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Kent Hovind VS Atheist Adam Lore | Universe, Evolution, Science, Morality | By Brett Keane

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2 1. hello ladies and gentlemen my name is brett keene from god tv radio i hope you're all having a wonderful and blessed day out there i'm going to share with you a little bit about my personal views of kent hovind as well as adam lohr i've been watching kent hovind's videos for years because .

Of his videos it caused me to start opening my mind and questioning evolution back whenever i was a former atheist he helped me really get into the idea that there's problems and i started researching it myself and started finding out issues i believe that ken tobin is one of the most powerful assets for christianity and god .

I totally respect his work his videos and his time and uh hopefully he continues to do things i also want to point out i am really pleased that he brought matt power and uh they're working together because i see matt powell as an upcoming powerful .

Christian with his his own setup and message and ministry going as far as adam moore goes i've known adam for years and i've had discussions with him he's a great guy he does refer to himself as an atheist um he and i we don't always see eye to eye but he's always treated me with .

Respect and he's been very considerable and he's very open-minded and he definitely has a lot of views that may not be um the same as some of the things you hear from non-believers can you both do me a favor and plug your channels and your social media sites sure go ahead adam all right hey .

Everybody how's it going kent nice to meet you uh brett thanks for putting this together um my name is adam lohr l-o-r-e i'm on youtube um and i draw comics as well so you can check out my my comic uh it's called toad road comics on indy planet and um if you guys are concerned about language .

And stuff there's a um there's like the uncensored version and the more kind of family-friendly version so can't you might want to pick up the family-friendly version and thanks for having me go ahead ken all right my turn kick in here brother okay well good yes sir um i'm ken hovind .

We live in lenox alabama straight north of pensacola 70 miles we've got uh someone gave us 140 acres an old gravel pit we're building a christian camp a science center and a museum all based on creation in the bible we produce a lot of dvds and a lot of programs on kent hovind official hovand is a norwegian name h-o-v-i-n-d uh we have a lot of .

Videos we put out we're gonna hear somewhere did a series on what the bible says is gonna happen in the future what on earth is about to happen for heaven's sake everything else in the bible's come true i believe that one will too there we go seminar series 18 hours 50 bucks for the whole thing after you're done watching .

It and copy it if you want you can send it back get your money back that can't beat a deal like that i tell people i used to loan my stuff out i learned right away christians don't steal but they do borrow and never return so 50 bucks you get it then return it get your money back okay can't beat a .

Deal come visit us dinosaur virtually everything's free come on down when you guys get an opportunity check out the description of the video i have um ken tobin's website as well as his youtube channel if you haven't subbed to him already you need to also i got adam lawyers link down there check him out he's got a lot of great stuff he talks .

About and he also does a lot of artistic creative work so i think you guys would be pleased with that all right so let's get into some of the topics remember you guys at any time are uh able to add your own things that you would like to talk about or what your views are to find out a little bit about each other .

So one of the first topics that we're going to get into is according to atheist scientists that i have documented in video and audio on my channel and website they claim the universe came from literal nothing lawrence cross dawkins and others say in video no space no time no particles and repeatedly .

Stressed from absolute nothing which by the way uneducated atheists like aaron ross guy dan mann and satanist pals have desperately tried to redefine or simply blundered what is you guys's views on this about the universe coming from absolute nothing not like adam would go first every time .

If you would yeah so this is one of my main things i'm interested in is the big bang theory i think that um it's a bunch of bull crap i think that there's uh it's been thoroughly debunked it's been disproven they have a million different versions now they have to keep updating it with .

Dark matter and dark energy and all this nonsense so i think can't and i probably have a very sick we may not come to the same conclusion in terms of world's world view but yeah i think can't and i probably would have a lot of similar uh issues with problems with the big bang theory and .

The different um you know i don't have a bunch of notes put together i wasn't really prepared for this but i we could talk about it um like the the cosmic background microwave background radiation temperature is totally different from what they predicted like um .

There's not really evidence of expansion we observe that galaxies are clumping together not expanding apart it's just like every single thing about it is just broken and wrong so well that's good to hear i appreciate that i believe the big bang theory is one of the dumbest ideas ever come up with in the history of humanity .

The idea that nothing exploded and made everything some of them say no it wasn't nothing it was a dot smaller than a proton but that little proton dot had to contain all of the matter in the universe i tell the atheists i'll give you a hundred bucks if you can squeeze a gallon of milk into a dot smaller than a .

Proton let alone the whole universe it had a container not only had to contain all the matter had to contain all the energy what is the total energy of all the stars burning in all the sky all that was in that dot i think it's a absolutely ridiculous idiotic theory big bang didn't happen it's dumb .

If it did they say it only produced hydrogen and helium maybe a little bit of lithium okay well how do you get all the other elements you can't fuse past iron so how do you get the element it's just plain bologna it's all made up i think it's dumb so i'm glad to hear adam realizes but that does leave the .

Question then where did we come from we're here i think we would agree on that so where did time space and matter come from the big bang had to not only produce matter it had to produce the space a three-dimensional space where did that come from and all the energy times and .

Time so what was before the big bang i mean it's just a completely ridiculous it's much simpler to believe by faith in the beginning god see god's outside of time-space matter he's not limited by them so you can create them anytime he wants go ahead .

If you're interested adam would you like to give a summary of what it is that you actually think about the universe and also my next question for you guys is based upon science and theology at the same time it would basically be how old is the universe and why did god create so much space and all the other planets within it i see that this is a common .

Question that is asked by non-believers i felt it would be interesting to hear your standing on that uh brother kent uh adam do you have a brief idea of where you think the universe came from if not god sure yeah i don't believe that the universe came from anywhere just probably the same as you guys don't .

Believe that god had to have come from somewhere he just always was there i basically believe in an eternal universe obviously there wasn't um you know jupiter and the earth and stuff wasn't always eternal but matter and energy has always been here and it .

Always will be and it just goes through these different cycles is what i believe in um i believe the bible clearly teaches the earth is about 6 000 years old the bible says adam was 130 when he had a son in genesis chapter 5. and the bible clearly says nothing died before adam sinned .

And then that boy was 105 when his son was born and he was 90 when his son was born you can anybody can add up the dates in genesis 5 and skip over to genesis 11 to get the ones after that after the flood and you can make a chart like this which we sell in our bookstore on the dates in the bible .

Come up to about 4000 bc i don't put an exact date on it i'd say plus or minus 15 20 years maybe but about 6 000 total years for the whole history of the universe god made god actually made the earth before he made the stars according to the bible i believe that absolutely true okay all right the next question i'm going to .

Ask is a theological question a lot of our questions are going to deal with dinosaurs evolution and uh things having to do with science but we do definitely have some biologic biological as well as theological and so on the next question is being that god oh somebody's got some dinging noises going on in the background sorry about .

That being that god is all-powerful he demonstrates in the bible his ability to freeze time and space the passage in joshua chapter 10 verse 12-15 appears to claim that the sun stopped in gibeon and the moon in the valley of algean ancient jewish and christian scholars interpret it literally they also argued that the .

Purpose of the miracle was to allow the israelites more daytime to defeat their enemies does this not suggest that god can literally pause the universe and if so how can we truly determine actual time and age of this past during this intervention miracle or event go ahead guys .

I'll pass on that one because it doesn't apply to me but go ahead again well i would have to say that would it can only be classified as a miracle i don't think there's any possible way to give a scientific explanation for that it said he called the cause of the sun to stand still of course all of these things in the bible are written from .

Man's perspective and so technically the earth is spinning as it goes around the sun i know all that i'm not a geocentrist or a flat earther that's for sure but the fact that he uh he can stop the earth or stop the earth from spinning uh he made it all in a microsecond he can .

Certainly stop it from spinning for a couple hours while the israelites beat their enemies so yeah the bible dates add up to about 6 000 years ago in time god's outside of time the time means nothing to him this is not 2022 in heaven he's uh he's right now looking at your funeral and your and your birth and .

George washington and he sees it all at the same time that's that's a that's the i get on it jesus said uh the bible says jesus created everything let me find the verse here uh 162 alt tv slide number 162. uh jesus answered and said have you not read that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female talking about adam and eve so the .

Beginning was clearly when jesus when god made adam and eve and so you can add up the dates and it's about 6 000. so yes god can stop time uh and to say the sun stood still is correct way to say it uh if it's if all the observers are on the earth looking at it the sun stood still so that's my take on it but i would just .

Call it a miracle have no explanation for it i appreciate your response uh brother kent the next question is can atheists and christians who believe in evolution explain why we have never never observed life anywhere else in the universe go ahead um the question is why haven't we .

Observed life elsewhere in the universe sure there's a lot of claims there's a lot of assertions a good show called x-files is on there but we don't actually have scientific evidence that this has ever happened anywhere it seems as though our world is special and configured for this to happen what is you guys thoughts on this .

So yeah i agree that out um the planet earth in its current stage is special and configured for the development and um sustenance of life that doesn't necessarily mean that um you know there's only so many planets that we can access right now and they're .

At different stages of development so you know maybe venus at one point had life maybe mars could have i think that um if we had a wider sample of different planets and stuff exoplanets and had a chance to look we might you might expect to find life on other planets but you know we're pretty .

Limited to our own solar system really right well yeah if someone wants to argue for life on other planets they're arguing from the complete lack of evidence there is zero evidence of any intelligent life anywhere in the in the universe i taught school 15 years there's not much intelligent life on .

This planet but so i think the bible's very clear that man brought death into the world nothing died before adam sinned according to the bible anyway and again i've chosen to take that on faith and so far all the scientific evidence has backed that up that nothing died god made a perfect world everything would have lived .

Forever except they blew it and so it really is man's fault but god's going to fix it back one of these days and we're going to get to live here if you're a child of god get to live here on planet earth for a thousand years rule and reign with him if you're one of the faithful that's talked about revelation and then .

Eternity in heaven so i'm looking forward to that so i think there's zero evidence of intelligent life on any plan i don't think mars has ever had any intelligent life on it uh or life of any kind i think this is it it's all right here all made for us i appreciate both of your responses i .

Personally find it unusual that some non-believers or skeptics will claim well the other planets are harsh environments yet they claim that the earth was on fire it was literally on fire and lightning was shooting all over the place and hit snot on a rock and voila here they are so how is that but we can't have it on any other planet are .

We ready for the next question just thought i'd share that all right um can atheists and christians explain from your own perspective or opinion where all the water on earth came from yeah so i think that um this is actually i think something that kent .

And guys like matt powell and i might have more in common on this is that when we look at the geological evidence we're we're coming to a conclusion that it really looks like some point in the past um the planet had been covered in water right so i think that the conventional sort of .

