Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Editing Words vs. Editing Videos – Anthropology

It allowed for so much more creativity it was a lot more fun it was this new outlet to explore these ideas and it created sort of a a visual effect that you just can't get from writing a paper in the end I enjoyed it so much more it was something to be really proud of I think I was it wasn't a compliment I had I hadn't achieved before I written .

Countless papers but I've never done something like this visual aspect really I think that's part what makes you take so much pride in it because people can with an essay you'd have to like read through it but a video project it's quicker and you also you absorb all the images and text yeah it's it's happening it's uh it's in the now so yeah we .

Basically are you familiar with writing papers for every single class but we're not always familiar with creating a video and I think that I was really proud of what I did and I would spend more time creating a video that I would actually writing a paper and i would put everything else oh if only to put it was more interesting to spend more time on .

It and i put it on you know websites like youtube to broadcast showcase my work and be like leave comments exactly that yeah around reading it all my men matters feedback and sort of comments on it they love the idea because you know normally your friends would read your papers they're actually they're not really want to keep them as .

Your friends yeah it's a labor of love but the fact that it can be so one collaborative because people shared the projects but also interactive with your friends outside the class made it a really fun after taking it I think the best part is when when people you know watch watch whatever you created and just marvel and say how did you do that .

That's the best part


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