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My Experience Studying Biomedical Science (VS Medicine) @ University of Birmingham

What is going on guys my name is Kenji and welcome back to my channel hope it's on the first time that you're watching one of my viewers but in case it is I am a fourth year medical students I'm in King's College London and this video when we talk to you guys about my experience studying biomedical science at the University of Berlin and when we .

Tell you guys exactly what was like for me from the coursework to the exams to the degree itself and I'm also going to be comparing it a little bit to medicine which is what I do now and if you're interested in either biomedical science or medicine do stick around watch the video and hopefully you guys get some benefit from it I want to start by .

Saying that I'm not going to talk about which degrees better because neither degree is better than the other one what really matters we're considering what you want to do in your future is what degree suits you better your biomedical science is more suited for a certain type of person and medicine is more suited for a certain .

Type of person so hope this video will give you a taste of what biomedical science is like and how am I compared to medicine if your environmental science already or you think about studying it and you wouldn't get a bit more help on writing an essay or in getting a head start your dissertation I had ebooks on that so you're gonna get a copy of .

Either my ebooks on how to write an essay or get the exact copy of the dissertation I wrote in biomedical science hit the link down below in the descriptions grab yourself a copy so I'll be breaking down this video into three sections the first is going to be talking about the teaching that had a biomedical science the second is the .

Workload that we had and lastly I'm gonna be giving a general comparison the water slide to study biomedical science in comparison to medicine without further ado let's go ahead and get started so I want to start by talking about what the teaching was like in biomed so teaching basically consists of three .

Things the first being lectures second being school good tutorials lastly being labs lectures were basically what you see normally in all universities where all 200 of you sit in front of a teacher and they deliver lectures small group teaching sessions and tutorials basically consisted of small groups of up to around 10 people with one teacher .

Where you go into a bit more depth in certain topics of modules and it's a chance where you get to work in small group and really discuss and try to understand sets and topics in regards to labs we normally had labs around once a month where you'd actually do practical lab work in a lab get your hands dirty with cells or with tissues with various .

Different things that was all the lab work and you do which I found quite fun during our first year biomedical science we covered all of the basic sciences normally consisting of biology and chemistry and also learning about how the human body works at the cellular level all of this is compulsory and we had no option in terms war you wanted to .

Study and that's exactly what everyone had to learn in all in all the first year in second year we then went on to cover all the different organ systems in the body that included endocrinology neurology gastroenterology cardiology respiratory sciences all of the basic all systems within the human body and again all of these lectures were .

Compulsory and we had no choice and decision in terms of what we wanted to learn this definitely varies between universities I know some universities were very open with you choosing what modules you wanted to take and second year especially but this didn't apply to my University and finally Obama the u.s. persons to the first part of the year .

Was based on two modules which he finally got to select I personally chose to study cancer and stem cells in my final years my two selected modules and the other half the year was based on our dissertation if you're not so sure what the station is a dissertation is basically a big piece of coursework the use of mates in .

Your final year and environment that tends to be some sort of research project that you do and for that I chose again to look at cancer cells and as I mentioned if you'd like to copy of my dissertation the I refer myself and that I managed to get a first class in a length that is down below during our dissertation finally a better .

Choice of either doing a web project or a dr project a web project is basically what you do in a lab so I personally went to a lab for a couple of weeks and I did loads of cell work you also have a choice of doing a dragon volved you sitting down on a desk as you and doing a research there but both types of projects finally led up to you .

Writing a big piece of work which is your dissertation which for me was around 20,000 words all right so now when we talk about what the workload was like and biomed and all my god was there lots of it I remember is a very very heavy course and to be honest with you I'd probably say that we had just as many hours in biomed as we do in .

Medicine all of those hours are spent differently in different areas but definitely was almost if not exactly same amount of hours that we had in medical school one of our lectures in all of our hours but absolutely compulsory meaning that we had to show up to every single session and sign in because medicine the only things were .

Actually compulsory were the clinical related things all of the lectures were completely online you can sit in bed and watch lectures yourself some days honestly during years 1 & 2 we had 90 fires back-to-back like we had I think in first you had like 200 lectures and probably the same in second year as well there's some times we had back-to-back .

The lectures from 9:00 to 5:00 which is definitely quite hard alongside our lectures as well which mate which was really tough is that we always always have coursework you would never free from coastal environment we always had some sort of you know essay to write presentation to prepare for a lab report to make we always had a piece of .

Coursework which is pending which added a lot of stress throughout the whole entire year whereas in medicine we have very very little coursework at least my University during the year we may have to maybe maximum three pieces of course what to write I think I've only written like one or two essays in the whole of university so far in medicine and that's .

Why I found really difficult with bio med is that there always was something to be working on always course what to do whereas medicine the kings the majority of the has no coursework and all you have to do is you know stay on top of your lectures show up the hospital and prepare for your exams which come later on in the year again in .