Consensus mainstream atheist view is that all a bunch of comets hit all at the same time and brought all this water to earth but not everywhere else it doesn't hold up its total nonsense um i personally believe that the earth itself is an evolving structure it's uh .

Um it's gone through drastically different stages it used to be an ocean a complete ocean planet in the past prior to that it had a very different um chemistry and environment and atmosphere which had different chemical composition maybe something similar to the planet neptune and that .

You know over millions of years billions of years this develops where it's through um you might call it a chemical evolution where um similar to in a star where they say you know hydrogen converts to helium and this sort of thing .

That um the planet used to be totally different the planet used to be like a gas giant planet and that develops over time to where those chemicals turn into huge oceans uh probably thousands if not more miles deep covering the entire core of the planet and that's we're so we're in is we're in the sort .

Of later stages of development on that where we used to have an ocean planet completely covered in water and now we're coming out of that during the time of the dinosaurs for example that was a major transition out of this ocean world to something with more dry land and that sort of thing so that's what i think i .

Think the idea that the comets just there was one specific time that all these comets hit earth but not elsewhere all the same time is completely ludicrous it's ad hoc and i think it's ridiculous that people can take it seriously okay i would have to disagree with some of that i think it all was created .

Instantly about 6000 years ago water is absolutely a stunningly amazing substance you know normally opposites uh attract and likes repel if you think about it water is h2o an oxygen molecule and two hydrogen molecules but it's in the shape looks like mickey mouse's head with the ears .

Being the hydrogen molecule wait wait wait why aren't the hydrogens in a straight line with each other or through the middle of the oxygen you would think it'd be straight line because they would repel each other they're both positively charged the hydrogens but no they're 105 .

Degree angle it oscillates a little bit but call it 105 degree angle that causes it because 105 not 90 that causes water when it freezes to connect in such a way that it expands about 12 percent i believe so therefore it floats if it was like all other molecules it would be straight line and it would it .

Would freeze into a solid that would sink so water is a miraculous molecule i don't see any way you can how explain how this could happen by chance and there's a whole lot of it on this planet and none anywhere else that we see except maybe some ice meteors coming but they might have come from the earth when .

The fountains of the deep broke open you might have shot them up into space and they're still floating around we don't know but i think the the oceans are miraculous the bible says that uh god when god made the earth it was uh let me find the verse here there was water above the heavens uh in the beginning unless he made the .

Stars i got slide ten thousand slides here uh the wil scoffers are willingly ignorant of how god made the heavens and the earth was standing out of the water and in the water our atmosphere today has six layers i think there used to be a seventh layer of ice couple inches thick above the atmosphere to protect the .

Earth like a big greenhouse life was perfect you go up about six miles and it's 100 degrees below zero right now over the sahara desert so there was a there's a heat i believe there was a crystalline canopy i teach this on my video seminar part two of my seminar series if you get that uh the whole series fifty bucks so uh .

This canopy of water would stop some of the uv light coming in and would be one of the reasons why they live to be so so old according to the bible they live to be 900 and there are many legends in in other cultures about the golden age man used to live to be a thousand well bible says 969 was the max but still i think this canopy above also .

There was water under the crust of the earth which i cover in my seminar part two uh about super cold ice will float a magnet in a magnetic field and so the water underneath came shooting to the surface and that's where noah's flood water came from and people say where'd all the water for the flood go it's it's still here .

The oceans are really really big the earth is 70 percent underwater right now there's enough water out there if you smoothed out the earth it'd be a mile and a half deep everywhere plenty to drown in 8 800 feet so i think the evidence for the noaa's flood is worldwide i think that the flood is the only way to explain so many things that .

We see so i think all the water came from the hand of god creating it out of nothing okay so i think that that's something that can't and i could agree on like i was saying when you take a look at the geological evidence you're finding you know go to top the mountains and .

There's fish fossils you know there's whale there's whale skeletons the the continents themselves are covered with marine um life all over the place you're finding the most you know the supposedly the most ancient um fish uh fossils and whatnot they're .

Found they're found on the continents in themselves they're not found in the oceans so i think that we may cut like i said like i'm kind of repeating myself but we may come to this different conclusion in terms of world view but i think that we have there's a lot more overlapping in our beliefs here .

And how we're interpreting this that obviously yeah the planet is mostly covered in water that's a big deal why is why is that not taken into consideration i think i think that there's evidence of something drastic happen in the past and um .

I think i think ken and i are both interested in dinosaurs and i think that this does play into that um i've been interested recently there's some different ideas about um you know what to what extent dinosaurs had feathers and lived in aquatic environments and stuff .

Like that i bret i don't know if you i hope you don't mind if we can get a little bit of a back and forth going because i do want to ask um can a little bit of his thoughts on that like how how do you feel about to what extent dinosaurs may have had feathers or um things like that .

Okay uh i don't think there's any evidence at all for dinosaurs having feathers the word dinosaur means terrible lizard or reptile uh so the reptiles don't have feathers at all they have protein uh keratin uh is uh feather it can be made into lots of different things can be made into scales can be .

Made into feathers but the fact that they're the same protein means nothing i mean iron is made up makes up how many things are made out of iron this light stand made out of iron so is my car does that prove they're related no it's a good building material so the dinosaurs i think always lived with man they were called dragons or some .

Other name until the word dinosaur was made up in 1841 but you mentioned about seashells on mountains it's worse than that there are petrified clams in the closed position on top of these mountains petrified clothes clams how many of these do we have in our museum brother hundreds .

Hundreds there's a place in tennessee where there's a seam of petrified closed clams 10 feet thick for miles probably millions of them in there they find petrified closed clams on top of mount everest uh i don't think mount everest was there until after the flood in psalms 104 at .

The end of the flood it says the mountains arose the valley sink down if you have the earth covered in water say a mile deep and all of a sudden or maybe even slowly one place lifts up and one place goes down the water is going to run off make this an ocean this will be mountain range it's interesting if you look at the earth .

All the mountain ranges follow the coastlines why did the rocky mountains follow the north pacific the appalachian mountains follow the south pacific i mean appalachians follow the north atlantic the andes mountains follow the south pacific i think the mountain ranges formed at the end of the flood because .

The crust of the earth was all cracked up it still is today cracked up like an eggshell and that happened when the fountains of the deep broke open so i think the biblical account is clear and then the stuff that is not spelled out exactly what happened here i think we can interpolate it to say wow this must this must have caused all of this i .

Think the flood formed all of the layers you can get a jar we do this friend take the tour of our dinosaur vintage land we have a jar with sand gravel uh rocks uh sand gravel clay and water and we shake it up and let it sit within minutes it forms layers we have a couple of these things here in just minutes it'll make 10 or 15 different .

Layers so the layers that we see all formed in one year in the flood there's no such thing as a geologic column there's no such thing as a jurassic period no such thing they all form quickly all over the world petrified trees are found standing up running through all these layers it's baloney it's a it's a lie made up .

In the 1800s to teach kids the earth is millions of years old but the clams i think are classic and they find the biggest oyster in the world today is 14 inches world's record 13.79 or something like that they find fossil oysters in peru two miles above sea level 11 feet 11 foot oysters uh something was .

Different well if they live to be 900 and the people don't live to be 900 today and oysters today get to 14 inches and they find fossils up at 11 feet to me that all fits perfectly fine with the bible i don't have a problem with that i'm sorry took too much time go ahead no it's fine it's an open discussion you guys can take whatever time you need in .

Order to be able to put forth your points both of you are doing fantastic if you don't mind me saying mr adam do you have any response to that or where yeah actually so one thing i'm i am especially interested to hear from ken is um i didn't realize kent that you basically you don't agree that there even really is a geological column right .

You don't agree that there are different jurassic and cretaceous layers um do you basically feel that there's not um you know certain synapses and then dinosaurs and then later mammals and stuff that they're even in that sequence or you like in other words .

What um if there is a layering effect where there's different animals at different layers what why would it do that or do you just you don't even accept that there are different animals in different layers well of course there would be different animals in different layers they would automatically be sorted based .

Upon numerous factors body density i'd be willing to bet if all the animals died in a giant flood the clams would end up on the bottom and the birds would end up on the top has nothing to do with evolution clams are heavier than birds birds have hollow feathers hollow bones of course they're going to float plus the birds are the .

Last ones to drown in a flood as soon as something tragic happens the clams clam up and if they got buried under mud very quickly they couldn't open and they're found petrified closed so the geologic column does not exist the layers exist and there is a little bit of sorting to it but it could be based upon intelligence .

Clams aren't very smart best anybody can figure out and they based on mobility clams can't run very fast and based upon body density and habitat they already live at the bottom of the ocean of course they're the first ones buried that's where they live so i think that they've completely misinterpreted the data we're both looking at the same .

Thing generally birds are found in the same layer okay i agree not always but generally what does that prove well to the evolutionist that proves they evolved into a certain timeframe no that's proves there was a big flood and they died and they float they have hollow feathers so it's how do you want to look at this .

Evidence how do you want to interpret it and some people so badly want to not believe in god they'll take anything except you know god did it in the flood the bible says in ii peter the scoffers would be willingly ignorant of the creation and the flood the creation of the earth in six literal days is the only way it's going to work .

Because i mean i've got geologic column right here let's see sorting there we go uh the geological you have plants that breathe in oxygen or breathe in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen animals breathe in oxygen give off co2 we reciprocate the gases how could one live for millions of years without the other bible says plants made .

On day three animals made on day five man made on day six no problem not at all but to have them coming slowly evolving over millions of years and there are so many probably billions certainly millions of symbiotic relationships where certain animals require certain plants they can't live without them .

Some plants require certain animals to pollinate them it's just an incredibly complicated complex web that just looks like it was designed you know the lug nuts on my chevy are designed to fit on the lugs they're designed for same you know thread patterns spacing and all that .

Kind of thread how many threads per inch in the diameter it's designed billions of things everything seems to be just designed and i don't know how people can't see it boggles my mind yeah i think that you'll see a lot of atheists even admit that whether they believe in design or not it definitely appears to have been .

Designed right um can't do you do you think that um all fossils are from the from the deluge or do you think there's pre diluvian like pre-flood fossils i would say probably all the fossils are from the flood i i mean i don't know of any examples of fossils being formed .

Today animals are dying all the time billions of them die every day but they don't fossilize in order for anything to fossilize it takes special conditions has to be buried quickly in mud that is able to slowly absorb into the fossil and replace the the bone cells as as the cells decay the minerals .

In the ground soak in and take its place it's actually a complete replacement fossil is what they're called so this is a replacement fossil of a clam there's also impression fossils but they find fossilized insects in great detail how many insects die today and how many are going to fossilize .

Well none are going to fossilize not that we've never seen any fossilization in in modern day certainly in any great numbers and yet trillions and trillions of fossils exist in the ground you look at diatomaceous earth there's a seam in southern california i think it's uh 100 feet thick .

