Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Boards Vs JEE | JEE Math Rankers | Tanish Gupta

Oh hello everyone my name is gupta i'm only indirect 89 in jail advanced 2020. this video is brought to you by an academy in the iit-jee mentorship series and in this video we will be discussing a very important topic i am currently pursuing computer science engineering at iit delhi my holiday rank is 89 in jade is 2020 i .

Am also the cbse class 12th vote exam stopper in my home state punjab with 98.6 percent overall score okay 247 olympiads structured courses unlimited study planner study material experts guidelines test analysis or personal .

Guidance top exam experts expert general foreign foreign you don't have to hinder your preparation of jerry and still you can score very very good marks in your boards just a minute 98.6 .

Foreign foreign foreign application question foreign foreign foreign foreign let's say it is a coaching class .

Foreign sufficient foreign so you should be satisfied with yourself that you have achieved your target seven hours you should good luck .


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