Regards to the workload and bio med we had very few days off I honestly looking back my timetable let me think I had around two days off in the whole three years of the degree there's again is university dependent but at Liseberg me and we had around two to maybe maximum three days off in the whole degree probably whereas medicine there are days .

Off here in there of course as you into the later years like years four and five medicine you don't tend to have days because you work in hospital but certainly in years 1 2 & 3 there are days off scattered here and there for example in my third year of medicine from January to May I hide around two days off a week which was absolutely .

Amazing definitely are some days off in medicine which makes life a lot easier another thing to consider in regards to workload is that in biomed you almost always have study leaves so before you have any sort of big exam you are given a number of weeks off to prepare for these exams .

Whereas medicine that is so so crazy that sometimes we have placement up until the day before our exam you're not really given any time in medicine to study for your exams sometimes you're lucky there will be a week or two there but generally speaking it's a medicine and at least in my university were not given much study .

Leave at all and you have to work and prepare for exams throughout the whole entire year whilst your sudden Hospital whilst you're working on other things in the degree the good thing about bio med is in terms of holidays we had a lot of them during bio med and Christmas we had around five weeks off we had around four months three or four months of summer we .

Also had reading weeks so we do have time off here and there throughout the year whereas a medical school we have around two weeks off for Christmas only a couple of days for Easter and in first and second and third year you do get long summer but after third year all of your summers around two weeks long so that is really lifting that I miss .

Environment is having holidays having some time off from uni whereas medicine that doesn't really work and especially when you get into the clinical years when you're in the hospital 24/7 you're more expected to be like a doctor and show up you know on your shift all the time you ever get much time off from you need to be honest with you I'm sure you .

Guys are probably thinking what the exams are like and BioMed's compared to medicine and I know it's gonna sound really crazy and really weird but during biomed I honestly found those exams much harder than medicine relatively speaking but I'll tell you guys exactly why the first things that environment we had so many exams in first year think we had .

Around eight exams in second year we had ten exams and in third year we had three exams the medical school at least the main University we have around three written exams throughout the entire year and also one oski which is your practical exams and all those three exams that we have throughout the year only one of them actually counts which .

Is a summer exam as well as aa ski practical exam and these are normally like 1/2 hour exams compared to biomed where those exams would sometimes be 2 or 3 hours long exam load in biomed was absolutely crazy I could honestly say that in medical school I haven't lost a minute of sleep during exam period whereas in .

Biomed I remember there's in second year there was a stretch of nights where I had around 2 maybe 3 hours max need for around 3 or 4 days the exams Dave is so much stress environment and I'm not gonna lie that is the absolute truth in medicine the written exams are actually multiple choice as well which is a godsend the stress is so much less with .

Multiple-choice exam of course the asti exams which are practical exams are quite hard by fine auskey exams quite fun where you actually get to interact with patients and you're tested on all of your knowledge but in terms of the written exams in biomed the expected so much from us you know for example in our third year all of our exams were essay .

Based so we had to write huge essays we had to know the content all in our head we had to reference we actually had to reference in a full exam which is crazy and the fact that the written exams and medicine are all multiple choice at least the answers down the paper all you have to do is cross out and the most obviously wrong answers and you know .

Choose between maybe one or two questions which may be the correct answer and of course in medicine you know diagnose diagnosing people is quite difficult but at least it answers down the paper there's not too much stress or nuts whereas in biomed you had to like conjure up a whole entire essay from .

Your head on a specific niche part of a module which you may not have touched from that much that to me I found by heart in medicine all you have to do is memorize all the lectures and understand all of the lectures really well you know exactly what you need to know they give you the lectures you know exactly what the modules are to become a doctor more .

Units and needs to become a doctor you can read the book so you can read lectures you know exactly what you need to know whereas in biomed a lot of it was yourself you know and finally ER particularly a lot of the exams and revision was entirely yourself you had to read papers online to educate yourself you had to remember you have to .

Remember references and you have to try and predict what questions may come up in the exams so you can know which part of the module to study more on I found therein difficult I'd much prefer sitting back knowing exactly what I need to know and tells my contents learning that then going to say to the exam so that was my experience in terms of .

The workload in terms of teaching I'm now going to talk to you guys about how it generally compares to medicine and I'm gonna try and do my best to do this it is quite hard to compare the two degrees because although they are quite similar they're also very different in a number of ways oh I saw by talking about stress so stress in biomed the way I .

Kind of describes people when they ask me this question is that in biomed you have a low level of stress but for a longer period of time where as a medical school you have a higher amount of stress but only for short periods of time in medical school I'm chilling throughout the year like throughout the .

Year I'm chilling I showed my hospital placements I do I need to do in terms go to lectures and learning my lectures we don't have much coursework so throughout the year I'm chilling when it comes to biomed throughout the entire year you always have course what to do you have you know lectures to attend do you have presentations to give you have essays to .

Write and thing is biomed is that everything that you write and everything you submit the marking determines the rest of your life if you don't do well in a horse like in biomed you work really hard for a paper you write a perfect essay you get the result back and you get a – – you get 50 60 % that really really like makes you so sad .

