into .

H1b challenges i want to share the h1b challenges so in civil you will have some h1b challenges not every company you apply to will know what sponsorship is how to sponsor people because they have rarely like some of them have never had .

Any international people work for them so when i was working when i was going to college when i was i went to like work at different companies there were a couple of times when i had to drop those companies because they had never sponsored h1b they they knew what it takes they didn't knew the intricacies .

Of that and it's literally me teaching them what happens in sponsorship i feel in it companies that usually doesn't happen you know because most of them have already employed international people not only that there are i.t consultancies which you can use to break that barrier of h1b so you can go to an .

Id consultancy join another company get your h1b from there and eventually move your job so that may be option for you so that you make sure that your h1b is taken care of as a matter of fact last year a friend of mine who worked with me in the same company i worked at he got laid off from my company he couldn't find a job for three months he went into .

An i.t consultancy he got his h1b here's the great story last year when he was laid off was he was making sixty thousand dollars within a year and a half of him working really diligently consistently on it programs and uh more of like you know uh cloud-based computing he tripled his income so currently he's .

Making hundred hundred and seventy hundred and eighty thousand dollars a year and he's working for a multinational bank so there's a difference you know that's the opportunity you have in the same time i've maybe increased my income by thirty forty percent whereas he has increased his income 300 .

So that opportunity you will not get in civil engineering even if you jump jobs you won't be able to get 120 000 dollars without that experience how will you get that friend of mine who has three four years of experience he jumped a job went from 90 to 130 but you're still already making 90 80 90. so you know that is possible you can do .

That but it's rare and not only that you have to be a really good person you have to be a really good candidate you have to be able to sell yourself not everybody is able to do that most engineers most people watching my videos are average people are average engineers you know let's be honest folks if you are the top on the best you don't need .

This information what i'm giving right because usually you like what i've noticed is like these top candidates and stuff like that they usually have their own way of finding information they'll usually read it they'll usually talk to people who are already in us they usually connect with professors on linkedin they have a different way to .

Approach things so it's fine it's fine i'm not talking here about stanford graduates i'm talking about people who are going to normal universities average civil engineers average people and above average you know now okay so .

Who should do civil engineering let me let me say that because you know if everybody did computer science we wouldn't have any civil engineers so i feel in my opinion you should only do civil engineering or you should do civil engineering if civil engineering really is your passion and you really enjoy civil engineering .

Like you wake up in the morning and you want to be a civil engineer you wake up in the morning and you want to design things or or someone who doesn't like computer science if you don't like some computer science do civil engineering if you like civil engineering more and you hate computer science you don't want to code .

You don't want to get into those kind of things it's fine don't do it go ahead do your civil engineering understand the paths will be a little bit difficult but hey when you love something it's actually it actually becomes easier for you and that's the difference between you know when i when people like people will .

Message me on instagram and they'll say hey brother like you know i'm hearing a lot a lot of things from different people that you know you should move into computer science i already started my civil engineering degree and you should move into computer science now the reason that person is saying that is because they really are .

Not passionate about it they they came to you as just to get a good job eventually their eventual goal is just to get a good job and figure out life when you're passionate about something folks you don't ask those kind of questions if it's difficult the way you see things is like i will figure it out .

I don't care i will figure it out because i am passionate about it so you have to genuinely ask yourself are you really passionate about civil engineering or are you passionate about making income are you passionate about making a good income so that you can enjoy your life you know so after let's look at what advice i would .

Give to myself if i was five years older like you know i would go back six seven eight years back in time okay here's what i would tell myself today i know myself very well my today my passion is my today my passion is my youtube my free time what i get to do in my free .

Time traveling meeting new people spending time with family so i know that is my goal and my priority today so what i would tell myself is like hey i want to make the maximum maximum amount of money in the shortest amount of time that is my goal so for me .

Personally it doesn't matter if i'm doing computer science if i'm doing project management if i'm doing product management or if i'm doing civil engineering whichever field that gives me the most amount of income in the shortest amount of time and i get to enjoy my work i don't want to stressful work i want to enjoy my work .

I will go ahead and do it and here's the thing i totally believe even though i know a lot of people complained about computer science and stressful and stuff like that i know you can find a good job in there i know you can find a job which can satisfy you and your needs and also pay you a little bit higher income i totally believe that so .

Saying that i remember my mentor four or five years back i was driving him to an airport his financially free man he retired in his thirties he told me umkar why don't you do computer science why don't you do a masters in computer science and here's what i told him chetan i love engineering .

I love engineering i love civil engineering and i enjoy doing that fast forward this is four five years down the road i'll tell you folks that's more than my engineering more than my job what i love is income let's be honest i i'm fighting at my job also i want more income right i'm also fighting at my .

Jobs for bigger raises i want to i'm giving extra exams i'm studying more so that why i can get a higher income so let's be honest at the end of the day if your goal and my goal is to make more money in the shortest amount of time it makes sense to be in tech now computer science is not only the option .

You can choose there are multiple options you can choose one is computer science one is product management one is project management being a scrum master there are many different fields you can choose so computer science is not the only answer coding is not the only answer for you to make those higher incomes so this is where you need to .

Study and you need to understand how you can take steps so that you can put yourself in a better situation than other people okay so don't be a fool and you know sometimes you make decisions because you're emotional about something don't be an emotional fool think about it make a rational decision and do what is good for you .

I think that's all i had for you today i love talking to you i'll see you in the next video peace out


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