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Clippers-Jazz is talent vs. chemistry, Bucks have reached their ceiling — Colin | NBA | THE HERD

years ago over a decade ago a man did a study he was a professor on luck and so he went out searching for people he sent ads out to find a hundred people who thought they were lucky and a hundred people who thought they were .

Unlucky and so he gathered them and over the course of a year in this study he came to a conclusion that the people that were lucky weren't lucky at all they were extroverts and the people that were unlucky in life couldn't get a break were introverts .

What does that mean that means people that are big talkers and more social and smile and talk to people in the line at a grocery store talk to people in line at a bank those people connect they're like human linkedins and over the course of a lifetime you'll talk yourself into a job oh i have a .

Cousin that works over there why don't i give you my phone number and you can call my cousin you can be successful when you don't communicate but it's harder the jazz communication chemistry is great everybody's got a defined role who are the clippers led by kawhi .

Leonard never talks second year in a row terrible chemistry this is what the clippers are i think they're gonna beat the jazz but it'll never be easy with the clippers if you don't communicate you have bad chemistry everybody fire doc rivers ah he's the problem they're bringing ty luth .

Chemistry's still bad they're still awful late in the game is that the clippers are always gonna look like this they lost the first two games at home to dallas they lost the first two games to utah this is the classic chemistry against talent and history shows you talent beats .

Chemistry it usually does in the nba i mean last night's classic they're terrible early they're great in the third quarter and then they go five minutes in the fourth quarter without a single field goal paul george was good last night reggie jackson was the best he's ever been what happened to kwai leonard he was one .

For four in the fourth quarter that's the clippers they're all rowing the boat just everybody's going in a different direction and because their star doesn't talk nobody communicates it the clippers have had 38 different combinations on the floor in two games last night rondo didn't play what .

Happened to rondo patrick beverly did play 21 minutes but now demarcus cousins is suddenly playing well where's terence mann i thought he was great against dallas now he's not playing this is the clippers second post season together they're still a riddle .

They're still bad in clutch times their chemistry is at times awful hit and miss they still too often roll the ball out and think they're the best team and they're going to win this is what they are there's no such thing as lucky people and unlucky people people who are extroverts and talk and .

Communicate and are verbal get more breaks it's easier in life people who are crusty and rigid and don't talk and introverts can be successful but it's always harder because you got to do all the work yourself because you don't communicate you don't socialize .

You don't verbalize your feelings and when they did that study i think of the clippers it's always going to be ugly it's always going to be difficult their star doesn't communicate and listen by the way it's hard to win in utah anyway they hit a bunch of threes every night they def i mean .

With utah you get the same performance win or lose everybody has a defined role they communicate really well um they play really good defense they hit a bunch of threes i know what i'm getting from utah every night i get good chemistry i get good effort i get good defense i get a lot of .

Three-pointers i don't know what i get kawhi leonard paul george quarter-to-quarter half the half game to game because they don't really communicate but the nba's got a history where talent beats great chemistry i mean you got when the when the bulls .

Had michael jordan good god dennis rodman in the middle of a playoff series disappeared to vegas you watched the last dance kobe and shaq often couldn't stand each other talent wins in this league but and i and i think it's a chemistry play against the talent play and it's not now the question becomes is donovan .

Mitchell now the most talented player in the series because mike conley's out donovan mitchell is on fire and if donovan mitchell keeps playing at this pace then chemistry plus the best talent wins the series that's the key they have got to slow down donovan mitchell .

Because if you have the chemistry and the talent the most talented guy you're gonna win the series we consider kawhi to be the most talented guy but utah's got the chemistry i still like the clippers paul george had this to say i still got the clippers back .

It's just going to be ugly and it's going to take a while all right let's go to here uh the bucks edged the nets 86.83 and that score is important 86 points that was it um that was a bad win for milwaukee brooklyn scored 11 points in the first quarter kd .

Was as off as he ever is chris middleton and this isn't going to happen again was clearly the best player on the floor and you won by three at home and uh you ever see that movie the incredibles the animation this series is the inevitables um brooklyn's gonna win this series it's just the way it is styles make .

Fights the skill differential here is substantial and you know what's interesting you know how we talked about this week that like uh chris paul's never gotten a break milwaukee's actually gotten over the last several years huge breaks .

And they still can't break through lebron left the conference huge break kawhi left the conference he gave them trouble huge break the celtics have imploded huge break james harden is out of this series huge break it doesn't matter .

Atlanta has a better shot to get through their series atlanta with a young 22 year old star than milwaukee milwaukee's gotten breaks it's not like there's been these obstacles they're all leaving kawhi left the conference lebron left the conference the celtics were going to be this and they .

Imploded this year and here's what you're left with they're they're trying to make giannis a three-point shooter one for eight last night can we stop the bucks are a little like wisconsin football you respect them how hard they play they're always good it's a great great fundamentally sound front office .

But every time they match up with like an alabama or a big dog ohio state you kind of feel like they just they don't they don't quite have enough guys and that's how i look at this series i mean think about this last night in 2021 in the nba when you are giannis and middleton are on fire the opposing star durant doesn't play .

Another it doesn't play well another opposing star harden doesn't play you're at home it's the biggest game of the year and you're playing kind of a poor defensive team in brooklyn and you score 86 points like it this series the last two years the last three years milwaukee's .

Actually gotten every break lebron's gone kawhi is gone celtics implode harden out of this series 86 at home is middleton going to give you that again he was the best player on the floor that's not that's not going to be occurring a lot in the series so i i look at it and it's like i can .

Respect milwaukee i can respect wisconsin football but i mean let's be honest about it wisconsin football urban meyer leaves the conference that's a huge break it's your turn it's still wisconsin they're good go in nine games it's not like i don't .

Like them i think they're great i watch them all the time but it's like milwaukee you can't win 86.83 with all the things that worked in your favor last night and by the way the the second round of the playoffs tells us a lot about teams in the first round the way milwaukee .

Rolled miami and now miami can't milwaukee can't compete against brooklyn tells you miami needs to blow it up and start over again portland could not beat denver without jamal murray denver struggling to compete against phoenix with a bunch of young players portland doesn't have that kind of .

Talent like the the second round is telling us a lot about teams in the first round like portland blowed up uh miami heat you were never that good blow it up well the the next round is going to tell us a lot about this round and what it's telling us is .

This is this is i'm i'm wrong i picked him to win one of the reasons i picked him to win i thought i thought health ambit always gets hurt celtics jaylen brown was hurt brooklyn's hurt i thought you know milwaukee's going to get through here because all their best players drew .

Holiday didn't get hurt a lot middleton doesn't get hurt janice doesn't get hurt they've gotten every break in this series kd stinks last night harden hasn't played a game kyrie by the way didn't take a shot in the last four minutes 86.83 you have met your ceiling last night was your ceiling a narrow win .

When you get all the breaks the inevitables that's what this series is brooklyn's gonna win it hi everybody thanks for watching subscribe here to get the latest from the show also be sure to check out more of the best clips from the herd or go watch a few segments from .

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