Of diatoms which is an extremely tiny creature it's microscopic and they're 100 feet thick for miles and miles go to lombok california so i think yeah there's no way to make a seam of dead diatoms a hundred feet thick for miles other than to have rapid temperature change .

And it cooked them all and they sank to the bottom the bible says the fountains of the great deep broke open i think the earth's crust cracked open and the hot water inside came shooting to the surface and it would kill everything within 50 miles of where it comes shooting out along these fault lines so we would find very and san andreas fault .

Is right there in california so we would find dead animals and dead plants and dead insects and dead microscopic creatures by the trillions because of the flood i couldn't i wouldn't i would never go out on a limb and say all the fossils were formed in the flood but i don't know of any being formed today does anybody .

Yeah that's a really good point i think you and i have a lot of um overlap in terms of like you were saying the um the the crust splitting open i think that that had a like we kind of have a similar um view that you know in the past there was these these major events um dealing with tectonic activity and .

Spreading and volcanic activity and a lot of water and stuff um so yeah actually yeah i can't i i don't i'm not too familiar with all your stuff but i have been kind of watching a couple debates and stuff i watched one of matt powell's recently where he was talking about .

Um the distribution of some of the dinosaur fossils where you find him kind of in the center of the the country there um i i find a lot of that really interesting and just you guys have me thinking like why why is um .

Soft tissue and blood and stuff preserved in these fossils that are supposedly what 64 to 200 something million years ago that i don't just dismiss it i'm like damn that has me uh thinking about you know how what even is the process of fossilization that from what i understood you can't preserve .

Blood and soft tissue and all that in the fossilization process so how are they finding these things well one thing i wanted to ask you um can because you have what is it called dinosaur adventure land is that what you guys call the place out there dinosaur adventureland lennox alabama population 35. there you go okay .

Sounds it sounds like a lot of fun um i'm curious so you you um have a lot of issues with evolutionary theory and mainstream science the way you depict the dinosaurs in dinosaur adventureland are there any differences um compared to how dinosaurs .

May be in a just a richard dawkins book or a science standard science textbook might depict them like is there a way that you guys show them differently in a different environment or you know there's they re they find these bones and they reconstruct what they think dinosaurs look like right do you .

Guys reconstruct them differently and how you interpret it or is it pretty similar to the standard idea of what dinosaurs look like before the whole dinosaur feather renaissance where they kind of reinterpreted a lot of it yeah as far as what they look like i don't argue with them at all it's not worth fighting over .

Uh i don't think they had feathers uh it wouldn't be a dinosaur dinosaur means terrible lizard and lizards don't have feathers that is complete bologna i think some demons are having competition who can make people believe the dumbest thing you know everybody came from a dot all right you know of nothing exploding all .

Right one guy's probably said i can make him believe dinosaurs had feathers i think that's ridiculous the the shape of the dinosaurs the size of the dinosaurs i don't think that's in question there have been some really big dinosaur bones found i mean the creature would have been 60 feet tall .

There's 100 feet long with counting the tail so there's just i don't think there's an argument over that as far as when they lived now there's where the argument is what they look like i don't care i don't worry about that right all right kent and adam if you don't mind i'd like to ask you guys a .

Question and if you guys want to make a u-turn and get back into some older topics that is fine i don't know if either one of you have ever heard this claim i've got a short up on my youtube channel where you can see this being said and stephen hawking is actually on video saying this atheist stephen hawking claimed before he died .

That our existence is a mathematical impossibility wouldn't that by definition be defined as a miracle yeah that's a good point i did i don't know if i ever thought of it in those terms in terms of a miracle but um i think that fine-tuning problems are one of the biggest issues with a lot of .

The the um standard consensus uh ideas in cosmology right now actually there's um see if i can find it sometime it's a good clip there's a clip of richard dawkins talking about that they're interviewing him and he's admitting that you know one of the biggest problems for science is .

The fine-tuning issues if the fight the the unlikelihood of if you adjust the power of gravity and if just slightly change one little thing everything just completely is chaotic and doesn't work um those those are major problems and they do um they they come up with like a multiverse .

Theory to try to account for this they have all these wacky ideas there's no i mean there's a lot of stuff in the sort of mainstream consensus that i just think is ridiculous um i think that um my personal view on it is that there isn't fine-tuning there isn't all these different possibilities .

You can't change the power of electromagnetism in comparison to gravity and the dimensions and all these things like um there is no fine-tuning i think that there's just one exact way that it works and this is this is what we got what it is is what it is we get what what we get we get what works .

And you can't adjust it you can't slightly move things around because it it just it's like a puzzle p it's like a puzzle and all the pieces have to fit together um and i think the conventional view um with .

Multi-verse and fine-tuning all this stuff it just it doesn't hold up um as an explanation of why was this particular universe selected for it's just not it gets outside of the realm of science you can't there's not a scientific answer if there's a multiverse it's completely non-scientific because your answer to .

Any question in the science book could be why is it like this oh because that's how it happens to be in this particular universe right so it just it just ends up not being science um i don't think it's a miracle necessarily i think there's just one way that it that it fits together .

All right well go ahead bret i think we're going to get atom converted is what's going to happen uh so that's what i'm i'm hoping for i think it'd be insane to say that the different parts of this ink pen happened independently by chance and they just just that's the only way it works this has to have the right thread .

Pattern to screw onto here because that's the only way it works no this little piece was designed to screw onto the end of this pin it was designed for that and i think that everything about us is designed your eyeball is designed to fit in the eye socket your brain is designed to fit in .

The skull your muscles are designed to do what they do i see design everywhere i look see when i study anatomy or biology or physics or any of the universe or the planets or the plants i say wow god you are so amazing i don't have a problem when i see a car that's made pretty cool i say wow that .

Was a great idea who thought of that that was an amazing design on that car i mean the guys who worked on the internal combustion engine that's pretty smart those are a bunch of really smart guys that developed that thing i would never dream of taking the cred giving the credit to the engine itself .

No some smart people did that it's the same in trillions of other examples it just the guy who made the computer this thing's amazing this coffee cup handle on the side hole in the middle to hold the water i'd be willing to bet 50 bucks this was designed and didn't happen it's made out of clay baked in .

The sun you could do it but it won't it'll never make itself just a coffee cup is clear evidence of a design you compare this to a single cell in your body average person has probably 100 trillion cells in their body each one is more complicated than the space shuttle i think there was a designer and i know .

Him i'd like to introduce you to him adam he loves you but he's going to be angry if you don't accept his offer of forgiveness based on what jesus did got to judge your sin for that so you can get out of it if you hurry kent and adam you both have uh something uh extremely um in common with one another can't you uh you question uh the .

Things that are asserted in science adam although he's an atheist he questions a lot of things about the claims that are made out there and i noticed that whenever adam does this or you do this when you question people seem to take this radical approach of getting personal nasty ignorant all these kind of things .

And i don't understand it because you're honoring god and you're also honoring science because the whole point is for us to think and question things how do you explain that why would people become angry or disposed when questioning because isn't that the very way to make science better go ahead yeah i i agree yeah .

I don't have anything to add to that but i just i agree well anything you should be able to question anything any good scientist question at all that's when they squelch the ability to even question and in the minds of some of these people evolution is a fact don't question it right there you got a cult .

You don't have a science it's a religious belief evolution is it's a religious belief system there's nobody's ever seen a cow produce a non-cow or a dog produce a non-dog it's never been seen no farmer in the history of the world will tell you his cow produced a non-cow or came from a non-cow .

No farmer it just it does it's sciences things we can observe study test demonstrate science comes from the latin word seer which means to know what do we know we know dogs produce dogs we know cows produce cows now that we know but they got charts in the book showing the cow and the dog going back to an .

Amoeba we don't know that you can believe that and then they have this amoeba coming from non-living material out of the soup in the ocean we don't know that they can't even make life in the laboratory one atheist i was debating said hoping if they do make life in the laboratory what are you going to say then .

I said well that's going to prove it took intelligence to make life isn't it yeah that's all it can there's science deals with what we know we know we can't make life we know every living thing we've ever observed produces offspring that are the same what anybody would consider the same kind and before we get into the .

Argument exactly what's a kind there's no clear definition of species either i covered that about a week ago on my youtube channel can't hopefully official the definition of species has never been clearly clearly given so god said they bring forth after their kind i believe that so i think it's it's ridiculous to it's okay to i'll question anything i'll .

Question everything about the bible say the bible says this i don't believe it okay send your questions i'm not afraid to question it so far my 53 years of study in that book and said whoa god must have written that because there's no mistakes it's flawless i believe that and i'll debate anybody on that one but anyway different topic go .

Ahead adam do you have any responses or would you like me to continue requesting i can add to that i think that yeah yeah so brad like you were saying before i do get flack for just you know supposedly atheists are supposed to be free thinkers and skeptics and critical thinkers but .

Almost everyone just goes with the mainstream consensus view on it and they just kind of say the same stuff most atheists are not critical thinkers and skeptics like i look at evolutionary theory as it is today and i see a lot of major major problems the original life is a major problem as they have it currently the .

Cambrian explosion is just completely almost i mean you can't have the evolutionary three as it is now without you basically i think you need to go and add to it that we need new principles and they you can't get you can't get the results with just what darwin and everybody's .

Saying like there's it needs a major overhaul because what is observed is not a gradual slow change you sudden you see no change at all for billions of years and then suddenly in the cambria cambrian explosion you see like almost every type of animal suddenly on the scene with no development leading up to it like that .

Needs an explanation the the oxygen levels might have been slightly different or now there's a little bit more calcium that's not a that's not an explanation you need a real hardcore serious explanation of how that can happen like there's there's major issues like that when you look at the fossil record like like kent was just saying .

Like i i'm totally on board with what ken's saying because i'm frustrated about this i've become very interested in dinosaurs recently and i go and i and i look at these skeletons and then they show you the white part where it's like the two little fragments of a bone is what they actually found and everything else is reconstructed you .

See these diagrams of where it all came from and then you see the actual fossil evidence compared to that and there's little fragments of fossils that they found kind of all at the same time in the same place and everything else is just hypothetical lineages that go back .

Hundreds of millions of years with no there's no fossil evidence there so it really is like frustrating to try to get deep into the subject and then you try to look into it deeper and it's found lacking like i think that a lot of people believe that we just have it all figured out and there's so much that isn't figured .

Out in mainstream science and um yeah i totally understand and can see where guys like cam are coming from to question all this and have an alternative i think the idea that a god did was a designer and did all that is probably more reasonable than .

What you get from the sort of standard consensus big bang just accept oh cambrian explosion was just a slightly difference in oxygen and calcium i think that it's it's really lacking and i question a lot of it and i want to know the answers like i believe there's a scientific explanation i think that .