Because you know a lot of your life is based on the results you get whereas the medicine all you have to do is you know put some work in throughout the year put in extra work during the exam period sit the exams which tends to be more stressful because there are ski exams and read a big exams you need a pass so that period of time during my exam .

Period is a lot more stressful medicine but at least throughout the year I'm chilling and that's the best way I can kind of put it as I said in medicine you know exactly weight working towards you know you want to be a doctor so the stress levels tend to be a bit lower whereas as I mentioned in biomedical science everything you submit is going .

To be graded everything you submit is going to be judged by the next person reading application for your medical school for a PhD for masters everything you submit will be on your record and every we'll be able to see which makes that a lot more stressful but again that depends on your personality some people might find medicine more stressful .

Because you're dealing with patients you know you're going to the hospital every single day you have to do like difficult things like taking blood from people one day you may be doing CPR in a patient's you may actually putting in cannulas in people's arms to some people that can be quite stressful for me that's who's my first answer quite well and I rather be .

Chilling and not doing coursework side of the year but focusing mainly on patients and focusing on on helping patients whereas some people might find the dative patient's very very stressful and may prefer actually during doing coursework so definitely take what I said about this with a pinch of salt and the thing about how that .

Might suit your personality again medicine comes with a good amount of job security if you get 50 percent in any exam medical school you're guaranteed to become a doctor whereas in biomed if you have 50% on any exam any piece of coursework like you're trippin my brain is gonna affect you your future and especially if you want .

To apply for competitive things in your future what also I should say is that both degrees stretch you in different ways as I said it really depends on your personality what what and what matches your personality medical school are mostly stretches you in terms of like having to deal with all the emotional side of things having to do with .

Patients having to learn new skills all the time biomass directors you because there's a lot of different coursework you have to do you have to learn different skills you know how to write essays how to present and how to write posters so they stretch you in very different ways in your room to think about what way you rather be stretched .

In the competition in biomed also seemed a lot more of course in medicine there is you know everyone medical school is competitive you're competing for jobs in the future you're competing for your foundation jobs as you doctor whereas in biomed between the students personally they seemed like a lot more .

Competition because everyone is trying to be the best so they can make the application stronger for whatever they want to move on to do so personally I saw biomed is a lot more stress people being a lot less snake here there's a lot more stress in regards to compete against each other because in order to move on to something greater like a PhD .

A master's program the medical school you had to be one of the best in terms of enjoyment of the actual degree I personally enjoy medicine a lot more I really love biomedical science don't get me wrong it was one my favorite things I did my whole entire life but it seems the actual degree I've personally preferred medicine and I feel .

That medicine suits my personality more and the reasons are because I love how variable medicine is you know in the morning I could be dissecting a human being and dissection and the afternoon that could be on the hospitals you know in surgery doing a c-section the next morning I could be in a lab the morning after that I could be in a different .

Area of Medicine in medicine you get to talk to so many different people I love how personal you are with different people how you get to learn about different lives and people like in what other degree and whatever discipline in the hi world's would you ever meet a drug addict cause very serious condition and .

Need someone to talk to there's no other degree or no no other job in entire world and get a chance to help people who are going through very serious things I must preferred that human interaction compared to biomedical science where I spend a lot of the day sitting in lab by myself so I really like the personal side of medicine and .

Finally I also loved working towards a goal at becoming a doctor from day one a medical school you know exactly where you're where you want to be you know exactly what you're working towards in biomedical science I read it like how I was entirely sure was gonna do there was not exactly something like you know set in stone I was working towards of course .

I wanted to go to medical school so I loved the same goal of working towards being a doctor all the time in medical school somethingĀ“s environment for example learning how a particular cell type works a particular signaling pathway in a particular cell how that worked I really felt irrelevant to me some part of the coarsest felt very .

Relevant to me whereas medicine I know that everything I'm doing is preparing me to become a better doctor and everything I learn on the course is absolutely essential and becoming that doctor that I want to be but that is basically my experience of studying biomedical science and in comparisons medicine as well or includes video by .

Reminding you guys that it really really depends on your personality medicine is not better the biomed biomedicine are better than medicine I loved both degrees you know almost equally I loved my time in biomed I love the course I loved the degree I loved the skills gave me those skills the skills that biomed gave me gave me skills I'm definitely .

Will making a better doctor it also gave me skills I can apply to any other part of my life so really is down to you it's down to where you see yourself in future it starts to the skills you have it's down to the experiences you've had in your own personal life and where you might think you might be better at I have a number of videos talking about my .

Experience in medicine and how biomedical science has helped me in my past so feel free to go check them out as I said if you guys want a head start in how to write an essay I want to grab a copy of my dissertation in biomedical science or even a copy of my medicine personal statements have a look down the scription below thank you so much for .

Watching this video guys I hope it's been somewhat informative to you don't forget to make sure you're subscribed telling your post notifications and please do the video a thumbs up if you enjoy this I'll see you guys on the next one


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