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BA vs BS in Psychology | My Experience

No are funny acronyms we are sophisticated adults here are the util welcome back to my channel sit down stay well grab a drink we're at it hit that like and subscribe button in this video we're gonna talk about the difference between a BA and a BS in psychology let's go okay before we can go over the biggest differences between ba and BS we .

Should probably talk about what they actually mean so if you don't know what they mean ba means Bachelor of Arts and BS means Bachelor of Science and a little fun fact I guess is that some people say ba means badass and BS means bullsh it doesn't determine if your degree is good or bad they're just fun little .

Things it has a little fun note I have a BA and I also have a associates of social science so I'm from ass to badass and then you get to your masters which I just got and let me tell you this is kind of how it goes no more funny acronyms we are sophisticated adults and professionals we are simply ma SP none of those ba zabi s's you will be .

Professional just that I can't see through these glasses because I have contacts on the real so that's why they're also on my nose so ah anyway her had a bit a better way to take that out so anyway you need to figure out um what you want to do with your life at 18 years old have a fun time doing that um but actually just as .

Like a side note um some colleges don't even have to separate degrees like they might just have a BA or they might just have a BS and in the long run doesn't really matter all too much it kind of does it kind of doesn't but like if you're in a situation where the school like your school of your dreams only has one or the other you'll mostly be Oh .

Okay I guess it kind of matters more for BS because The Bachelor of Science you know based off its name you're gonna have a lot more classes that have to do with psychology and math and science you girl not super granite like the hard sciences she's a soft girl she's a soft science kind of girl um and math I have an older .

Brother who's getting his doctorate mathematics he got all the genes for that I did it I'm not better and so basically if you're really good at math really good at science and you want to do some research like that's kind of your goal to be doing research a BS is great for you now if you're like me and you kind .

Of want to do things more hands-on you're also gonna learn a lot more broadly in the BA you're gonna have because it's a loop it's like a Bachelor of Arts so you're going to be getting a lot of different classes from different fields um I personally like the BA a little bit better because I knew from the get-go .

That I wanted to get my masters and I think another reason that for the doctorate at Lee or not doctorate for the BS is like if you're looking to try to immediately get into a doctoral program you probably want to do BS because you'll have a lot of prerequisites you might need I'm actually going to look at my school's .

Difference between the B A's and the BS one sec alright I got my trusty phone because we all know I don't have the greatest memory so I'm looking at my college or university it's Rowan University just in case you care I don't know and it's kind of spot on with what I was thinking the BS has a lot more of a research oriented goal so if you want .

To do human factors or industrial organization psychology which that pays money um narrow science and social person personality and quantitative I kind of just read that and so they're going to be taking things like calculus and like for classes in biological sciences and let me tell you that's not I didn't .

Have to do that because I was the VA I didn't even take a picture to look at what the that's literally all there is versus what then I know literally two pages for the BS yeah so you pretty much and then you also do like research and it's also called like psychological science it's not just BS psychology it's BS psychological sciences the degree I .

Have is just be a psychological um this harder I'm gonna be a hundred percent there's advanced research one and two it's a lot and if you're not someone who's super oriented towards like math and stuff like that you're gonna be okay I have issues with math and of course psychology has a lot to do with statistics and math but you can learn .

This it's difficult but you know you figure it out I just got my masters in school psychology and I'm currently getting my EDS which is an education specialist I guess the postgraduate degree but that's the that's the pace I wanted to go and I knew that the BA would get me there you can also do ba psychology if .

You want to do law or Social Work stuff like that the BS is really for research it's for science hard science not uh self girls so if you really like science and you plan on getting like your doctorate in psychology or even I guess clinical psych though I think a lot of people who do clinical psych first they get their masters and you can just have .

A BA it's fine I guess I would recommend which everyone makes sense to you to me and made sense to do a BA because I don't like a lot of those other classes and I like learning broadly um it got me to where I needed to be and you know it's that's all I can say for now I mean I I would I know someone who did the BS and I do have to .

Say transferring if you're a transfer student I think it's harder to transfer into BS than ba because you have so many classes so many more specific classes you have to take there wasn't as many specific classes from my transfer process from my Community College where I get that as and then I got my badass sorry I'm not a professional .

Anyway um it's harder to transfer that's something probably really crucial in my experience at least with the person that I know that had the BS is that she transferred and I actually think she was behind by two semesters because she had to take a lot more science classes because in Community College a lot of the time they don't actually have .

Psychology which is why I have an associate's of social science so you're not actually taking the classes you kind of need for specifically psychology social science is kind of like Social Work psychology sociology anything like that so I know the girl I think she was also social science major so when she transferred he didn't transfer well so .

She had to take a bunch of classes and yeah whoo let's go into my outro okay so today we talked about the major differences between a BA and a BS and the fun other words for them um I hope you have a great day week month year and if this is the last time you interacted my channel well I hope you have a great life .

See you next one's my friends


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