There was evolution i do think that certain kinds you know i get what ken's saying too it's like on a common sense level a dog comes from a dog the idea that some sponge or a weird worm thing is like your ancestor and it turned into a dog is really weird and um .

I don't know i think it needs i think it needs more substantiation to be spoken about so confidently as oh we've proven everything we got it all figured out um there's a lot of work that needs to be done there's something called the um i say i sent you guys some notes on it .

The extended synthesis of evolution there's some newer ideas about adding some new principles to it and it looks like that's the direction that they're going because they're finding that you know you can't have beneficial mutations most of the time most of the time the .

Mutations don't lead to a beneficial mutation so they need a new mech like they're coming up with these new mechanisms um where it's a little bit more like the early versions of lamarckism or whatever we're like in epigenetics i don't know it's all it's all being it's all going .

Through a major overhaul and the current theory just doesn't really do what it's it's claiming it's supposed to be able to do so yeah i think i think we need to have more critical thinking and more skepticism may i ask you lovely gentlemen a favor .

Um i appreciate the response it sounds like you put a lot of thought into where you're coming from on this but whenever someone's talking can you guys mute your microphone if you look below you'll see a mute button where you can hit stream yards the reason why i asked this is because you guys are starting to cause feedback on each other and i don't want .

It to hurt the audience's ears because you guys have some great things to say here when he's talking we should mute my mic yeah you just scroll down your mouse and click the mic like that and add them the same for you you just go down click the mute button and then you'll come through absolutely clear because people need to .

Hear what you guys thoughts are on this go ahead would you like to respond to him about the cambrian period the uh explosion of all this life was seemingly uh no time to be able to have all this what's your thoughts uh ken muted go ahead .

Go ahead okay if he's into free thinking which this is wonderful first of all but he will not fit in with the atheist community they are not allowed free thinking you're not allowed to even think there might be a god okay i'll take them out all of them out at the same time so .

Thank you we'll get them converted here there's no such thing as a cambrian explosion uh there was a flood that destroyed everything and afterwards they got off the ark and the animals are sorted in the fossil record a little bit by body density or habitat or mobility or intelligence but is that's it nothing ever evolves into anything else never .

So and there is no such thing as a fossil record there are trillions of fossils but it's not a record none of the fossils that have ever been found have a date stamped on them or come with a bio you know a biography where you know who is it aren't they don't have a time on them our interpretation is put on them and so .

Far nearly all the fossils are like something that's alive today only generally bigger biggest hurdle in the world today is five foot they find fossil turtles 15 feet something was different before the flood came i think he mentioned about uh finding fragments and making the .

Dinosaurs i agree he's right i don't think it's worth arguing about but you got to understand if you find if you spend years out digging in the dirt looking for a bone and you finally find one my dog does that too by the way but if you spend years looking for a bone you would like to become famous for it so they look for some way to make it .

Into a brand new dinosaur based on a few little tiny fragments because there's just no way to get rich or to become famous in that field without finding a new one nobody knows no knows who found the seventh brachiosaur who found the first brachiosaur now that guy's famous but the rest of it doesn't .

Matter but i'm glad for that as far as needing a beneficial mutations nobody's ever seen one of those either all the mutations are harmful fatal or neutral nobody's ever seen a beneficial one if you had a beneficial one and it would take trillions of them to turn an amoeba to a whale .

If you had a beneficial mutation who's it going to marry you got to have two at the same time in the same place on this big planet of the opposite six and they got to find each other and be interested you got a bunch of problems to make this mutations is not going to cause anything to help evolution it's always negative downhill .

Losing it's losing information always harmful fatal or neutral it's not gaining anything i agree it needs a major overhaul i've been trying for a long time let's see i started in 1989 with my creation ministry what's that long time i want to do a major overall start from scratch guys god made the world i was destroyed by a .

Big flood the water that was under the crust of the earth and the original creation the bible says he stretched out the earth above the waters that's the water that was laid up in storehouses inside the earth that's where the flood water came from and there is still a lot of water stuck down in the crust of the earth they .

Drill down you get a well you go they find lots of they say there's probably ten oceans worth of water still in the crust of the earth in the days of noah the fountains of the deep broke open i think that's what caused the death of all the creatures and buried them in layers just the tide going up and .

Down noah was in the ark for 880 title changes if the tide changed 880 times up down which means the water has to come in out to fill that big bump it would make all these layers in weeks months not millions of years okay go ahead all right my next question for you guys .

Having to do with a biogenesis and then we can we can jump back into this if you don't mind the process of random genetic mutation is extremely complex with multiple pathways involving more than one system current research suggests no notices suggest most spontaneous mutations occur as .

Errors in the repair process process of damaged dna can anyone explain why humans and animal bodies are capable of repair healing or supposedly creating anatomical structures from mistakes or errors thank you continue on adam you first and then ken .

I don't have a whole lot to say about this but yeah i do think that we can explain that i think it's just it's it's complex and there's a lot to get into but um like i was saying before you know um in my notes that i shared with you guys there's this concept of .

Evolvability that is added to the new evolutionary synthesis where they kind of um you know you're saying it's mostly these errors and stuff um they're they're they're trying to improve upon the theory where they're they're trying to um .

Take that into account into account and um hypothesizing a new process that kind of helps guide that um but all i can just say i don't really on this topic i don't really know too much about it so i will just kind of bow out on that subject because .

I just don't know but i do think that you know if the question is is can it be explained i think there you know there's probably an explanation but it's probably pretty complex and just the process of it would you guys uh if you guys need me to not i hope that you don't take this as a .

Fence would you like me to simplify the question fine with me that was fine there's no evidence of life getting started from non-living material none they can't even make it happen in the laboratory if they could that would prove it takes intelligence to make life .

Uh the the not only the life but the repair process uh to live in this world where you're going to get hurt the healing process the first person to get cut and start bleeding would not have had the mec a complex mechanism of sealing up the wound and healing it would take billions of years for that .

To evolve because nobody had it so all you'd have to do is get one injury external or internal and you would bleed to death i think it's just it's it's i'm amazed that intelligent otherwise intelligent people can believe that happened by chance i i'm stunned it's a special kind of stupid in my book go ahead .

Do you have any response that you would like to give adam or shall we do the next thing appreciate your responses go ahead yeah in terms of biogenesis and kind of getting things started i do think that um the attempts today and the explanations we're hearing are are lacking and the there's a .

There's an issue with they kind of assume an environment very similar to earth today i think that if you go back further in the past earth was drastically different i don't think that you can get an earth-like environment .

Um and just the lightning strikes the pond or whatever the hell they think like ridiculous stuff like that that it just it just oh it just forms these dna things like i think it's it's a much longer process i think that the um chemistry and the pressure and the heat was so different back then .

It's almost more like you got to go back to something almost like the planet jupiter or something where um you know it just was it isn't they think of the planet earth as a rock with with some water on top of it um and that's that's not gonna form life .

Like if you actually go and read the guy that had the um what is it called the primordial ooze or the primordial suit the origin of life alexander operon um he was a soviet scientist back in the day he's very he's very well known for his ideas of .

Um you know a biogenesis and the the chemistry of forming life and later the you guys probably know better than i do can't you know it's like the yuli experiments where they did those i don't know they tried to synthesize um the chemistry that would form life anyways if you actually go back and read .

Oprah and what he actually believed in and what he wrote in his books and in his papers he believed in he he he was talking about something totally different he was not talking about a rock planet with a little bit of water on top and slightly different chemistry .

Operand taught that the the planet earth used to be a star the planet earth you went through a phase where it was a star and then it was like jupiter and then it was like neptune and that's the dude that came up with these processes of that what chemistry is needed to to form life from you know non-living matter and .

Stuff and i think that somehow along the way a lot of that got lost and it's just this idea of lightning striking a pond or whatever and and um i think ken and or matt powell were recently putting out issues with that where it's like just the basic idea that water is going .

To dissolve you know dna is a major issue that they're they're just kind of contending with i think that you need a totally different environment different i think pressure might be a big part of it that you know the pressure on a planet like .

Jupiter or something is just so totally different than uh once you get to a much smaller ocean world or a smaller planet like like the planet earth but yeah look if anyone's interested in some of the stuff look into what oprah actually wrote in the origins of life he believed in stellar metamorphosis he believed that .

Stars turn into planets planets are leftover stars planets are stellar remnants it's a it's a chemical evolution and that is sort of a sort of seep through into these ideas of the origins of life in the primordial soup the primordial soup is not what you .

Think it has to do with stellar metamorphosis it has to do with going from a transition from something like jupiter to something like an ocean world so brother kent as well as adam a person out there put forth something that's going along with the next question atheists and their religion believe .

Matter created itself totally dismissing the first law of thermodynamics evolution does seem to get in the face of actual observable laws that we have and natural laws it also goes against the second law such as entropy where there's disorders uh going against that of organization all that which flies in the face .

What is your views on that does evolution go against several different observable things that we that we deal with in science brother kent as well as adam go ahead adam i'm sorry could you just really briefly repeat the question brett i was okay with that graphic real quick all right .

So as we know no one has ever observed snot on a rock turn into a fish and then jump up on land become a shrew or any of these kind of things no one's ever observed that and of course the catch is it takes billions a year so unless you got a really old camera or a time traveler it's not going to happen the question obviously is .

When we got when we look at the first law of thermodynamics as well as the second law entropy and then we've um also about the concept of energy give you an example the claim is energy cannot be created or destroyed however if the big bang theory happened and we go along with lawrence cross and some of these atheists handful of .

Atheist scientists out here who are stating that everything came from nothing well that goes against energy cannot be created or destroyed so evolution kind of slaps other laws that are observable right in the face it's it's there's a huge conflict here do you guys get what i'm talking about .

I see where you're coming from so going back to alexander operand he's so fundamental to all this when you're talking about a biogenesis and stuff operand says that living organisms are open systems right and so they must receive energy and materials from outside of themselves so therefore they're not limited by the second law of .

Thermodynamics brett um but yeah just i i don't know too much in depth about all this i think that i can get you pointed in the right direction if you want to find out um what's going on i think yeah you can't observe something that takes a billion years if you only live up to 100 years but i think in the laboratory they .

Can synthesize some of these things they can put certain basic chemicals in a certain situation an individual situation if you will brett sorry i feel i'm trying not to i'm trying not to come up with a problem if you do if you put certain basic chemicals in a .

Scenario it can lead to these different amino acids and stuff like that but i think that they just they're not they're they're pretty far from getting it figured out but i do think that you can see little pieces of it you know you can make you can see some of these .

Things observed i know that kent argues that well that requires intelligence but the basic idea is if you just have an environment with the right heat and pressure whatever you have the right chemicals in there if that was the environment what is going to happen after that right and we .

Do see things like um and again this is something i'm not that informed on so um i don't know too much about it but but you do see things like the development of amino acids and stuff and these sugars and certain things that are fundamental to life so i don't think that the science is .

There yet on it but i do think that we can obs we in principle can we observe these things yeah i think if they really knew what to do they could get the pressure right and the heat right and the chemistry right and they could straight up just synthesize an amoeba or whatever they from you could start with hydrogen .

And methane and ammonia and straight up an amoeba out of it all right brother kent and mr adam can you both do me a favor i'm gonna need to take two minutes away just real quick help the wife bring in some groceries uh can you guys take over the show sure i guess it's my turn uh yes sir help always always keep the wife happy .

Brother uh i think uh there is zero evidence that matra can create itself there's zero evidence that matra can organize itself even by adding energy if i took all this if i took my watch completely apart put all the little pieces in a bag and shook it for 500 years would it ever reassemble itself .

To get an amino acid to come together by chance the chance is zero it'll never happen first of all the individual parts of that amino acid each individual atom is really complex and specially designed with all the electron in different orbitals you know all just exactly designed and all .

Charged prop properly the fact that in a atom you have all the positively charged particles the protons in the middle in a in a nucleus hello light charges repel why don't the positives of the proton blow up the proton why don't they explode away from each other the very concept of just atoms is .

Mind-boggling in their complexity and then when they combine to make other elements and other other materials it's it's stunning i'd say it's impossible that they could form by chance if somebody wishes to believe that that's fine but my objection is they keep calling it science .

They put this stuff in science textbooks like this textbook the unicurrent universe came into existence about 14 billion years ago everybody's paying for these books to be printed and given to the kids to study from this isn't science this is a religion mixed right in with our public school .

Textbooks if somebody wishes to believe that fine you can believe what you want but they should teach that in private schools to kids for kids who pay to come learn it i don't want to pay for that book that's baloney the universe came into existence i'll tell you what bring anything into existence from nothing .

Tell all the scientists in the world i'll give them a hundred dollars if they can bring a particle into existence from nothing it can't be done let alone the whole universe there's a lot of stuff out here you know it's a pretty big planet we're standing on compared to the other ones it's not very .

Big but it's pretty big compared to us and i think it's just stunning that people can believe that they're welcome to believe it i'm not i don't this is the land this is america the land of the fee in the home of the slave you can believe what you want but that's not science and it's certainly not right to make everybody pay for that .

To be taught i think it ought to be if evolution should be taught at all it should be in private schools to those who want to pay and come learn it get it out of all the public schools all the public museums if it's publicly funded should not be able to allow to teach anything about creation or evolution a bigger question is should we have .

Public schools but okay if we're going to have them then don't talk about origins you can talk about all the anatomy boys and girls this is the deltoid and the biceps and the triceps and the humerus and the femur and the you can teach all the bones and the muscles and the nerves and they say kid .

Says teacher how do we get there we're not allowed to talk about that but memorize that's the deltoid yes yes teacher okay no doctor on the planet thinks about evolution while he's doing surgery he just better know his anatomy which has nothing to do with evolution .

Nothing whatsoever go ahead no i think you have some good points like um i don't know about completely taking out of textbooks to that extent but i get frustrated when i'm reading or you know watching a documentary or watching bill nye the science guy or neil degrasse tyson the way they proclaim these things is if it in this .

Like such a confident dogmatic way at the very least they could um put some more question marks in there and be like hey this is where it's at currently cosmology is sort of as a sciences in its infancy you know if you go back 20 years the estimated .

Age of the universe was completely different if you go back 30 years what they thought the age of the earth was was way younger like they're they're trying to figure this out and it's you know it's not this established proof thing so i do think that the wording of that at the .

Very least should be adjusted to where they're more honest about look these are the things we know for sure and we have the actual empirical evidence for these are the things that are hypothetical and they're they're guessing and there are different alternatives um that might be possible like .

There's other models that might fit this you know but i think the idea of all this just happening by chance or something just two particles poofing out of nothing like they say like it's just yeah it's just completely ridiculous it's it's .

Completely absurd it's it it boggles the mind how do such intelligent people actually believe this crap like how can they say that and they actually believe it so um yeah i think that okay you're muted .

I'm muted okay i think i know why they believe it as far as anybody can figure out there's only two choices there is a god or there isn't nobody's thought of a third choice there's a god or there isn't if you .

Think of another one let me know i'd like to hear that so if there's a god that would mean he owns the place he created it he owns it and he can make the rules you know like thou shalt not who some people don't like his rules so they will deny his existence which is complete lack of common sense .

If i said nobody made this ink pen that's that's ridiculous i don't know who made it i don't care actually but i know somebody made it i'd be willing to bet money on that every single part was designed to fit together to make an ink pen it's just common sense everything about your body was designed .

Not only can we you have a brain that can think about things and it can think about what it's thinking about think about that you can actually pass judgment on your thoughts how did that happen you can say that was a good thought that was about do animals do that .

No there's something very different about man adam i think you're going to end up getting converted and be a creationist this is going to be great come on down visit dinosaur adventureland go ahead you just might convert me let's see hey maybe i convert you to hinduism or something okay who knows .

If i was ever in the area it'd be interesting to check check out the place um but yeah i i don't know i think we have a lot of overlap in terms of um of what's going on i i kind of had a lot of train of thought because someone kept asking this question i want to address just real quick um .

About do i believe in noah's flood i i think that um the bible as you go further back is less historically accurate i think that the bible is you know probably base like the stuff from the adam and eve and noah in those times i think .

I think it's more likely that those are at least based on real people and um you know like adam might have been some king and then seth was the next king you know so i i don't think it's just made up i think that the flood with noah and you see it in different cultures with the sumerian version with utm and stuff and .

Gilgamesh like i think that there probably was some kind of historical event probably more like a local flood but what i think is that creationists are onto something when they when they take a look at the geological evidence and they're like look there's evidence that the world was covered in water .

That needs to be taken very seriously it doesn't mean you have to come to the conclusion of creationism but yeah the world the planet was covered in water completely and there's marine stuff everywhere on the planet it's like we live on a ocean planet there was something very similar to a .

Flood worldwide flood there was some at least one significant event that's very similar to all the stuff that kent is talking about all the um the different la the um different um what the tectonic activity and all that stuff there were some major events i don't necessarily agree that it was the .

Same thing i think there probably was a local flood and a more major geological issue that happened before that and then the the biblical view might be kind of combining some of that stuff but i think yeah if you just look around or if you you know ancient times if they dug up dinosaur bones and they concluded that .

There were dragons and things like that i think a lot of it's based on real observations they went around and they looked at their environment and they're like hey we see all these seashells and fish fossils and we see dinosaur things that look like dragons and pterodactyls they just kind of came up with a .

Different version of what what we might think about it um and you know it wasn't maybe as advanced but i think that there's there's more than just a little bit of a grain of truth to all that i don't think someone just made up dragons they they have these observations of .

Of real you know there's certain fossils look exactly like a dragon you know like like the way you would see a a painting of a dragon on a fantasy novel or something so um actually can't i don't know how much longer you'd like to go but that was one thing i'd like to ask of just um your thoughts on just or your your .

Knowledge really on some of the um depictions of you know in the bible they use the term dragon a lot and there's things like behemoth leviathan um maybe if you could it'd just be interesting to hear your thoughts or your um your knowledge on some some stuff about you know dinosaurs .

In the bible and and maybe different um concepts having to do with that because i find that just i think it's just a fascinating topic in itself oh yes sir that's uh my specialty our website is oh yeah our website is d-r-d-i-n-r phone number eight five five big dino we like dinosaur the word .

Dinosaur was made up by richard owen in 1841 before that time the same animals were simply called a different name dragons 1891 the word dinosaurs not even in the dictionary there was no word until after that okay the bible talks about dragons quite a bit mentions them 34 times the .

Biblical interpretation from my 53 years of study would say god made everything in six days about 6 000 years ago the people before the flood came you take my screen down for a second brother the people before the flood came lived to be 900 according to the bible adam was 930. there are hundreds of legends that have been found around the world about what's .

Called the golden age why would so many different cultures that have no contact with each other all have a similar story that say man man used to live to be a thousand that was the golden age why would they all have this same story why would there be hundreds and hundreds of flood legends from different cultures around the world there we go .

So many people around the world talk about a flood why would they talk about somebody building a boat full of animals to save them from the flood the gilgamesh epic etcetera well first of all if it's a local flood why build a boat tell noah to move be a lot quicker to move than to build a .

Big boat and load all the animals on there you could probably move from here to china you know if you had enough warning so i think the idea that it was a worldwide flood is the only logical answer now can i prove that no the bible says that i've chosen to believe that but i'm not asking everybody to be teaching that you know in public schools .

At my expense so the bible says the people live to be 900 and after the flood things changed they dropped off to 400. i cover all this about dinosaurs i think have always lived with man they were called dragons i think they mentioned in the bible we talk about that on dvd number three dinosaurs in the bible .

About job chapter 40 behemoth and leviathan i think there could be some still alive today there have been thousands of sightings for instance loch ness monster the lake champlain monster mokule ambembi in the congo swamp in africa a friend of mine was a missionary over there for 40 some years when he .

Showed the natives i don't know if i have a brachiosaurus here you know in the museum but dinosaur with a long neck and a long tail apatosaurus and brachiosaurus orb very similar used to be called the brontosaurus but there was no such thing as a brontosaurus when the natives saw his kids playing he was the .

Mission he's a missionary there the natives saw his kids playing with the dinosaur they said oh that's moca liam bembi he lives out in the swamp don't get close he's not friendly and the missionary was like stunned like what this animal still alive in the swamp in the congo in africa yeah that can you .

Give me get my book over there about locally and bambi see all the dinosaur ones are together center bookcase uh all the dinosaur ones are together it's a it's a green paperback it says in search of vocally and bambi by roy mackle university of chicago i think you got to go down a little more bookcase i .

Got 10 million books in here right about there somewhere i think so point is i cover that in great detail adam if you will send an address to me or call me later 855 big dino i'm extension three i will send you a set of my video tapes for free if you promise to watch at least two of them i think you'll watch them all end up .

Getting converted to get on our site we need you over here go ahead oh that would be awesome i appreciate that hey maybe i'll send you a comic book or something in exchange like fair time i need somebody i need somebody drawing comics for me yeah i've seen some of your graphics there yeah they're .

They're fun um you got a sense of humor in some of your stuff i have i haven't seen too much you guys stuff but i saw um a couple recent debates and some of matt powell's documentary and stuff um so just real quick i'll respond to a couple of those things what you were .

Saying about what is it moca lee and bembe or whatever that sounds really interesting i want to check that out but um oh yeah brontosaurus they um brought back i don't know if you know this they recent because they kind of phased out the term brontosaurus and then more recently they're bringing it back .

But um oh so one question i wanted to ask you this is almost like a a weird question but um in the bible it says that satan is um you know the the liar from in the beginning he was the serpent the dragon if if dragons were dinosaurs is satan in some way a dinosaur or would you be depicted as almost like a dinosaurian .

Form in your world good question yeah good question i don't have a simple answer but uh some animals just automatically conjure up you know images of bad you know black widow spider rattlesnake so satan is called the dragon he's called the great serpent .

And i i don't think he is uh i think it's just more of his personality or his uh the way he works you know sneak up on people like a snake does i don't know i'll have to wait and see he used to be the most beautiful creature god made according to the bible uh he was the chief of the ways of god .

Uh that was the behemoth was the chief of the ways of god but that's in job chapter 40 and chapter 41 talks about leviathan which i think was a fire breathing dragon you can watch my video on leviathan the fire breathing dragon i think you can watch all my videos right on my youtube channel kent hofendo official uh if you .

Want to take a look at that you found the book yay okay nope different one but that'll work here's a book about uh mokule ambimbi mystery beast of the congo basin this one's by william gibbons who's been over there many times uh mokole ambimbi that's how the natives .

Spell and pronounce the name of course they're in a different language but that'd be the english mystery beast of the congo basin so i i would think i would take the position dinosaurs always lived with man man exterminated most of them calling them dragons or some other name and there could be a few stragglers still .

Alive uh been many sightings of pterodactyls in the last 50 years people have said that's a pterodactyl so watch my video number three i cover everything i've been able to gather in my 53 years of study on that topic and i'll send them to you for free okay .

Adam and ken i got another question for you and i know that both of you are going to enjoy this and i know that adam actually recently seen my video on this and i figured i'd see where you're coming from on this both of you we have all observed deformities in humans and animals if we found the remains of a deformed person or animal .

How would we go about separating it from an alleged transitional fossil oh shoot sorry i should go first um yeah i mean i think there's obviously probably ways to to try to figure that out or at least make a pretty solid guess but i do think it's a it's an important question like this this ended up being a bit of a discussion in um .

The comments section with who's the guy um brett who was it mr jones who debated mr jones recently yeah mr jones made a video and i did attempt to watch it he appeared to completely went right over his head the same thing happened when matt powell was debating him the guy just doesn't .

I don't want to be hateful but he doesn't like absorb information very well as evolution processes off but go ahead adam yeah so mr i i don't really know the guy i was just recently started following he seems like an awesome guy and and um you know .

But um there was a little bit of a discussion and just different people were coming up in the comments section and the point i was making was like kind of adding to what you were saying brett was if say an uh martians came to the planet earth a million years later and they found skeletons of .

Um mostly you know standard size proportion humans and they also found say a certain number of humans who have um dwarfism or their gigantism and things like that i think that it would be likely that they would hypothesize that um dwarfs and maybe .

Giants were probably a different species or whether whether they hypothesized that or not it would be a very difficult challenge to determine is this a different is this a different genetic lineage or is it just something .

Um you use the term deformities but you know it's just a phenotypical difference within the same species i don't even know i'm sure there's probably kind of a standard way that they try to make determinations like that but um i don't know i think that it's likely that i mean we've even seen this where .

They will um look at certain dinosaur fossils for example since we've talked about dinosaurs a lot where um at first they thought that they were a totally different genus or species a totally different dinosaur with a different name and later on they come to find that it was it was the same species it was just .

You know that was the juvenile stage of that same species or things like that so um i don't know i think we we it's it's more information to take in but i don't think we should be so closed-minded when we go into to study this stuff it's like hey maybe maybe everything that seems like it's a .

Different species maybe they are more related than you think or maybe certain things just might be some kind of deformity so i think it's a good question brett and i think that um you know the discussion that that that that led to when you brought that up it was kind of revealing that a lot of people were just very .

Dismissive and closed-minded about some that to me seems like an obvious problem that's as far as i know brought up in you know the if you take a um paleontology class or something they teach you this day one that you know it it's not necessarily um if there's a certain crab or something that has a .

Giant pinch or something it's not necessarily an entirely different species or something it could be a deformity or vice versa so it's to me it just seems like a fundamental question to to try to figure out thank you for your response can't you .

Have any opinion on it as you both yeah answering any questions if you like but glad no yes sir that's great i think uh again it's it's it's pretty well known that inbreeding you know humans marrying sisters or you know ants or nieces will probably cause us hexadecimalism six fingers that's one of the first common things .

That happens indicating you know too close breeding too close to the family let's suppose you found a skeleton of uh somebody came down to earth and all they found was a skeleton of somebody with six fingers six toes were they there conclude would they conclude then that all humans are that way .

You know if all you found if you'd never seen these creatures alive and all you found were fossils of caterpillars you would never dream in a billion years they're related to the butterfly but it's the same animal a different stage of life adam is right you can find juvenile they might be very different than the adult i.e .

Caterpillar dragonfly or caterpillar moth or caterpillar butterfly you just can't get any more different than that like a different number of legs everything different so uh and you'd other also we see what's called sexual dimorphism sometimes the male and the female of the same animal are vastly .

Different uh so i think if you only found fossils you'd have a really hard time interpreting some of this stuff the fact that we see them alive again i go back to what i've said all we've ever seen is dogs produce dogs .

If somebody wishes to imagine it was different long ago and far away that's great but it's not science that's a religion and they should keep it home i resent paying to have that stuff taught uh yeah if you don't mind me asking you real quick you'll end up probably coming to the comments later to look at what people have said out there there's a few .

Non-believers out there who are claiming that you're not really an atheist how do you feel about the old scotsman done on you like that if you don't mind me asking oh sure yeah well a while back several years ago brett keene and myself with some others we went on the drunken peasants uh program and had a little discussion and i got .

That so much from so many people because i didn't believe in the big bang so many people were saying oh you're not an atheist and i just think that that's absurd and it's telling that it's such a standard at least on youtube on tv in the in the books and stuff .

That you're expected to just have this one view this one dogmatic view don't stray from the mainstream consensus on it and um it's it's kind of dumb like i i don't know i get it i think another thing is i think most active atheists online are mostly well .

Some of them are all out satanists sorry for my language um which i think is just i don't know that's a whole other topic but a lot of atheists on youtube that are going to be most vocal are going to be anti-theists right i'm not an anti-theist i'm i'm not against christians i love christians i have a .

Lot of family and friends who are christians i'm not against believers i'm i'm pro-theist if you believe in god that's great a friend of mine lost his faith recently and i was like damn i want him to get that back because it was such a um a positive influence in his life you know .

So i'm not against theism i'm not trying to fight fight against it i i think this is a great i've been enjoying this discussion with ken i don't know if kent feels the same way i think this is really enjoyable to actually you know i i get visit but visited by the mormons stop by sometimes and it's like i love .

To sit down with the mormons and talk about not argue with them about joseph smith or something it's like find the common ground what is it that we agree on and um talk about something positive and just and i like to hear their perspective too i don't have to believe what kent hovind .

Believes about the fossil layers and all that stuff but it's interesting to hear his perspective on it and just to know that's what um the hoeven theory is you know that's what the mormon theory is so if if people are saying you're not even an atheist .

They're just very close-minded i think and uh it's it's just typical of just at a first glance just jumping to a conclusion about somebody and their their views i think that um i i don't really care but yeah i think i think it's sort of .

Well guys i appreciate your responses i am going to attempt to get back into a couple more questions for you guys and i'm glad that you're both enjoying yourself that's exactly what i hoped for and i am glad that god is being glorified and we're having a good open conversation on things as far as i'm concerned i find it unusual .

Um you're an open-minded guy you're a truth seeker you're researching your questioning and all this and i think that um everybody on all isles should strive to do that to find the truth to search not just be like i'm a fan of star trek but it appears like borg mentality where it's just parodying we are the borg .

Resistance is futile it's just nonsense let's continue on folks you guys ready for your next question this one's about lucy if lucy was the real deal then why did scientists admit after being grilled that they had added fake parts to her such as human feet on display go ahead i don't know too much about lucy uh it's .

Just it's typical though that um you know what is presented as being um like i don't know if you guys can see like like for example we're kind of already mentioned this but you see this this full skeleton on display in the museum and it's all .

It's like 90 modeled out i think with lucy they're reconstructing probably what they thought were the feet or whatever but i don't know too much about the controversy or what it was but it is something that's frustrating to me i just wish that .

In a paper and in a textbook they were just more clear this is the physical empirical evidence here and this is a guess of the paleo art or the reconstruction and a lot of big question marks around here so like they don't know it's like it's not .

Knowledge it's not uh it's not solid proven information it's like we're trying to guess it's it's almost more like a fun game like maybe it was like this maybe it was like that um so but yeah bro i don't know if there is like a more of a um controversy to that i don't know what it is if you want to .

Let me know with with um lucy kent what is your uh your view on it well i'm holding i'm showing up on screen uh lucy uh which was found by donald johansson there were no hand bones a couple little finger bones maybe pieces of no no foot bones uh 1974 lucy was found in hadar valley .

Ethiopia it was about three feet tall it was obviously a chimpanzee of some kind but they wanted so badly to find something to support their religion of evolution they're desperate to support this religion and i admire their faith so they completely reassembled this skull in such a way to make it look ape-like .

Lucy by the way got the name because they were singing the beatles song popular at the time lucy in the sky with diamonds which has the initials lsd on purpose okay but lucy was obviously a chimpanzee type creature about three feet tall 42 inches three and a half feet tall what did lucy look like this is from national .

Uh 40 inches tall everybody agrees it was a it was a chimpanzee size of a six-year-old there are animals today like that we don't see any monkeys or apes or baboons or chimpanzees producing babies that are not the same kind as themselves we don't see a human produce a non-human why is it they think a bone in the dirt .

Is capable of doing something that no living animal has ever been able to do in the history of mankind how many people have observed cows producing cows or dogs producing dogs or take something with a shorter generation time like an amoeba you know they grow up get married have kids in 20 minutes .

You can get hundreds of generations in one week we don't ever see them produce anything except an amoeba so i think they're dreaming to say to think that if it was what we see today you know long ago and far away they were able to do something you know this bone in the dirt could do something no animal .

Today can do i think that's dumb i think it's dishonest so they can believe it all they want i cover lucy on my video number two of my series about the so-called caveman there's never been one the knee joint from hadar valley um uh the best i can now determine is there were two knee joints one found nearby .

And one far away the two the one found far away was two to three kilometers away from the skull and 60 to 70 meters deeper in the strata you don't even know that knee joint goes with that animal if it did how fast was the train going that hit that thing .

To knock the knee that far away he put them together because logically he thought they went to the same animal this is absolute insanity there's the bones he really found and the reconstruction he made of it this is pure baloney in my humble totally unbiased opinion so lucy's knee joint was a little unusual some animals today .

Walk upright but that's not evidence so watch my video number two or what go on my youtube channel can't hope into official uh but we cover this kind of stuff they're dreaming which is fine believe whatever you want but don't make me pay to teach that to all the kids like it's part of science that's not science .

He said lucy's femur was angled proving she was becoming a human which is baloney monkeys that climb trees have an angled femur it's not proof of anything he said the bones are slightly bigger than a regular ape okay the bones of a clydesdale are slightly bigger than a regular horse .

Does that prove it's evolving into a truck there are big horses and little horses today st louis zoo put human hands and human feet on their display of lucy this is pure propaganda professor minton said it's a complete misrepresentation i believe they know it's a misrepresentation of inversion .

Translation it's a lie the zoo said we're not going to change it after it was pointed out they made this display of lucy they said we're not going to change it because we think the overall impression is correct oh what's the impression bruce you're trying to impress upon the kids that man came from .

An ape aren't you and you'll lie to get that impression across and they do they lie about it they found footprints that are perfectly normal human footprints across the mud said oh that proves him hominids were walking upright 3.75 million years ago no it proves somebody's running away from the flood anyway so i cover all this on my video .

Number i got 45 000 slides i use and all my stuff so i can't cover it all tonight anyway go ahead hey hey can i ask you a follow-up on that are you so are you say that um from what i was cleaning from what you're saying do you not just not believe that like australopithecus and homo erectus .

Like you basically have the view that there's these very ape-like animals and there's just humans and there's not something that's like a transition like homo erectus or whatever else all the different um homos almost right i'm sorry .

Childish that's transitional all right yeah yeah but so you you basically just don't think that there are is something like an australopithecus or homo erectus and stuff like that well i think there are many examples of animals that have gone extinct today we have apes baboons chimpanzees i .

Don't know how many different kinds are considered in that category uh we have humans we have different color humans different size humans different foot shapes but they're still human and i think that they studied 70 people who go barefoot all the time in africa .

Where's this university of chicago did the study and said well these footprints they found are identical to people who go barefoot all the time your foot's going to widen out that's all so i think all we've ever seen is like i said monkeys produce monkeys apes produce .

Apes baboons produce baboons there are no exceptions there's no such thing as anything being transitional no fossil would count as evidence in a court of law no fossils would count if you brought in a bone and said your honor this bone is transitional between apes and man any freshman law student could say your .

Honor you don't know that fossil had any children how could you prove those bones had any children let alone children that lived or children that were different no animal produ today produces children different than themselves i got three kids and they turned out to be human .

And they got kids and they're turning out to be human i bet it's going to go another generation they're going to turn out to be human so what they did for national pornographic in 1979 they put human feet on the lucy display and they added the toe separation on the drawing you're an artist this is artistic license they wanted to try to make it .

Look like it's part ape and slowly coming up to become a human the orangutan foot is very different than a human foot very different it's designed for climbing up trees and grasping branches you try to climb a tree and grab the branch with your feet pick a low branch .

Hey can i why do you say national pornographic that's like you're talking about national geographic right yeah well it used to be a joke when i was a kid i don't know if they're still doing it but they always had to have a .

Picture of a naked native in there oh yeah okay okay women's breasts and they're showing somewhere all right well there they go right there you know they always got to have somebody naked in there there you go that's why hey have you ever read like other um scriptures from like say .

Islam or hindu script the bhagavad gita upanishads and stuff like that like have you did you go through a process where you're you're like let's consider what's out there and then compare it to the bible and see why the bible is more true or you know that that sort of thing did you ever go through a process where you .

Checked out buddhism and checked out the other options out there for religion well i've not read all the other ways that would take 400 years to read all the other scriptures of all the different religions no i haven't read them all this sunday our message at 10 30 central time here on this on my channel uh youtube channel kent hovind .

Official will be about uh mormon i'm islam i'm doing a series every sunday morning why i'm not why i'm not a pentecostal why i'm not a muslim why i'm not a mormon why i'm not a jehovah's witness and this sunday happens to be on that i've read quite a bit of the what the muslims would consider their scriptures i got several copies of them .

Here the quran uh i completely disagree there are some serious obvious errors like scientific errors uh i'll be covering some of that this sunday so yes i haven't read them all i'm willing to i'm willing to look at any evidence so far i've been reading the bible 53 .

Years haven't found a single mistake if you know one i'd like to see it cool yeah yeah um i don't know off the top i had some issues with with uh this the bible but um i do have some uh sort of hindu type beliefs that it's interesting that you're kind of going through each one .

Um actually i just recently subscribed to you so i'll check out the one where you're like why you're not a mormon i mormons are always the nicest people in the world but yeah i think there's a lot of reasons to question some of the validity of their their belief system but um one of the books that i think is really great .

You're always talking about trying to convert me but i do if you are kind of looking into different stuff check out the up the upanishads which is uh um kind of hindu um spiritual philosophy it's almost more kind of like a mysticism side of hinduism it's just like sort of a small .

Section of it but um i found a lot of wisdom in this book it's a lot it's a lot about oneness and and being and things like that but um anyways i also just kind of wanted to bring that up because i thought it might be relevant to this topic that although i am an atheist i do you know i do have some spiritual beliefs and stuff i'm not .

Just a total materialist who believes that my meat and my bones is my identity i think that there is something special about humans obviously you have to be blind and not to see that um you know human i do think that there's a .

Spiritual component we have some kind of soul or something whatever i don't know what word you want to use something like a soul or a spirit that is more fundamental than than the meat and the bones i don't really subscribe to the idea that it came from a creator necessarily .

Um but yeah i think that without a doubt there's something special about humans there's something more than just the material reductionist view of of re reducing it down to just the chemical elements and that's what we are i hate that like i think and the nihilism that .

Comes with a lot of these views like i think it's just it's very blind like how could you be a human and have the human experience and come to that that conclusion of just this reductionist materialistic chemical explanation without the added element of what we're all experiencing right now you know .

The the kind of more internal personal um subjective uh i agree component of it well i asked i was in a debate with an atheist one time and i said do you believe your brain is nothing but a random collection of chemicals that form by chance over billions of years .

He said yes i do i said that how can you trust your thoughts and the conclusions you come to maybe you got some chemicals in there backwards he did by the way so i think it's how can you trust your your own conclusions .

The brain is phenomenal as i mentioned you can think about things but you can also think about what you're thinking about and at the same time your brain is doing thousands of things you can't think about like healing body temperature regulation digestion you can't even speed it up or slow it down you can't you don't even know where it's .

Taking place but it's your brain is running all that you got a little scratch or a cut someplace the brain is telling they send this chemical fix this fix this you know it your posture is always so your brain has three functions the conscious you can think about it then you can .

Judge that oh wow that was a bad thought and then you have the unconscious things you can't a trinity the brain is a trinity i think man is a trinity as a body soul and spirit animals seem to have a body and a consciousness of life but no consciousness of god like man has plants .

Have a body and that's it they just i think there's three types of life on this planet plants animals and humans we're different very different oh absolutely guys i i have a few more questions but i also wanted to respond to someone out in comments they said uh matt powell believes that .

Squid came from space that is untrue his video shows the extraordinary claims done by scientists off of science websites claiming that an octopus and a squid rode on a comet and somehow hit the earth exploding and somehow survived that and managed to do their thing he also showed the assertions of monkeys supposedly being on seaweed surfboards .

This is a scientist claim matt pals is simply laughing at it and correcting the nonsense that's out there so just to make that straight my next question ladies and gentlemen uh the bible gives an excellent account for why a male and a female exist that god created a blueprint an image to populate creation can evolution explain .

Why female and males exist and which came first sex or the sex drive oh that is a good one brett you have me stumped on that because like i do um i suspect you know there is an explanation to that but it is a really difficult problem because we talked about this in the past where it's like .

How could it even begin because once you have a male it won't be able to do anything unless there's also a female to reproduce so you'd have to have you'd have to start out with both the male component and the female component simultaneously in order for it to .

To reproduce right so it's like it would have to be pretty freaking complicated to get to that stage and it is an interesting dilemma um i don't know that that is another question that has been brought up that has me thinking like it seems like a .

Really difficult to solve i i do think that it's you know i think he worded the question like can can evolution answer this i think probably they you know the theory could probably figure it out i don't know i haven't looked deeply into it so i don't know if they do um have sort of a proposed explanation but .

It's it's an interesting problem i i agree it's to me it's not a problem at all god did it god created it that way i think he did a good job too by the way so but this is not just man this is every just about every animal um and there are some that can reproduce sexually or asexually some of the single .

Cell creatures how did that happen there are actually some plants and animals that if there isn't a male or female available with the females anyway they can go ahead and produce fertile offspring without the male that's i think amazing that's pretty rare but that happens so it's it's all over .

Uh and then suppose you had the male and the female everything designed to work right which is a lot of stuff has to work right but there's no drive why would any animal in the world want to make more babies of its own kind when that only increases competition for the food .

Why did none of the animals evolve the ability to live forever wouldn't that be smarter for the animals just to oh develop evolve a body that lives forever what they all want to make babies and those babies create more competition for the food it's it's it it's insane to believe such .

A thing could happen by chance so you not have not have not only the anatomy which has to be incredibly complex and work you have to have the drive like you mentioned the sex drive which come down here during deer hunting season and watch the male deer run around they got one thing on their mind it's that way with almost all animals and men and .

Humans so i think it had to be designed i i don't i don't have a problem bowing down saying god you are amazing some people can't do that i don't have a problem with that at all amen to that the next question is if nature has no intelligence or sentience consciousness .

Itself nor can it feel pain then how did it manage to create sentience and pain receptors to feel and for what purpose i'm all here is adam now you bro the purpose of sentience and pain is that the question would you like me to ask the question one more time i understand i i mean you've asked this question before i i really i'll just .

Pass on it because i don't have too much off the top of my head to say and i just kind of want to hear what what kansa has to say about it would you like me to ask the question kent again just make it oh no no that's fine i think the whole the whole system that the body goes to take the human body the pain receptor .

You have finger in your fingertips you can feel pleasure you can feel temperature you can feel pain you can feel pressure unbelievably complex sensors in your finger all over your body but any doctor that studies that will say man this is amazing i can feel with my fingertips the temperature or the .

Pressure or the pain or uh or movement there are a nervous system that is mind-boggling if you didn't know better you'd almost think god made it all right do you have any response to that uh adam or are you guys ready to move on to another question i'll just say real quick i think that .

You know the idea of taking a look at the situation and coming to the conclusion that hey maybe this was a creator maybe it was a design seems like a total reasonable rational thing to consider as a possibility when you're trying to figure out how the .

World works so i i think it's a reasonable conclusion to come to i personally don't think that there is a creator so i think that you know it probably was some kind of evolutionary process or something else that um kind of led to all this but it really is an unresolved .

Uh problem like consciousness especially they we don't know scientists don't know how this stuff works they're totally stumped on it so it's like a a pretty exciting territory to just follow and see you know what are some of .

The new ideas um because it's not really it's something that we don't know i think and um sure yeah if if you have a um a theistic world view totally makes sense that that's the conclusion that you come to i appreciate your response adam and i also uh respect the respectful .

Conversation that is happening here i'd like to see more of that happen in social media if that's possible all right the next question is scientists claim we have a mechanism in our brain that helps us control ourselves without it we end up with violent killers like jeffrey dahmer who was a ruthless serial killer why did .

Evolution blindly create this mechanism why didn't life in its infancy just wipe each other out right right um jesus i don't i don't know brett these are like these are like complicated questions that would take a long time to get into i think if you if i had the .

Explanation i think it would be pretty comp it would take a lot of complexity to explain but it's no problem adam i actually asked these same questions and debate with aaron raw and he told me i'll get back to you i'll write a thesis it's been two years i'm still waiting right right .

Now larry right is it isn't that his little yeah i suppose it's probably gonna be satan's friend he came out as a satanist in his dress i think i think i like i like aaron rod's videos on his what is it called where he does the um the diversity of all the different life forms and stuff i've been watching a lot .

Of those i think it's informative but it's it's hard to take him seriously with this like satanic dress and just see i don't know yeah i don't have anything i don't have anything against anything but i he he's a character you know i had a .

Little bit of an interaction with him where he tried to tell me that everything is a monkey and everything is a fish once it's a fish everything's a fish i just think it's it's sort of a limited way of looking at things but i don't know aaron rod's cool though he you know he i like this is what i like about aaron raw is that a .

Lot of people just talk and they criticize the thing they're arguing with and he'll at least make a bunch of videos about what he does believe in getting to the the details of he believes in evolution and this this is how the um you know the um .

This life form turned into the theropods and all this stuff he he doesn't just go back and forth and attack what he's against he does put in the effort to uh to lay out the complexity of his his view on it but sorry go ahead ken well yeah the fact that we have laws at .

All uh do the lions have this in their culture are their laws or just the strongest get their way almost all animals it's simply you know the biggest toughest one he gets what he wants and but man seems to have some something in him a consciousness uh that wants to protect the weak protect the uh .

Um those that need protection so that's a good question the person asked why do we have these laws at all there's something innate in humans there's a sense of right and wrong a conscience does a lion have a conscience does it bother the lion to eat the baby zebra while the mother's screaming and .

Hollering don't eat my baby in whatever language they speak doesn't bother the lion at all there's just no conscience there but man has something that way beyond what animals have i think it was designed go ahead this next question kind of coincides with the one that we talked about in .

Pain receptors scientists claim that humans plants and animals have a chemical called dmt that releases when we dream and when we're about to die which causes a euphoric alike effect a blissful high that makes our transition to death easier this makes sense if the loving god designed us to end with the least amount of pain .

But how can evolution explain these unusual chemicals sure i think it fits into both world views if you think that there's a god a creator that loves you he puts that additional feature in there if you do think that there's a evolutionary process that makes sense that those chemicals .

Through i i'm not into this whole poofing out of nothingness and it's all random i don't think it's random by chance i think that you know there's it's a complicated mechanism that's going to arrive at something like this but i i think it fits into both like .

If the uh the whole evolutionary process leads to a selection for certain chemicals um and that's a benefit to a certain organism or i don't know do other animals have dmt do you know um but yeah i i don't think i don't see that as an issue where it's like one to .

Me it doesn't seem like something where it's it clearly points in the direction of one versus the other i could see both world views um incorporating dmt into how it all fits together very good yeah i think it i think it is another example of design of which there are trillions of examples of design .

Uh to try to ease the transition um so why why would that why would such a thing evolve why would that chemical evolve because you're only going to use it for a few seconds you're not going to pass it on to anybody if you get it when you're dying hello you're not going to pass it on to your .

Next generation i think there's i think it's impossible to get an evolutionary explanation for that good question and let's keep in mind folks if you don't mind me adding to this evolution is not an entity or consciousness even though some atheists act like it's such it doesn't care if you suffer it doesn't care if you die it .

Doesn't care when your birthday is it will not send you a christmas card that's just the way it is so why would it be concerned with your pain and how you are going to transition to death think about that folks i appreciate your responses adam as well as uh kent all right so .

Now this next question is basically a personal view would a scientist ever lie for money fame or recognition can politics corrupt science well of course i think um evangelists lie politicians lie scientists lie a lot of people in positions of power are gonna be corrupt and they're gonna .

Lie and they're they're um going to cheat especially if there's a financial reward or a social reward i think it's just innate to if you have a large group of humans you know certain people in positions of power it's going to be common that people are going to lie and cheat and steal and just .

Put themselves above take advantage i don't think that it's unique to science i think you see it in religion you see it in politics but it is something that does occur in science and there is um i mean there is deceit and fraud going .

On there's even scientific studies on the deceit and fraud in science and how many of the how many scientific research papers were just totally plagiarized or false they go they go through and things like that so yeah i think that um .

A lot of people have faith in science as as this infallible perfect thing and no it's it's a human endeavor people are yeah like kat was saying earlier you know if you if you put together some bones and you model into this new discovery of a dinosaur or do a fake thing .

You're a famous millionaire yeah you if you find a dinosaur uh fossil skeleton like that and you sell it to a museum or something that's like millions millions of dollars so there's a there's a strong incentive for corruption and cheating um and just you know deceit or just just denial .

If they do figure out like let's say they figure out that their old version was wrong there's a lot of pressure for them to keep the old version going because it's in the textbooks because you have a position of seniority and you're famous for this one theory .

It's a lot of work it's a lot of social consequences to be like well the old theory we've been working on for 20 years is actually up and we got to change it and throw it all out there you know they're going to be a lot more likely just to pretend and keep going and keep keep .

These old outdated models from hundreds of years ago going because there's just too many negative consequences for them to admit that it's it's messed up great answer and i agree uh how many in if you went to china today and look through their public school textbooks would you find anything that is critical .

Of communism well no they don't get published in that country they don't sure don't get sold and given to the kids if you went to a muslim country run by muslims completely would you find anything as critical of islam or critical of muhammad in their books of course not .

It's this way worldwide many many in many different areas of life you know whether it be religion but with with evolution it's the same way evolution is a carefully protected state religion nothing else nothing but a religion nobody's ever seen a cow produce a non-cow i've said it many times it just .

Doesn't happen you can believe it all you want but it's not science but it's protected there as you mentioned there's a good answer there adam there are social consequences or financial consequences or in communist countries if you go if you okay what go to downtown china get up on red square get a microphone and speaker and say .

Communism doesn't work you guys close it down capitalism is a better system see how long you live go to nazi germany and stand up and say hitler's an idiot he's a jerk this is bad you know nazism doesn't work you wouldn't last long so we got the similar situation with evolution brett .

It's been two hours i am beat are we about done i was gonna ask a couple moral questions but if you're tired i can completely understand that adam sounds like he's getting a little whiffed over there would you guys want to promote your uh your sites your youtube channels and all that one more time and hopefully you .

Guys will join me again on the show i really really enjoy your company sure yeah um so once again i'm adam lore that's l-o-r-e on youtube is my main the main spot where you can find me and um hopefully we can get a link in here for my comic book toad road comics i'm going to send this to ken if if he gives me my address i'll send you the family .

Friendly version for the christians and there's also an uncensored version with some bad words and stuff but um i you know i do live streams i draw comics um i talk about some of this stuff just you know a lot of times we're doing art streams and we're just talking about these topics but um i like to go for .

Long hours sometimes i'll do eight hours 16 hour streams so i i have the longevity but respect to kent hovind who was who put in a good solid two hours i think this was a great conversation i think it was productive and um i really enjoyed this conversation and i think it would be awesome to just see everything doesn't have to be a debate you know .

Everything doesn't have to be an attack and i'm looking forward to kent said he might send me some videos and stuff so um hey and maybe in the future we could have continue the conversation because i think there's a few more things that brett kind of had in mind of maybe morality or something um so i i'm up for continuing the conversation i think it's .

It it's good to have these um um just more a friendly discussion you know it's it's been fun so so thank you ken and thanks to uh brett for having me on kent uh i know that you're gonna promote your material i was hoping that i could take a minute after you promote your stuff to uh suggest something for you .

That may uh improve on some of the streaming stuff from the thing unless you'd rather me talk to your tech support that's fine i've been doing this for many years teaching on science and the bible my video series is in 42 languages uh ken hovind's creation seminar series .

50 bucks for the whole thing when you're done you can return it get your money back you can call 855 big dino and go to extension one if you want my material or extension two if you want to come stay here for a couple days uh it's all free if you wanna talk to me i'm extension three i take calls all day long and half the night .

It was a joke my daughter was one of my secretaries in pensacola when i was down there and i get so many phone calls all day long when she asked me to do her wedding it's been played 50 times on america's funniest home videos just type in kent hovind daughter wedding see what you think one minute long you'll see what .

You think i've written extensively on other topics like why did god let this happen and my book what on earth is about to happen what does the bible teach about the future a coming time of tribulation and our video series on the same thing whoa what on earth is about to happen we're headed for trouble on planet earth i think it .

Starts now or maybe even last fall we shall see anyway so i believe the bible is true god made the world in six days where he defend the biblical view against all comers and i appreciate adam doing this this was one of the more uh um gentle uh discussions i've had with an atheist usually they get pretty fired up .

Because when you attack their religion or when you even call it atheism a religion there's no way you can know there's no god you can believe it it's it's a religious belief it's fine it's not true but it's you're welcome to it all right thank you so much for having me and come .

Visit dinosaur adventureland in lenox alabama do you got a moment thanks i can suggest something for you kent sure sure go ahead uh hopefully they're also listening in the background you want to look into something called restream as well as stream yards what we're using i know you .

Don't see my interface because your guest in the room but it gives you the ability to put images in an archive categorize them organize them as well as videos you could in a single moment just simply click you play a video of somebody saying something then you refute them debunk them you can put everything from lucy in there to older .

Clips of your videos to be able to say see i've already talked about this and that way you don't have to continuously repeat yourself to those out there who don't seem to absorb information very well sounds good i appreciate that thank you sir no problem no problem well good night uh .

Kent i really enjoyed having you here and it looks like a lot of people loved it thank you thank you all right thanks again thanks again have a good one


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